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By Bandit, Wayfarer, Rogue, Bob T., Redhead, Sam Burns, Barry Green, Laura, Stealth, George Fleming, Geno and the rest of the gang

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The rally is starting next week and at the last minute we are buying a Bikernet Billboard in Sturgis. It’s another project, but what the fuck.

My son, Frank Ball, just flew out after a couple of days scrambling to get shit done around here. He helped a lot and then flew back at the crack of dawn to plant this tattoo on a girl’s leg. Amazing!

Frank and I rode around town. He rode the 5-Ball 2014 Indian and I rode my 1969 Panhead.
I hadn’t ridden it for a while, but it fired right up. I rode down to the Pack Horse gas station, liquor store in Deadwood. By then it warmed up, but the idle was low. I adjusted it and notice some black smoke. I leaned out the low-speed jet and the idle grew.

Paughco springer made the day...
Paughco springer made the day...

I devised a seat suspension system using a Harley buddy seat. I was concerned about the strength of the springs until I saw that Excelsior Hendersons used this system as their primary seat suspension. The Pan handled like a new Honda touring bike. I couldn’t get over it.

Before I changed the seat and the old glide to a new round Paughco springer, this puppy handled like crap on torn-up LA Harbor roads. Suddenly, I’m riding down brick roads from the turn of the century and this puppy glides with a rigid frame!

Paughco's strider bike for Kid's Ride effort.
Paughco's strider bike for Kid's Ride effort.


Let’s hit the news:

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Proposed Transportation Bill Amendment Fails--Late Monday night, three Congressional champions for motorcyclists’ rights asked Congress to add language to a massive spending bill that would help protect motorcyclists from profiling by law enforcement.

The amendment to a Department of Transportation funding bill would have prohibited federal funds being used to “Encourage States to adopt legislation, regulations, policies, directives or guidance to profile motorcycle riders, nor shall such funds be used by States to implement any activity with the primary intent of profiling motorcycle riders.”

The amendment failed, as the House Parliamentarian ruled it “not in order,” citing a prohibition on policies proposals like this being attached to funding bills. Of the nearly 700 amendments submitted, almost 400 other amendments were handed the same fate. Frustratingly, the Rules Committee members were not even allowed to vote on these provisions.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is disappointed that a commonsense concept like the one offered today was blocked by an unelected bureaucrat. Nevertheless, we will remain vigilant in our fight against the profiling of bikers. We thank Representative Tim Walberg (Michigan), Representative Michael Burgess (Texas) and Representative Troy Balderson (Ohio) for drafting the amendment and seeking ways to combat the profiling of bikers in the country.

Additionally, the MRF would like to thank the other members of the House Rules Committee who expressed support for the amendment including Rep. Cole (Oklahoma), Rep. Reschenthaler (Pennsylvania) and Rep. Fischbach (Minnesota).

All bikers should thank their fellow riders from Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas who lobbied members of the committee to pass this amendment. Rest assured that the MRF will continue to fight in the halls of Congress until lawmakers act on this important issue.


THE BULLSHITTING CODE--How to bullshit like a Pro - according to experts studying bullshit

"Bullshit is so ubiquitous because humans are social by nature, so if they can get social benefits from saying something, even if it's not true, they will." says Martin Harry Turpin, a Phd researcher at the department of psychology.

If you tell someone that you research bullshit for a living, they'll probably think you're just bullshitting them.

Read full article at:

Bikernet International News Desk

ZZ TOP BROTHER DIES AT 72—What a bummer, to lose such a talented classic of a brother, Dusty Hill, but he passed in his sleep in Houston. He was a member of the Uglies but left the club awhile back. Micah McCloskey said the club has a rule, “Once Ugly always Ugly.”

We will all miss him.



REGARDING CELEBRITIES TELLING YOU HOW TO LIVE-- Me and an old girlfriend, Mickey, were emailing about that idiot Sean Penn giving orders to people to get vaccinated. She sent me this:

"When I worked in Malibu, a lot of celebs came in. Larry Hagman used to come in wearing a bathrobe, slippers, and a cowboy hat. What a putz.

So, this one day I was in the express line and there were maybe eight people in line, and one guy towards the back of the line was smoking. I told him that there was no smoking in the store, and he ignored me, so I yelled it out.

He got pissed and threw his smoking cigarette on the floor. Then when it's his turn, all he buys is a 12-pack of beer. I ID'd him. He got pissed again, but got out his driver's license. It was Sean Penn. HAHAHA, I didn't even know it was him, but I've always hated him, and I was so pleased with myself for having the opportunity to harass him."

The best part was the look on his ugly mug. Scowling, rolling his eyes, big, exasperated sighs, etc. It was hilarious.

--Mickey and J.J. Solari

TAT OF THE WEEK FROM THE BALL BRAGADE--Clown girl, the ‘payasa’. Fineline single needle black Grey made at Goodtime Charlie’s tattooland.

--Frank Ball Jr.
President 5-Ball Racing Leathers

This is our light breathable ballistic Nylon vest with leather trim. Click and check it out and all our cool leathers.
This is our light breathable ballistic Nylon vest with leather trim. Click and check it out and all our cool leathers.

NEW FROM THE NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM--1909 Thor X1-03. Founded in 1903 as a manufacturer of bicycles and motorcycles, Thor was a company within Aurora Automatic Machinery Company in Aurora, Illinois. While over time making a wide range of machines and home appliances, they were noted as the company that made the first Hedstrom-designed engines for Indian Motorcycle Company.

Thor gathered steam around 1907. While responsible for building motorcycles under several brand names and over time supplying engines to Indian and frame lugs and cycle parts to many...

Check the whole story on the NMM website

Click for Info.
Click for Info.

Trying to find positive in this bike, but that profile takes on the dorky side.


BROTHER STEPS UP FOR VETS--My name is Julian Rastrelli and I have been helping veterans with their disability ratings for a few years now. I have never offered this service professionally until now. My focus is on the veterans who have PTSD.

These are the veterans who have the need for help urgently, and I will strive to give them everything I can. That means I will not stop working on the veteran’s file until they receive the desired resolution.

I am new to this in a professional manner, so please bear with me. I have helped 78 veterans increase their service-connected VA disability ratings. My end game is to get a little political and have the policy change for the PTSD outreach and make sure the veterans who have PTSD get the help they need ASAP.

So far as recognition I have been honored at the Ducks Stadium here on long island `during a ceremony that is called "Heroes Of Thee Game.” It is a start to the awareness that I want to bring about of PTSD.

Also, I will be on a radio talk show on 103.9 for a 30 minute segment to do the same. Please understand that I am not doing this for any self-promotion. I am doing this for grant money that is ours as veterans to go to the veterans who need relief and who earned it as soon as possible.

I know that it is going to be a long and bumpy road, but I am prepared to do this. We need a change in policy and no one, I mean no one is doing this. There is a lot of talk but no action.

I am tired of it and I, along with my best friend and VP, plus our families are ready to do whatever it takes to get the changes made.

Thank you for your time. The name is going to be Vets helping Vets USA LLC.


BUILDER’S BREAKFAST AND MORE—Don’t miss the Builder’s Breakfast. A renowned chef will be on board. Strider bikes on display, Mike Lichter exhibit builders will hang out and K. Randall Ball will sign his biker adventure books.

Also including the flyers for the Evo show and my super-exciting women's day at the chip and bike show! Did I tell you about the class in the show for best 2-up touring bike? A long neglected group of riders: passengers!

--Marilyn Stemp
•Iron Trader News
•Kiwi Indian E-News
•Sturgis Rider Daily

New Bikernet Reader Comment!


RE: Motorcycle dealers in Canada blame rising insurance costs for drop in sales:

I smell what they're stepping in. Michigan No Fault PIP costs will make your wallet scream, even if you carry your own pre-Medicare health insurance (Highmark BCBS and fee's deducted from my pension every month) through a negotiated USW contract. SFD - Simply Fucking Deplorable we've allowed this Insurance scam/robbery by fountain pen by Michigan elected officials. After all - the other 49 states can't be wrong, can they?

You find me a politician here in the State of Michigan, that will eliminate Michigan No Fault Insurance on the first day in office, and on day 2, I'll go buy a New Harley.

-- Doug
Buchanan, MI

Workhorse Speed Shop to Reveal Two Very Special Indian FTR Builds

Build Q&A with Brice Hennebert

Brice Hennebert, owner of Workhorse Speed Shop, has not wasted his time during lockdown. After creating Appaloosa V1.0 in 2019 for the Sultans of Sprint then re-working the Indian Scout build into Appaloosa V2.0 for the Baikal Mile Ice Festival, Brice has focused his attention on building two special dream bikes from the Indian FTR.

We caught up with Brice to get an insight into his latest projects, both of which are shaping up to be remarkably interesting, but quite different builds - just as we have come to expect from Workhorse.

It’s been a long time since you came back from Russia after taking Appaloosa V2.0 to the Baikal Mile Ice Speed Festival - that must feel like a dream now, are the memories still strong?

Yes, the memories are strong. With the lockdown, it was some time after coming back from Russia that I saw many of my friends. Every time I reconnect with a friend they always ask about the trip. So, I get to relive the memories regularly and so they are still strongly alive.

And when Appaloosa finally got back to Belgium after the Russian borders reopened, unpacking the bike, and reassembling it meant I got to relive the memories all over again.

Obviously, lockdown has changed the way we all work, but you have still been busy with brand-new builds based on the FTR. What are the concepts behind each project?

The concept for the first build, Black Swan, came a few years ago when I was racing at Wheels & Waves against the Miracle Mike Scout built by The Young Guns. During that time, I had the vision to build a sports bike for road use. But, really sporty, built like a GP bike. It’s deeply inspired by 90's sports bikes, all made from carbon fibre. That's what happens when I have total freedom from the commissioners of a project. And I'm even thinking about doing a small series of this bike for sale. It’s pretty unique!

The second FTR project is based on the 80s era AMA SBK race bikes and Rally cars. Black Swan and the FTR AMA project are for two brothers. The brother that commissioned Black Swan asked me to design a second build for his brother. Something colourful but sharp like a war tank. The only restriction was that it should have a Martini Racing livery.

After a little research and brainstorming, the main influence became the Lancia Delta HF. I’ve mixed this with a bit of the early Bol d’Or race bikes and some muscle bike flavour keeping an upright riding position, close to the original FTR which works so well.

With the Appaloosa v1.0 and v2.0 builds, you had some great partners providing advice, components, fabrication, and tuning skills. Who has stepped up for these FTR builds?

All of them and even more. I went to the Akrapovic factory a few days after the Baikal Mile to work on the Black Swan exhaust. I crossed the border to home for a few hours and they decided to close the border. That was tight.

Öhlins have shipped me a full set of custom components for Black Swan, quite impressive I have to say. Beringer Brakes is also in the game on both bikes with their new 4+ system. Super light, super nice.

I'm also working with Vinco Racing in Holland, Tim is taking care of all the CNC parts around both bikes. And there's many of them.

My buddy Robert Colyns from 13.8 Composite is taking care of the carbon fibre fabrication.

On Black Swan, we will be fitting Rotobox carbon fibre wheels, they really are pieces of art! Liteblox Germany have made a bespoke carbon fibre battery for the bike, Cerakote Nl did all the black ceramic treatment. Jeroen from Silver Machine the seat works. Christophe from Forame design did all the 3D modelling from the Clay scan.

The FTR AMA wheel set is a total eye catcher. I collaborated with Fabio from JoNich Wheels in Italy. The design is based on his Rush wheels but without carbon flanges. They are machined from billet aluminium. And the design made me think about the turbo fans wheels used on the racing Lancia, so that was a perfect choice. They are completed by a Dunlop GP tyre set with this mad 200 section rear tyre.

So, as you can see, I'm not alone on this bike.


Can you believe this nonsense? The bare minimum prize of a $2,500 Gift Card requires a rider to complete One Million Miles in the 2 month’s time - that too while other riders are competing for this useless pseudo prize of a GIFT CARD.

See the link -

The grand prize of one Harley-Davidson motorcycle requires Five Million Miles in 2 months while competing against others. Couldn't anyone buy a H-D Bagger for less than the cost for petrol, servicing, repair, oil, food and stay at various locations, personal safety risk / cost for doing this in 2 months ?

Posted on Blog and Facebook.

QUOTES OF THE WEEK-- Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong." - Calvin Coolidge

“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.” - T.H. White

"The world is a hellish place, and bad writing is destroying the quality of our suffering." - Tom Waits

"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know."

"The best math you can learn is how to calculate the future cost of current decisions."

"And I--I have shown him... that a man without hope... is a man without fear." - The Kingpin, in Daredevil v1 #229

"An avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws. He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself." - Thomas Paine, American Revolutionary and Freedom Fighter.

Political Department
Bikernet University

NEW FROM SUPPORT GOOD TIMES—They’re having a good time, but not a long time. Their latest 100 percent cotton, pre-shrunk classic T’s.

You can’t go wrong.


Quick, grab a Bandit T from the Support bros. I may sell them on Bikernet in the near future.
Quick, grab a Bandit T from the Support bros. I may sell them on Bikernet in the near future.

HEADLINES OF THE WEEK--this week's journalistic horror number five oh two.

Journalism rules 101 - if you make it to the New York times as a writer with your own name on your own articles....that means you have failed as a critter having any level of talent, intelligence or human ability on any level. And you will be writing articles like this one......

It's official: air temperature ignites trees.

--J.J. Solari

COOL SHIT FROM WHEELS THROUGH TIME--This month our raffle special offer includes our brand new Traub Package with a tin sign and lapel pin in addition to your Raffle Tickets, Tee and DVD. This is your chance to take home a piece of the history of one of the most revolutionary motorcycles ever built and, at the same time, get your tickets on the iconic 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead that will go home with one lucky rider this November 20th!

One of the most asked about and recognized machines in the entire Dale's Wheels Through Time collection is the incredible Traub motorcycle. Known as "The World's Rarest Motorcycle," the Traub is a one-off machine hand-built in 1916 by Richard Traub of Chicago, Illinois.


1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead

This year’s Raffle Bike is the milestone 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead finished in Brilliant black and chrome. Featuring a 4-speed transmission, along with first-year aluminum heads and “wish-bone” frame. The revolutionary 74 c.i. machine was brought back to life in the Wheels Through Time restoration shop with its future in mind

THIS JUST IN FROM DENNIS KIRK--This week’s LICHTER NOTES goes retro as Michael Lichter recaps the The Cross Country Chase—an endurance race for vintage motorcycles.

You won’t want to miss his awesome tales from the road. This exclusive content is only available at the DK BLOG: THE AFTERMARKET EXPERIENCE.

--John Eastman

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Hey Bandit - would it be in bad taste if I told you that Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Insurance is at the head of the line, with their hand out, in support of this Michigan No Fault Insurance Scam?

If you're still wondering what the definition of "Sustainability" is. Sending the customer out of your shop with a "Paid In Full" receipt in his hand, while you still have your hand in his wallet. That's Sustainability.

Buchanan, MI
Friday, July 30, 2021
Editor Response It's one of today's business models. You can't buy a coffee pot without a program to sell you filters monthly and an extended warranty program. It's nuts.

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