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Paughco Rigid Custom Trike Frames are Made in the USA

By Bikernet

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BIKERNET TRIKES RECOMMENDS PAUGHCO TRIKE KITS-- Paughco Rigid Custom Trike Frames are Made in the USA

Trike frames from Paughco come in a wide variety of styles and applications. The Rigid Trike frame shown here is available in either straight leg or wishbone downtube styles and for use for with 4 and 5-speed transmissions. 

5-speed models use the 1986-1999 SFT oil bags and the 4-speed is designed for use with early style 4-speed oil tanks. As each builder is going to want to use his or her choice in gas tanks the frames are not fit with tank mounts. 

Paughco manufactures what is possibly the largest collection of custom and replacement gas tanks on the market all of which can be adapted to the trike frame. 

Paughco trike rear axle assemblies, sold separately, are a perfect match and 100% Made in the USA. Other imported assemblies will fit as well. Best of all, Paughco carries virtually everything you need to design and build your own custom trike around this chassis. 

Both straight leg and wish bone frames retail for just $1599.95! For complete details call direct to 775-246-5738 or visit them on the Web at www.paughco.com


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