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Sunday Edition


Scary Stuff, from Indonesia to Las Vegas

By Bandit, Rogue, Sam Burns, Art Hall, Gary Mraz, Ray C. Wheeler, Sin Wu, Bob T., David Zelma, Chris McGee, and the whole crew

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Another interesting day in Paradise.
I rode to Bennett’s Performance yesterday, testing the Mudflap FXR once more with some adjustments to the Rox shock position. Sugar Bear wanted me to align the shock with the neck and I did. Then I adjusted the ride height up ½ inch, so the bike is very close to level. I like this Spitfire girder. I can adjust the ride height anywhere I want it. According to Paul, he can send me various links and I can adjust the rake also.

I needed a ride, plus I needed to pick up the Centramatic Balancers from Bennett’s. Eric wasn’t impressed with them, but Buck Lovell has some experience with wheel balancing systems and would like to install and test them, so off they go to South Dakota. I think they would be perfect for Kendon trailers, with their small wheels.

So, I’m riding my Mudflap Girl FXR up Santa Fe Avenue, past my favorite Italian Deli, with the wildest assortment of women help I’ve ever seen, but that’s another topic. I’m rolling along feeling positive about adjustments to my Spitfire Girder suspension, when a compact car tries to pull in front of me. Less than three or four blocks later a toothless broad in a massive rusting white crew cab pick-up also pulls out, even farther, to the point that I’m looking for an escape route.

It’s never a dull moment around the Port of Los Angeles. I’ll tell you more after the news:

NEW FROM PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION--Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit for Softails!--High performance front suspension is finally available for the intrepid Softail models. Progressive Suspension’s state-of-the-art Monotube Fork Kit is designed for the performance oriented rider who demands both handling and ride quality out of their bike. The kit replaces all of the sloppy open bath internals of the stock fork with a set of gas charged Monotube dampers and custom tuned fork springs in both stock and lowered versions.

Monotube style damping improves ride comfort, resistance to front brake dive as well as improving front end stability, cornering and bottoming control. The kit fits most 2000 though 2011 HD Softail model forks, and replaces all of the internal parts. Converts dual Damper rod to true high performance Monotube damping! No mods are required and install is relatively simple. Check it out on their website, or contact your local Progressive Suspension dealer for more information.

Progressive Suspension

Complete fork internal replacement kit
Improved resistance to front brake dive
Improved front end stability & cornering
Improved bottoming control
Lifetime Limited warranty
2000-2013 Softail Models
1984-2013 Touring models
2008-2013 Tri Glide Models

Stock MSRP $339.95
Lowered MSRP $399.95 (Harley only)

--Dave Zemla
Director of Marketing
Progressive Suspension
Click on the image for info quick.
Click on the image for info quick.

OUR COUNTRY CONTINUED--I DON’T GET IT?--Our country is run by idiots. We are in distress. Where do we go from here???OK, this is getting simply bizarre.??On Monday, June 25th 2012, the following occurred: The Supreme Court unanimously - yes, UNANIMOUSLY - upheld the portion of Arizona 's Immigration Law that directs law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of EVERYONE who is ARRESTED for a crime. It not just "ALLOWS" them to check, but "DIRECTS" them to check. That means it's mandatory.??

Less than three hours later, the President of the United States issued an executive order BLOCKING THE ENTIRE STATE OF ARIZONA'S ACCESS to the the Federal Database that would allow such checks. The only State or Local entity EVER to be blocked.??One hour after that (which means they had it all ready in advance), the Department of Justice went live with a toll-free number, a web site, and ads, ASKING FOR PEOPLE TO REPORT BEING "RACIALLY PROFILED" because of this ruling, so they - THE U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT - can file "Civil Rights" lawsuits against the Police Departments, Sheriffs, Cities, Counties and State of Arizona .?

?In other words, the American Citizens of the State of Arizona are going to be sued for vast sums of money, BY THEIR OWN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, for enforcing a law that The Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY held as constitutional.????Is it just me, or is this getting ridiculous?

--from Rogue and Miami Mike

I don’t get what the big deal is. I must show my I.D. or driver’s license if I want to vote, or if I’m pulled over. I don’t get it?--Bandit

She's amazing and mother of five.
She's amazing and mother of five.

SPITFIRE AND PAUL CAVALLO IN THE NEWS—Paul Cavallo the boss of Spitfire Motorcycles is about to see two of his bikes featured. He won the HORSE editor’s choice award at the Artistry in Iron event at Las Vegas Bikefest, and had his Gypsy Rose featured on the holiday cover of the HORSE. Photography was handled by Markus Cuff.

Just after the Horse hits the stands, the Bullet built for a friend who was suffering from the divorce blues, will be featured in Iron Works magazine.

Click on this logo for more info.
Click on this logo for more info.


MORE ABOUT THE RIGHT TO REPAIR ACT, FROM THE RIGHT TO REPAIR ACT COALITION-- The Right to Repair Act is bipartisan legislation that would require automakers to provide the same service information and tools to independent auto and maintenance shops, as well as to consumers, that the automaker dealership service centers receive.

• It further instructs the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to provide oversight and enforcement of the bill.

• As a means of protecting intellectual property, the legislation states that the manufacturers’ proprietary information will not have to be disclosed.

• Right to Repair legislation does not attempt to restrict motorists from choosing car dealerships, it simply ensures that vehicle owners have a choice when deciding where to take their vehicles for repairs and what parts are best to use in maintaining their vehicles.

The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association and the Coalition for Auto Repair Equality urge Congress to support the Right to Repair Act to give consumers a choice and keep repair costs down. It's the right thing to do for consumers, for business and the economy.

Global Right to Repair

The European Union has passed Right to Repair and an aggressive effort is currently underway in Canada. Right to repair is clearly a global issue whose time has come.

What Right to Repair Does:
• Reaffirms the owners’ right to repair their automobile and keep their families safe.

• Promotes consumer safety by allowing owners or their auto technicians’ access to the computers that control the systems and components that affect the safe operation of their automobiles.

• Permits owners to choose the repair shop and the replacement parts to service and maintain their vehicles.

• Authorizes the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to promulgate regulations to protect consumers and to promote competition in auto maintenance and repair.

What It Does Not Do
• It does not take a manufacturer’s intellectual property.

• It does not affect the dealer’s warranty agreement with the vehicle manufacturers.

• It does not require manufacturers to disclose manufacturing processes or trade secrets.

Coalition Partners

Consumer and Business Groups Supporting Right to Repair

National Federation of Independent Business
National Grange
Retail Industry Leaders Association

Automotive Industry Support

Advance Auto Parts
All Pro Auto Value
Association of Automotive Service Providers
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association
Alliance of Automotive Service Providers
• Alliance of State Automotive Aftermarket Associations
• American Military Society
• Automotive Parts & Service Alliance
Automotive Parts & Service Association of Illinois
Automotive Recyclers Association
Automotive Wholesalers of Texas
Blue Magic
Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC
California Nevada Automotive Wholesalers Association
Coalition for Auto Repair Equality
Electronics Assoc. Pennsylvania Gas and Oil
Erie Drive Train
Jiffy Lube
Michigan Automotive Parts Association
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Ohio Valley Automotive Aftermarket
Olympus Imported Auto Parts
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Petroleum Retailers & Auto Repair Association
Service Station Dealers of America and Allied Trucks
SRS Marketing Company, Inc.
Strauss Discount Auto
Tuffy Auto Care Centers
Tire Dealers Association of Western Pennsylvania
Tire Industry Association
Washington Automotive Wholesale Association

I don’t see SEMA on the list?--Bandit


To absolve; acquit; pardon, to atone for.

Come up, wives, offer of your yarn! See, I enter your name here in my roll; you shall enter into heaven's bliss; I assoil you by mine high power, you that will make offerings, as clear and clean as when you were born — (lo sirs, thus I preach).
--Bennett Cerf, An Anthology of Famous British Stories

"Go, and assoil thy living patient: the dead are past thy cares." — " I go," said the Monk of Montcalm, " and Heaven grant that I may shed around his death-hour, that peace which, I fear me, bloody prelate, will be denied to thine!"
--Charles Robert Maturin, The Albigenses

Assoil is derived from the same root as the similar word absolve. However, assoil came into English through the Middle French word asoiler rather than directly from Latin like the word absolve.

MORE BIKETOBERFEST SHOW WINNERS--Following is a list of trophy winners from the 23rd Annual Boardwalk Classic Bike Show on Friday, Oct. 19:

Best of Show: Steve Galvin; St. Petersburg, FL; 2012 Wicked Steel "Pipe Bomb"
Judge's Trophy: Steve Galvin; St, Petersburg, FL; 2011 Wicked Steel "Speedstar"
People's Choice, First Place: Frank Martin; Neptune, NJ; '04 Chopper "Dead Man Riding"
Second Place: Pam Miller; Clermont, FL; 2005 Ridley "Pink Bike"

Third Place: Derek Del Castillo; Miami, FL; '58 H-D "Richard Petty 43 Bike"

Special Custom, First Place: Scott Foxx; Shelbyville, IN; 2012 Custom "Capone's Bike"

Second Place: Miguel Galiano, no city listed; 2011 Boardtrack Bobber

Third Place: Michael Phillips; Palm Beach, FL; '97 H-D Heritage Springer

Evo/V-Twin, First Place: Guy Matteson & Christine Vitale; Cairo, NY; '71 Superglide "Boat Tail"

Second Place: Pam Miller; Clermont, FL; 2005 Ridley Auto Glide Classic

Third Place: Karl Reilly; Cranford, NJ; '08 V-Rod

Radical Evo, First Place: Robin Pavano; no city listed; '07 Chopper/Bobber

Second Place: Bruce Harp; New Port Richey, FL; 2004 Harley "Deuce"

Third Place: Carlos Salsa; Montreal, Canada; '02 Softail

Radical Softail, First Place: Big Tony's Chop Shop; Crete, IL; 2010 Pro Street

Second Place: Jason Turner, Romeoville, IL; 2011 Radical Pro Street "Envy"

Third Place: Dustin Ravin; no city listed; 2012 Custom Bagger

Shovelhead, First Place: William Dixon; Portland, TN; '79 FLH

Second Place: Michael Caldwell; Westmoreland, TN; '82 Lowrider

Third Place: Ron Gebo; Three Rivers, MA; '77 "Pipeline"

Panhead, First Place: Kenneth Darango; Taylor, MI; H-D Pan

Second Place: Scott Foxx; Shelbyville, IN; 2012 B-t Racer

Third Place: Larry Prosperi; Palmer, MA; '57 FLH

Radical Sportster, First Place: Adam Karns, Delmar, MD; '01 Sportster

Second Place: Matt Gibby; Cumming, GA; '01 Sportster

Third Place: Kevin Brasch; Columbus, OH; '96 Sportster

Sportster, First Place: Tim Firstenberger; Sarasota, FL; '95 Bobber

Second Place: Karen Robey; Daytona Beach, FL; '97 Sportster

Third Place: Larry Mason; Yulee, FL; '94 Sportster

Dresser, First Place: Gary Miller; Deland, FL; '09 Streetglide

Second Place: Sean Brooks; Leesburg, FL; '08 Roadglide

Third Place: Jason Bradwell; Altamonte Springs, FL; 2012 Streetglide

Trike, First Place: Roy Maxwell; Daytona Beach, FL; 2010 Gateway

Second Place: Jim Harvey; Summerfield, FL; '07 Honda Trike w/Hearse

Third Place: Keith Jones; Mechanicsville, PA; '04 Boss Hoss

Chopper, First Place: Carlos Velazco; Miami, FL; 2011 Custom

Second Place: Tiago Morelli; Jupiter, FL; 2012 Custom Built

Third Place: Bill Gostovich; Ormond Beach, FL; 2006 Rucker

Vintage, First Place: Steven Pearce; Ocala, FL; 1955 Zundapp

Second Place: Larry Smith; Palm City, FL; 1929 Harley-D "JD"

Third Place: Rex Fox; Williamsburg, OH; '59 Cushman

Paint, First Place: Wicked Steel; Pinellas Park, FL; 2012 Yamaha

Second Place: Jay Church; Melbourne, FL; '02 Road King

Third Place: Russell Zich; Harrisonburg, NC; '99 Goldwing

Metric, First Place: Brad Cervi; Cocoa, FL; '08 Honda VTX1800F

Second Place: Dennis Wall; Clearwater, FL; '06 Kawasaki Nomad

Third Place: Nick Cucu; Hollywood, FL; 1974 Honda "Cafe Racer:

Radical Metric, First Place: Wicked Steel; Pinellas Park, FL; 2012 Yamaha

Second Place: Wicked Steel; Pinellas Park, FL; yet another 2012 Yamaha

Third Place: Chris Pirolo; Lakeland, FL; 2010 Honda Fury

Sponsored by the Daytona Beach Boardwalk Merchants, Pepsi-Cola, and Full Throttle Magazine.
Trophy sponsorship: The Fran Haasch Law Group.
Promoters: Dino Paspalakis and Bill Chaffin
Emcee: Bill
Trophy Girl: "Sashi", from Utah
Special Mention: PFC Justin Raleigh, U.S. Army (soon to be deployed to Afghanistan).
More information: Bill Chaffin (386) 871-0398

NICK’S PARTY A SUCCESS--Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for your support and let you know our 1ST year anniversary / halloween party was a smashing success! We had over 300 people at the shop, and our raffle was off the hook!

Again, thank you very much. We are humbled and grateful at the love we've been shown all year.

Here's to many more, onward and upward!


photos by Austin Bauman

Nick Perri

THE BIG BEAR CONTROVERSY--From what I have read Kevin took money for bikes he knew he couldn't deliver didn't pay vendors, dealers, etc. I hate to see business go bad or under but it looks like he cheated people knowingly.

Seems like you are cutting them a lot of slack. I build houses, and if I took someone's money and didn't deliver the house I would be in deep shit. And I would never do that. Do you know something we don't. Thanks you have a great site and read it every day.


Thanks for this and we won’t let this issue slide. We will be in touch with them and report on how they hope to rectify these issues. We are working on a report right now.

Of course you know, Kevin and Mona lost their company and their home. They are now employees of BBC which is under new ownership. That was explained in the first article.


TECH QUESTION OF THE WEEK—How do you remove a Heli-coil?

Using an awl or scribe, get underneath the top thread and grab it with some type of pliers and pull it out by twisting it counter-clockwise to twist it out, a small needle-nose type vise grip works well.

If you have too much trouble, call me and I'll bring down some of my tools or bring it here if possible. By the way, there is always a trick......... call me if you like.......

--Dr Willie

The giveaway bike built by Gary and Jules in Vegas. That's Chris Callen, the boss of Cycle Source, our Janitor, and Howard Knight, the master who made the seat.
The giveaway bike built by Gary and Jules in Vegas. That's Chris Callen, the boss of Cycle Source, our Janitor, and Howard Knight, the master who made the seat.

BIKERNET/CYCLE SOURCE SWEEPS WINNERS AWARDED AT LAS VEGAS BIKE FEST--  #10 Biker’s Choice Rock N Ride Premium Audio System With Speakers
Max Holzman

#9 Biker’s Choice Leather Jacket
Scott Stewert


#8 K&N Filter Sets
Aaron Hansen
Paula Angresano
Tom Guckert
Al Helton


#7 Case Of Spectro Oil
Paul Speaker
Delayne Frohnapfel
Brittany Johns
Mark Hurley
Luke Ketchum
Pamela Peterson
Nicole Tungland
Jeffery Taylor
David Baker

#6 D&D Exhaust
Robbie Clarke

#5 Metzler Tires
Claire Kubecka

#4 Custom Bell Helmet
Joshua Smith

#3 Pair of Ride Wright Wheels
Hank Ham

#2 Handy Lift
Richard Nolan

#1 The / Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Chopper
Jordan Cambell

And the grand prize Winner IS a Cycle Source subscriber.

--Christopher Callen
Editor In Chief
The Cycle Source Magazine

Click on this logo to check out Bandit's Subscriptions and enter to win!
Click on this logo to check out Bandit's Subscriptions and enter to win!

Click on the art and it will take you there.
Click on the art and it will take you there.

NEW READER’S COMMENT FROM BIKERNET BAGGERS--2012 Victory Cross Country Tour Bikernet Baggers Road Test

After riding the XCT myself, I tend to agree with the suggestions that Phil has directed to Victory. What are the chances that Victory will put those suggestions into action? Do they listen to their customers? I am seriously considering the purchase of an XCT, but refinements would be most welcome.

I have a 1996 Fatboy, and am wondering if you could make a set of triple trees with a 3-degree rake, that would take a 65mm set of forks.

-- Michael

We have just created a WebPage that has Pictures and Video of the 2012 Stunt Wars held in Orlando, Florida.

Pictures and Video Include : Warm Ups, Stunt Riders Competition, Drifting and much more....
Event Notification Email List, just let me know by emailing me at : and you will receive a notification email to all events we publish to the web. Best Regards To All, George

YOUR SHOT FORUM CANCELED-- Where did "your shot" go? I need a forum to jaber on about my new shop and bounce ideas of my fellow Bikernet loyal. I know the forum was dead but I was trying to give it CPR to return it back to its glory.

I'm going to send you updates and rambling commentary on the progress of my new building and my half wit attempt to actually survive a shitty motorcycle economy.

-- John

P.S. I'll send my first installment next week.....

Yep, we had a brother who monitored the forum daily, but he was elevated to a much higher position, which left a major void. We can always plug it back in, if we find a new sheriff.--Bandit
Click on the image to go there!
Click on the image to go there!

THE BIKERNET TRIKE MANTRA--If it has three wheels and a motor we'll cover it. Join us and experience all things Trike, everything from conversions and accessories to events. Bikernet Trikes experienced staff will review, road test and tour on all the major manufacturers to custom one-offs.

--Gary Mraz
Triking Viking
Extreme Bikernet Baggers Editorial Division Commander and Dictator in Charge

NEW FROM MOTORBOOKS--I wanted to check in with you. Have you seen our newest motorcycle books?

The Harley in the Barn: More Great Tales of Motorcycle Archaeology by Tom Cotter, Foreword by Pat Simmons

How to Rebuild and Restore Classic Harley-Davidson Big Twins 1936 - 1964 by Rick Schunk
 Both of these books are essential additions to any motorcyclists' bookshelf or workbench. We like to say Resto is our 1 book is for the "doer" and Barn is the 1 book is for the "dreamer.”

--Nichole Schiele
Quayside Publishing Group
Cool Springs Press, CPI, Motorbooks, Zenith Press 


WESTMINSTER HARLEY-DAVIDSON CELEBRATES-- Demo Days, October 27th and 28th 2012 9:00:00 AM

Come test ride the new 2013s Harley-Davidsons at our Annual Demo Days. Trike test rides too. Live music by The Anonymous Band, food and refreshments, vendor booths, raffle drawings and 50/50 drawings. 9AM to 4PM

Harley-Davidson of Westminster 13031 Goldenwest Street Westminster, CA 92683
Phone: (714) 891-4300 Fax: (714) 891-9658

Check with a dealer near you for additional demo opportunities—Wrench

JUST INFO: From the Wall Street Journal.... A lot of people just can't understand why California gas is so high.. Just Bend over and sigh, it's going to get a lot worse...


BIKERNET BAGPIPER HUNG OVER AGAIN--  As a bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a graveside service for a homeless man. He had no family or friends, so the service was to be at a pauper's cemetery in the Kentucky back country.

I had a few too many shots of Jack with Bandit, so I was hung-over, and not familiar with the backwoods. I got lost and, being a typical man, I didn't stop for directions.

I finally arrived an hour late and saw the funeral guy had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in sight. There were only the diggers and crew left and they were eating lunch.

I felt badly and apologized to the men for being late. I went to the side of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I didn't know what else to do, so I started to play.

The workers put down their lunches and began to gather around. I played out my heart and soul for this man with no family and friends. Played like I've never played before for this homeless man.

And as I played 'Amazing Grace,' the workers began to weep. They wept, I wept, we all wept together. When I finished I packed up my bagpipes and started for my car. Though my head hung low, my heart was full.

As I opened the door to my car, I heard one of the workers say, "I never seen nothin' like that before and I've been putting in septic tanks for twenty years."

Apparently I'm still lost.... it's a man thing.

--from Sam Burns

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