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Proof from JIMS Machine, the Center, Bolt, Australia, Saddlemen, Daytona, Arizona, Le Pera, S&S and Wasserman

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Billy Tinney, Mac Bolt, Jim Waggaman and the rest of the crew

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This is proof the world is nuts.
The Panama Papers proved that I have no money in any offshore accounts or even here. Have you seen the documentary on Netflix about the Ukraine in 2013 and the kids fighting for freedom. That was just three years ago and they lost lotsa lives fighting the government to get a dictator thrown out.

More than 90 percent of American adults spend 15-18 hours a month on Facebook per month, more than every other social media outlet combined. I still can figure Facebook out.--The Week Magazine

They are trying to say the economy is improving but up to 30 percent of the folks who work for banks will lose their jobs to new technologies over the next 10 years.—The Week Magazine

Let’s dive into the News. The Bikernet Weekly news is kindly sponsored in part by Cycle Source Magazine, Iron Trader News, and Chopper Town.


Fans Crown H-D Dealership’s ‘General Mayhem’ in National Sportster Customization Contest

After weeks of heated competition and thousands of votes, America has finally crowned the next “Custom King.” Through six rounds of bike-to-bike battles, fans determined Hal’s Harley-Davidson’s creation ranks No. 1. A true rolling work of art, “General Mayhem,” created in New Berlin, Wis., is a modern day dual-sport bike that can conquer city streets and rural roads alike.

“Our vision was a modern day dual-sport bike with an edgy, minimalist look that would appeal to millennials, hooligan riders or the young at heart,” said Bud Curtis, team lead at Hal’s Harley-Davidson. “We are proud to have built the General Mayhem, our take on a Sportster that we hope can be enjoyed by the masses.”

In the second year of the Custom Kings competition, all U.S. dealerships were invited to turn a Sportster motorcycle into a custom-of-one work of art. Initial entries were scored by the H-D® styling team based on quality of customization and build, fit and finish, use of paint, design, technique and how teams utilized Harley-Davidson® Genuine P&A. From there, fans took control, selecting the winner in a bracket-style online vote.

The General Mayhem features a dual headlight to provide protection in a rugged environment, a 1200cc engine conversion with tuned exhaust to optimize performance and a fabricated tank with padded inserts that allows the rider to connect with the road.

“Customization is an expression of our riders’ individuality, so it only made sense for our fans to select the Custom Kings winner,” said Dino Bernacchi, Harley-Davidson U.S. Marketing Director. “We were thrilled by the response from dealers across the country, and Hal’s Harley-Davidson served up a striking design that challenged the status quo and took the artistry and quality of the Sportster SuperLow to new heights.”

Hal’s had a unique partner in building its one-of-a-kind ride – the local New Berlin high school BUILD Team. Working together as part of a national BUILD Challenge, the team and their mentors turned the Custom Kings build into an educational experience for the students, opening the road to learning more about the world of motorcycling and sparking their passion for the Sportster’s unique style and unrivaled performance.

The other seven finalists vying for the title with Hal’s Harley-Davidson were:

Four Rivers Harley-Davidson®, Paducah, Ky.

Independence Harley-Davidson®, College Station, Texas

Schaeffer’s Harley-Davidson®, Orwigsburg, Pa.

Southside Harley-Davidson®, Virginia Beach, Va.

Toledo Harley-Davidson®, Toledo, Ohio
Yellowstone Harley-Davidson®, Belgrade, Mont.

Zylstra Harley-Davidson Ames, Iowa

In addition to a shiny trophy and bragging rights, Hal’s Harley-Davidson will receive an all-expense paid trip with a VIP tour of Harley-Davidson’s Corporate Headquarters, dinner at MOTOR Bar & Restaurant and a VIP tour of the Harley-Davidson Museum® to see their winning motorcycle on display during the Custom Bike Show/Milwaukee Rally this September. The General Mayhem will remain on display in the Harley-Davidson Museum® through November 1, 2016.

Visit for more information on the Custom Kings Sportster Motorcycle Customization Contest and to view the winning, one-of-a-kind bike.

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
ROADTEST: Johnny Pag 250 Spyder

I like the look of these, can you tell me If there is a dealer in Wisconsin or anywhere near here? Thank you.

--David Bruschnig
Location: Adams, WI

Johnny Pag was a dreamer, an innovator, a builder and more. After he died his son took over the company. Johnny designed these bikes and started to work with companies in China to make them. He had the whole process up and running when he passed on to the vast chrome highway in the sky. I believe the company filed Bankruptcy in 2012.


At least this one won’t be quite as dangerous as the old single wheeled models. Look in the trailer over the back wheel. They have their baby in there!

--from Billy Tinney

The Bonanza's interior features a custom-shaped EPS safety shell and a hand-stitched removable liner with moisture wicking brushed Lycra panels and open-cell foam padding for breathability and comfort.

• Injection-molded ABS outer shell with hand-painted finish
• Expanded polystyrene inner shell
• Hand-sewn removable brushed Lycra liner with contrasting diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding
• Meets DOT safety standards
• Rugged plated steel D-ring neck strap with adjustment strap end retainer
• Rubber or chrome accent edging
• XS through XXL sizes (Read less) Black/Vintage White

Click for more info...
Click for more info...


I’m the guy who started the fight against SB435. As you are aware, SB435 started out as a pollution bill against motorcycles.

We figured it would never go anywhere due to the cost to create motorcycle testing facilities and the cost to train and implement procedures for smog testing. But when it became a noise bill, we got involved. A BOLT member discovered a letter from BUB supposedly supporting SB435. I requested that info be kept confidential until I could meet with BUB.

I invited representatives from ABATE and MMA to join us in the meeting (the attached photo); Denis Manning (BUB), Ruby Weber (ABATE), Bobby Smirl (MMA), Mark Temple (BOLT), Lil David (ABATE), me and then Richard Farmer (BUB).

The BUB letter was a forgery created by Senator Pavley’s office. But this meeting gave us a wealth of knowledge, primarily from Richard Farmer. EPA had raided their facility (along with 8 others) and put in writing it was due to Global Harmonization of Motorized Vehicles, the 1998 UN Treaty.

So as SB435 was going forward, CARB and the EPA were attacking private motorcycle aftermarket exhaust companies.

The City of Boston has passed a motorcycle noise ordinance; AMA and DPS Technical were pushing hand held decibel meters as part of SAE J2825; a couple of CA law enforcement agencies were illegally using hand held decibel meters and of course Noise Off was in all of this. To us (BOLT) this appeared to be an orchestrated attack.

BOLT (Paul Cote and I believe Billy Gannon) sued the City of Boston and to date no noise citation has been written.

Mark and I took the decibel meter training course as instructed by DPS Technical. It was very apparent that the course was focused on how to train law enforcement to go after motorcycle riders and win in court.

About this time we learned two law enforcement agencies in CA were illegally using hand held decibel meters; one was Elk Grove PD. We did some extensive research and learned that OTS was giving out grants for purchasing the decibel meters. We contacted OTS and put a stop to the grants.

Also contacted the two law enforcement agencies and stopped the use of decibel meters; then we went national to alert other states of the truth behind DPS Technical and SAE J2825. As far as I know, that effort has ceased.

And as far as I know, no ticket has been issued for SB435…but I have noticed exhaust mufflers are now in compliance with SB435…writing on the top of the muffler.

You are most likely aware of the CHP guidelines for noise citations…very lenient. And under CA law, if you disagree with the officers guess (cops can’t use their imagination) you are allowed to take your vehicle to a CA testing facility…but there are none. There have not been any since I think around 1980 (my date is most likely incorrect) and most noise tickets, being equipment, fall under Division 12 of the CA Vehicle Code book (as do helmets) and are to be written as Correctable ; a $25 fine.

--Mac Henderson
CGL; WRAPS; Property; Professional Liability; Directors & Officers; Foreclosed Vacant Prop.; Product Recall; DIC Quake; Excess/Umbrellas; Garage Liability; Employment Practices, Environmental and much more!

K&M Henderson Insurance Services, Inc.
8331 Sierra College Blvd. Ste 204
Granite Bay, CA 95661-9418
916.788.8191 Phone
916.759.8225 Cell
800-785-7970 Fax

They may not be writing tickets, but every manufacturer in the country is scared to death. Drag Specialties took 280 performance products out of their catalogs. Nobody dares build a muffler in California without a costly Executive Order.--Bandit

That's Tricia Szulewski (left), Women Riders Now assistant editor, and me on BMW F 800 R motorcycles in Italy last May that were supplied to us by its Italian press department.
That's Tricia Szulewski (left), Women Riders Now assistant editor, and me on BMW F 800 R motorcycles in Italy last May that were supplied to us by its Italian press department.

WOMEN RIDERS NOW Big news announced just today in women and motorcycling--
BMW is sponsoring the historic cross-country ride event happening this summer, the Sisters' Centennial Motorcycle Ride. You can read more about that below in the story summaries.

The reason this is big is because in addition to stepping up as title sponsor of this all-female ride, BMW just started running an ad campaign aimed at women in an effort to get more of them riding a BMW motorcycle. This is exciting for sure.

Why? Well first off, it is always big news when a major motorcycle manufacturer decides to include women riders in its marketing efforts, and this year BMW Motorrad, celebrating 100 years as a company, is way ahead of every other brand in reaching out to women. I track these things. Every year. Closely.

In addition to sponsoring the Sisters' Ride, BMW is supporting Women Riders Now by running a female-focused ad campaign, and other than Kymco (which I'll talk about next month), no other manufacturer is reaching out to women at the corporate level. It's worth taking notice of what BMW is doing with female motorcyclists in 2016.

We all have choices when buying a motorcycle. Why not choose a brand that, in this male-dominated sport, thinks women riders are worth the extra investment.

For the record, it's not a new concept for BMW to market to women. The manufacturer has long supported female riders going back to the early 2000s with women-specific marketing messages, brochures, and sponsorships. Thank you BMW and Happy Anniversary!

--Genevieve Schmitt
Founder / Editor,


Mornin', Nice ad in Cycle source this month. That’s the look I like to keep, under the radar, but that front fender gives it away.

--David Wasserman
Phone Number: 304-216-9946

Chris Callen sent me a couple of shots to consider for ads. I chose the shot of Mr. Wasserman, primarily because it’s a classic. Good to have him on board.—Bandit

White House Responds to Racecar Petition.
Support for Congressional Bill More Important Than Ever—ACT NOW!

Earlier this year, the White House was flooded with nearly 170,000 signatures from racing enthusiasts and industry stakeholders concerned about an over-reaching regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Obama Administration’s “We the People Team” recently responded, noting that the EPA is still considering the proposed standards and that the issue is still in review. But we need to keep the pressure on Washington.

While the battle regarding the EPA proposal continues, the U.S. Congress has introduced the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act, legislation which – if enacted into law – will ensure that street vehicles can continue to be modified for the race track. Even if the EPA removes the provision to prohibit the conversion of motor vehicles into racecars from its regulation, the RPM Act is the only way to guarantee that the practice of modifying street vehicles into dedicated racecars is protected not just today, but in the future as well.

Many legislators and government officials have voiced support for the RPM Act. However, many elected officials are still undecided. It is crucial that the entire racing community continues to send letters to their congressional lawmakers demanding support for the RPM Act.

Take a minute to visit to write your legislators.
Every letter counts!

You can also reach your representatives through the AMA.

This is the bike we will convert. I have always had a problem with this engine. Hopefully, we will cure it.
This is the bike we will convert. I have always had a problem with this engine. Hopefully, we will cure it.



That trike project looks awesome. It looks like you’ve got the right people to make it fly with Paughco!

The Twin Power ignition is an early style “in the cone” ignition for ‘70 – ‘99 Shovel and Evo or ‘71 – ‘2003 Sportster.

It is a really simple self-contained unit and can be wired to run single or dual fire. It is tough, the components are mil-spec, and the whole unit is sealed in epoxy.

It is made to work with an early advance weight system. While Twin power offers good weights, I would have to give the nod to Rivera-Primo for the best and longest lasting weights available. We have several Twin Power coils that will work well with this.

I recommend running this in Dual Fire mode with one coil. This type of ignition really makes a Harley sound like a Harley with that beautiful potato-potato idle.

It can also run in a generator motor in a billet distributor housing if reverse rotation drive gears are used.

Biker’s Choice


Bare Bones for ’06-’16 Dynas. I had a problem with Dynas, from the Chopper perspective. The original seating position was so-so and you couldn’t lower it. So, with my ’92 we built a super low seat, like this one.

Then the factory raised the seat height and I ditched Dynas for old FXRs. They were much more flexible when it came to the seating position. So, from a Chopper, low and lean design, this is the only way to go for a dyna. I know, in some circles times have changed.


Give your Dyna that extreme, slammed look with the lowest, most narrow production seat in existence.

Diamond Stitch seating area.

Matching pillion available - LK001P

Driver Seating:

9.75" Wide
Passenger Seating:



Part Number:

LK-001 ['06-'16] Dyna


1934 Harley CAC No. 518. Thank you, Joe Petrali.

--Billy Lane

I asked him if it’s running yet?—Bandit

Donate to ICIJ and Help Support Non Profit Investigative Journalism,

The need to support this work is growing. Please consider a contribution to ICIJ and help us continue to take on complex investigations that transcend borders and that produce extraordinary impact:

Just in today: British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to create a cross agency task force to probe revelations made in Panama Papers after he acknowledged that he profited from his father’s offshore trust.
Just in today: Swiss Authorities reportedly seized a Modigliani painting after the Panama Papers exposed the art world's offshore secrets.

Citing intense pressure since the release of Panama Papers, the Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson resigned.

In China, the government censored all reporting about Panama Papers.
German Justice Minister Heiko Maas introduced a new national transparency register to make offshore companies disclose their owner's identity.
At the Kremlin, Russian officials called the allegation “a series of fibs.”

In the US, a Securities and Exchange Commission official said the agency would review the investigation for possible information about wrongdoing.
FIFA launched a preliminary investigation into the allegations made against Uruguayan lawyer Juan Pedro Damiani.
The world is just beginning to feel the impact of Panama Papers. Please consider a contribution to help keep this important work going.

-- Peter Bale, Chief Executive Officer

The ICIJ is a key part of the Center for Public Integrity. The work we do is intense and requires significant resources over a sustained period of time. And we need your help to do it. Please make a contribution to support the ICIJ and investigations like Panama Papers.


S&S Cycle has released a pair of short block engines designed to replace the tired bottom end on your 1984 through 1999 Big Twin. Stock replacement fitment with the added bonus of relocated oil pick up for better scavenging. Compatible with factory primary and gear covers, these short blocks are the ideal replacement for stock or high performance builds.

“S&S Short Blocks are a solid, bolt-in solution for a bottom end that is no longer rebuildable” explains S&S Marketing Manager, Patrick Garvin. S&S Short Block engines are built using the same premium quality, U.S. made components that are used in S&S complete performance engines, assuring you of superior performance and long, trouble free engine life.

For more information, visit S&S Cycle on the web at

--Patrick Garvin
S&S Cycle, Inc.
14025 County Highway G,
Viola, WI 54664
Office 608-627-0208


The JAK Shirt 5/8th Sleeve is the shit for spring and summer. The top-grain quality Buffalo leather is a middle-weight that keeps you cool and protected.

The shirt-style tail keeps your crack covered and delivers a slim look off the sled. Best of all, roll it up on your handlebars when you are not using it, then shake it out when you are ready to roll.

ALL 5-Ball leathers come with gun pockets which are amazing for carrying everything including cell phones, cameras, and tools. Plus, in the back there’s a media pocket where you can slip your I-pad or the latest issue of Cycle Source.

“I wore my Jak shirt to Sturgis and home on my 2014 Indian. It worked well for me in the mountains outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a sweatshirt and let the air flow in Vegas.” --Bandit

It comes with (8) pockets. Think of it as your wearable backpack. Details at



It wasn’t that bad.

The best part was I made it one mile, one flipping mile on Friday and it died. I called my AMA roadside assistance in hope of making it to a shop before they closed at 7:30. I waited for 2 hours and called them back to be informed that they haven't been able to find a provider to tow me.

This is the second time the AMA has left me stranded on the side of the road in the 6 months I've had a membership.

So with the shop closing in thirty minutes, I decided to push my bike back home before it got dark outside. Do you know how many full grown men stared at me and the catcalls I received from construction workers? Not one single person offered to help me push it.

So I make it back home and the fun really began when I need to get it up an incline into my parking spot. I gave it hell for 30 minutes but couldn’t make it. After giving up and going inside for a beer, I planned to wait until TJ got home from work and beg him to help me push it.

I walked back out to my bike to face time with my mom's boyfriend about what could be wrong with it before I ended up with a huge bill when they start changing everything to figure it out. He asked me to humor him and switch it to reserve. I got all smart mouth about how I only had 79 miles on this tank of gas, and I can hear it in there when I swish it around.

Sure enough, she fired back up and I was able to get her parked for the night.
I'm 90% certain my troubles were because I was running out of gas. How the heck did I only get 79 miles out of my 3.3 gallon tank? Could it be the excessive amount of time it takes it to warm up in the morning when it's in the 30s? When my 3.5 mile commute takes 50 minutes? I was sure that I would get less gas mileage with my pipes and air filter but I was still hoping to get around 120 mpg.

I guess I will get my 10k service 1,200 miles early and get her looked over to restore my confidence in this bike. What is Harley's inspection of used bikes? Still shiny? check. tires still have tread? check. low miles? check. I have a funny feeling all the time that bike sat is going to bite me in the butt.
If it is just me being out of gas, please put that in the classic Tiffany file.

I can laugh about it now but I was out of mind when I pushed that bike home. I'm still calling member services today at the AMA and letting them have it. I live in one of the most populated places where if you park your car illegally it is towed almost as soon as you walk away but they couldn't find a truck to put my miniature motorcycle on.
I'm now going to fill her up every hour or 60 miles whichever comes first.

--Tiffany Cipoletti
Office Administrator
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
1325 G Street N.W. Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20005
Phone: (202)546-0983
Fax: (202) 546-0986

New TECH Bikernet Reader Comment!--
Builder Parts From Todds Cycle

Need 2 Spring seat mounts,2-rubbermount tank mounts,4-5/16 countersunk bungs, 2-3/8 countersunk bungs.

Let me know price and payment method.

--Ed Rosinski
Kelowna, BC, Canada

I hooked him up with Todd in Hawaii, and he will attempt to help, although he no longer makes builder parts. Ed might check with Nash or Lowbrow for bungs and tabs.


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You might want to send that pic on page 1 of the two high boys cobbled together to Mike Wolfe of Pickers fame. He might be interested in seeing it if he hasn't accessed the site as yet.

Daytona Beach, FL
Friday, April 15, 2016
Editor Response Will do.

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