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Vegas reports, Michigan Law Results, New Products, H-D Meets the Pope, Bad Cops, and Mo' Bad Jokes

By Bandit, Bob T., Rogue, Ben, Gary Mraz, Genevieve Schmitt, Jen Hoyer, Pablo, Bob Clark, Paul Aiken, and the rest of the gang

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Just back from Vegas and the downtown D Hotel with their turbo-charged, kick-start air conditioners, no movies, and troubled room service.
I’ve been locked down at the former Fitzgerald Hotel a few times, but this was the last. It’s tough when there’s no secure place for your Kendon trailer. We ended up spending our last night at South Point south of town. What a terrific place, and at one time our bikes were surrounded by security guards checking them out.

Do you have a locking plate for your clutch. Will these work? They are designed by the BDL team to lock up BDL clutches. They are very cool, but paint it bright red, so you won't forget it. Drop me a note to, and I'll send you one.
Do you have a locking plate for your clutch. Will these work? They are designed by the BDL team to lock up BDL clutches. They are very cool, but paint it bright red, so you won't forget it. Drop me a note to, and I'll send you one.

We had another meeting with SEMA. We were told point blank that SEMA doesn’t want to have anything to do with motorcycle legislation. We weren’t there to discuss legislative matters, but I found that statement interesting. If motorcycles or cars are heavily regulated in the future, there will be no SEMA show, unless it's full of goofy shit from China and Harbor Freight. I actually think the extensive motorcycle rights community could go along way to help the performance car market in the future. I feel we need to work together, but what the hell do I know?


We had a harried blast working from dawn to dusk every blistering day from Thursday to Sunday. We sold out of books, met builders from the past, set up features, and watched Las Vegas girls stroll through the crowded isles. We hit parties at night and heard about a Sons of Anarchy fan being roughed up behind Freemont Street. Let’s hit the news, then I’ll tell you more.


MESH AND SPOKE  HI-TECH PULLEYS FROM BDL--No matter if you’re running a Bagger, Factory Hot Rod, Custom, Chopper, Hot Rod or Bar Hopper, these hi-tech pulleys recently introduced by Belt Drives LTD. can enhance the form and function of a variety of late model machines.

Manufactured by BDL at their cutting edge facility in Southern California, each unit is precision crafted from 6061 billet aluminum and gear cut for enhanced durability and performance. BDL offers the pulleys in 2 designs; Classic Mesh pattern and Spoked, finished in rugged high luster chrome, and black with accent cuts.

As with all BDL products the new pulleys adhere to the company’s over the top standards for fit, quality and performance and are designed to fit H-D models from 2000-2012. Custom builders will find the pulleys are just the ticket for machines with late model OEM style driveline layouts.

Suggested retail on the BDL Billet Pulleys starts at $371.00. Available from BDL dealers worldwide, on line at or call for more information and a dealer near you at 714-693-1313.


HARLEY-DAVIDSON AND POPE BENEDICT MARK 110TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION MILESTONE-- Pope, Davidson family meet for blessing of Harley-Davidson tanks in Vatican City

ROME (Oct. 3, 2012) - Next June, tens of thousands of Harley-Davidson riders and fans from around the globe are expected to make their way to Italy’s capital city to celebrate Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary and the shared passion for freedom that unites riders everywhere.

Today, Pope Benedict XVI along with Willie G. Davidson, grandson of one of Harley-Davidson’s founders and his son, Bill Davidson, Vice President of the Harley-Davidson Museum, launched the countdown to Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary event in Rome, June 13-16, 2013, by presenting two commemorative motorcycle gas tanks to the Pope for a blessing. The tanks will be signed by Pope Benedict, Willie G. and Bill, and mounted on two motorcycles – one will return to the company’s hometown of Milwaukee, and displayed at the Harley-Davidson Museum, while the other will be auctioned to support the Good Samaritan Foundation.

“The 110th Anniversary Celebration will be a rockin’ party and so much more,” said Ken Ostermann, Harley-Davidson’s General Manager of International Marketing Operations. “Along with next year’s 110th Anniversary events around the world, the event in Rome is truly the most epic way we can show our thanks for the 110 years of riding and fun our passionate fans have given Harley-Davidson.”

Highlights of Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary Celebration in Rome next year include a party in the Port of Ostia, a parade through the heart of Rome, two headlining concerts at Stadio Olimpico and a papal bike blessing at St. Peter’s Square.

“We’re anticipating next year’s celebration in Rome to be one of the largest events we’ve ever held outside the U.S.,” said Ostermann. “That is a strong testament to our continued global transformation as we respond to our growing fan base all over the world.”

Connecting Fans Globally
The Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary is a year-long, global celebration of the enduring ideals that unite independents everywhere: freedom, rebellion and authenticity. The year-long celebration features 12 anniversary experiences the company will bring to existing motorcycle events in global markets through September 2013. The events span 11 countries on six continents.

Capping the global experiences are two main anniversary events in Rome and Milwaukee. The event in Milwaukee Aug. 31-Sept. 2, 2013, is an expanded celebration including fan-organized rides to the city, a party on the shores of Lake Michigan, a massive parade, activities at the Harley-Davidson Museum and three headlining concerts.

Join the Celebration Online
Harley-Davidson fans are invited to join the celebration online where they can share their personal stories and riding experiences on Facebook, Twitter with the hashtag #HD110, and at The website features details about the 110th Anniversary events and content posted from fans around the world.


HOTTEST PRODUCT FEATURED IN LAS VEGAS BIKEFEST—Kakadu Gunn Worn Concealed Carry clothing: Don’t miss this stuff. It’s amazing light to heavy weight with holsters even for magazines inside. I bought one in Vegas.


MAN CAUGHT RIDING THE OLDEST MOTORCYCLE IN NORTH AMERICA--  Check out Bruce Linsday, one of our museum's Board of Trustees members, as he rides the oldest running motorcycle in North America; an 1897 De Dion Bouton. This video was taken on September 6, 2012. Come check this motorcycle out for yourself the next time you visit our museum!

Motorcyclepedia Museum
250 Lake Street
Newburgh, NY 12550
(845) 569-9065

Museum Hours:
Fridays: 10am-5pm
Saturdays: 10am-5pm
Sundays: 11am-5pm
Open year round!

Adult admission: $11 (tax included)
Children 4-12: $5 (tax included)
Children under 3 are free!


WOMEN RIDERS NOW CORRECTION--A lot of people think (incorrectly!) that Women Riders Now focuses solely on cruisers. In my quest to dispel that myth, I'm spotlighting a new 2013 motorcycle that's caught my eye: the Moto Guzzi G7 Stone. Moto Guzzi is going after younger riders with this bike, and I believe it will also attract beginners since it's so light and manageable.

The 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 is a completely new bike that Women Riders Now Editor Genevieve Schmitt believes women of smaller stature (among other types of riders) may be interested in because of its size, manageability and Italian heritage. Although the V7 has been in the Italian brand's family for more than 40 years, the 2013 V7 line has been completely updated and now comprises three separate models: the V7 Stone, the V7 Racer and the V7 Special. At least one of these new models is designed to appeal to younger riders.

To get the public excited about the bikes, Moto Guzzi is inviting licensed motorcycle riders to test ride the new V7 Stone between now and November 1, before it's available in stores. See the end of this article for details.

The 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 has a 90-degree V-twin engine that's more powerful, faster and smoother than its predecessor. Nevertheless, the engine maintains two cornerstones of the V7 tradition, which dates back to 1969: It's driven by the cardan shaft drive, and it's supported by the double cradle “Tonti” frame, named after V7 developer and engineer Lino Tonti.

The V7's seat height is a manageable 31.5 inches, with the option of using a thinner seat to lower the bike to 30.7 inches. The bike weighs in at 395 pounds, so even the shortest of riders should be able to tiptoe and maneuver the bike without a problem.

The V7 Stone is a completely new version designed to appeal to younger riders with its lower price point and trendy paint job of Matte Black or Pure White. The model is easy to customize with an array of accessories. The V7 Stone features the new and more powerful 750cc 90-degree V-twin motor and new lightweight six split-spoke alloy wheels. The color-coordinated tank and chrome accents make the V7 Stone a showstopper on the road and at any café, bike night or local hot spot.

The 2013 V7 Racer is an ode to café racer motorcycles from the 50s and 60s with the performance of a modern machine. The V7 Racer has the same new 750cc 90-degree V-twin motor with increased torque, horsepower and throttle response for an enjoyable ride. The new V7 Racer features a myriad of unique style attributes, including a chrome fuel metal tank studded with red Moto Guzzi badges and finished with a leather strap and a suede leather seat with an aerodynamic seat cowl and 70s-style racer number plates. The V7 Racer is perfect for the adventurous rider with an eye for design and a wild streak.

The V7 Special is the closest to the original 1969 V7 Special, not only because it shares its name with the first V7, but also because it faithfully carries the same riding philosophy—a touring bike with a sophisticated fit and finish and a uniquely “Guzzi” engine character. The new engine, significantly stronger in driving torque and maximum power, is increased by 12 percent, perfectly suited for medium range touring. A greater tank capacity of 5.8 gallons for an average range of 310 miles makes long miles in the saddle possible.

Just like its predecessor, the new V7 Special is wrapped in a two-tone paint scheme and equipped with aluminum-spoked wheels, reducing unsprung weight and improving handling. The V7 Special proves a worthy touring machine when outfitted with bags and a windshield from Moto Guzzi’s accessory collection.

The V7 Stone and Racer lines will be available in dealerships across the United States in early to mid-October. The V7 Special is expected to be in showrooms by the beginning of 2013. To sign up for a test ride, Moto Guzzi created an online request system that lets enthusiasts find a participating dealer and sign up online. To learn more, visit

--Genevieve Schmitt

Click here to check out our sister's site.
Click here to check out our sister's site.


TAMPA COPS SHOOT OVER TRAFFIC CITATION--The cop said he thought he saw a weapon. They are trained to say that and also they thought their life was in danger. BULLSHIT
This has to stop!--Rogue

TAMPA — A man who fled a traffic stop was eventually shot by Tampa police after he bailed from his car and refused to show his hands. Police say an officer attempted to stop a vehicle Sunday night for an expired tag and a seatbelt violation.

The vehicle driven by 25-year-old Edward Thomas was followed by a police helicopter and another cruiser. Police say Thomas crashed into a traffic sign, jumped out the vehicle and ran into the woods. Officers sent a K-9 after him and the suspect came out of the woods. He refused orders to show his hands and an officer fired when he saw what he thought was a weapon. Thomas was taken to the hospital with what officials described as injuries that aren’t life threatening.


These shirts are cool. They have button-up fronts with three metal buttons, plus a spare. There's even a chest pocket. They were a hit at Bonneville. Available in the shop right now.
These shirts are cool. They have button-up fronts with three metal buttons, plus a spare. There's even a chest pocket. They were a hit at Bonneville. Available in the shop right now.

INCIDENT TURNS UGLY IN BANDIT’S CANTINA--I was standing at the Cantina bar in Pedro yesterday and this little Chinese guy comes in, stands next to me and starts drinking a beer.

I said to him, "Do you know any martial arts, like Kung-Fu, Karate or Ju-Jitsu"?

He says "No, why the fluck you ask me dat, is it coz I Chinee"?

"No", I say, "It's because you're drinking my beer you little prick".



ROGUE’S BAD COP FILES--This is why we need to continue to Expose Bad Cops and that does include those who do Not Enforce The Law Equally.--Rogue

But Haug had been working as an Erie County sheriff's deputy for about two years and was inside the fraternity of law enforcement officers who, for the most part, are slow to write up those who wear the badge.

"... If I write a cop another ticket, I don't ever get backed up by cops ever again?"

Blue line protects off-duty cops behind wheel

BY: Matt Spina

Before Michael E. Haug's Jeep plowed into a stopped motorcyclist this summer - launching the biker forward, tearing his small intestine, bruising internal organs, breaking a leg in three places, ripping off his helmet and landing him on his head - Haug had been stopped at least once before for erratic and possibly impaired driving.

But Haug had been working as an Erie County sheriff's deputy for about two years and was inside the fraternity of law enforcement officers who, for the most part, are slow to write up those who wear the badge.

No tickets were written or charges filed after Haug was stopped in 2009. He was turned over to his Sheriff's Office superiors - an example of police discretion or, perhaps, the blue line.

"The blue line, or whatever you want to call it, is awful," said one law enforcement veteran who asked to remain unidentified in this article because he's still on patrol. "I have stopped cops and just walked away going, 'I just hope he gets home.'
"Because here's the thing: That same guy who you are pulling over might be your backup tomorrow night. Or his buddy who you just wrote will hate you and tell everybody that you are nothing but a piece of or whatever. So it's just not worth it."

Gregory A. Gawley worked for the Lackawanna Police Department and as a firearms instructor at the Erie Community College police academy.
"I'll be honest with you," he said, "I have pulled guys over, and they have said, 'Don't you know I'm a cop with such and such agency?' "

Gawley, however, says he didn't appreciate the question. His reaction: "Don't treat me like an idiot just because you screwed up."

Police also call it "professional courtesy" - forgiving the infractions committed by one of their own. It typically involves speeding, but officers can get a pass for erratic or impaired driving as well.

--from Rogue
Official Bikernet Enforcement Field Reporter


STREET WALKER AND ENVY CYCLES TAKE HOME THE GOLD AT LAS VEGAS BIKEFEST--Good seeing you in Vegas and spending a little time visiting in your booth.

I enjoyed going over as the Peashooter and the Bonnie Bell and as you could tell I really dug the stance of the Bonnie Belle. Race Bike or not it has a wicked profile.

Sent you a couple pics of Troy and I at awards presentation and Troy asked me to send you a pic of that rough sketch I was doodling on based on the Bonnie Belle profile.

We had a great time at the event and as usual Mindy and her people put on a top notch event.

--Terry Lee


PATROLS to target motorcyclists STOCKTON - The Stockton Police Department will be patrolling areas frequented by motorcyclists today as part of a safety and enforcement effort.

The officers will be looking for motorcyclists who are breaking traffic laws or driving while intoxicated.

Funding for the effort is provided to the department by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Total Impressions from the Bikernet Family: 193,062
Total Unique Users: 109,391

If an advertiser was a sponsor on all three sites for $800 a month the cpm (cost per 1000) impressions would be: $4.14

BIKERNET DESTINATION EDITOR REPORTS IN-- Wupatki National Monument is a little known (even to locals) spectacular ride where, in one 35-mile loop, one can see ancient Indian ruins, dormant (not dead) volcanoes, frozen lava rivers and booming vistas of the Painted Desert. The landscape shifts from stark and colorful to pinon pine forest to miles of ash, cinder cones and lava flows.

The last eruption was only about 750 years ago, less than a blink in geologic time. Ruins dot the desert plains, and many more are suspected to be buried under the ash. This was the Native American Pompeii, and very few people know about it.

Miles north of the major eruptions, well preserved Wupatki (Hopi for "Tall House") once was home to some 300, a teeming metropolis by pueblo standards when most villages were typically no more than 10 to 20 people. This was a crossroads, a center where tribal goods from as far away as Mexico and California were traded.

Evidence of human occupation goes back 11,000 years, but Wupatki and surrounding ruins were populated in large numbers for nearly 300 years from about 1,000 to 1300 A.D., and then everyone vanished, seemingly all at once and in a hurry. Theories abound, everything from the quackery of New Age alien abduction to a 50-year drought, but anthropologists are still baffled by the exodus.

--Josh Placa
Bikernet Certified Chopper Travel Rider Extraordinaire

If budgets permit, Josh will be assigned to ride a chopper through the ash to report on the vanished Wupatki tribe. Hang on.—Bandit

BANDIT INTERVIEWS COOK CUSTOMS @ THE PROSHOW-- Cook Customs bikes invariably have a classy, retro charm, which makes them stand out from other sleds by many other US builders.

Matt Drew, a Cook Customs fabricator, brought in his first bike that he personally built. It is a Norton and Keith Ball gets the 411 at the AMD Affiliate ProShow at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI. Produced by


ABATE of North Carolina hosted a Hospitality Suite that seemed more like a Restaurant – poolside seating, very well stocked bar, and food that made the Restaurant seem pale in comparison. Breakfast *and* Lunch! Now whether that fried chicken came from Bojangles or someone’s kitchen, we don’t get that good in the North!

Of course Helen was at her usual post in the Merchandise room which was well stocked for this event. Never without customers, I was glad to get my MoTM shirt early because they did ultimately sell out… Helen also collected donated shirts from around the Country – most of which sold at very reasonable prices, the rest went into the auction pool… Neither room was overshadowed by yet another room to preview all the Auction Items, which simply kept pouring in!

Not to be overshadowed, Saturday highlighted a view of Intelligent Traffic Systems, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mostly, I guess, the reality that these things are real and coming at us FAST; faster than most people might think… While motorcycles aren’t necessarily included in many of the current developments, that’s also scary in its own right since it could signal exclusion of Motorcycles from ITS enabled roadways…

Culminating with the State Representatives Meeting and followed by the annual Kilts vs Bibs tug-of-war, the banquet followed which included a great dinner, an impassioned speech by NC State Senator Kathy Harrington, and the awards which were well deserved and emotionally received. Closing the evening with the Auction, some exciting bidding kept the room engaged until late in the evening…

Thankfully the ride home wasn’t quite as tumultuous as the ride down, but the dry and cool weather was ample opportunity to reflect on the weekend, the old friends re-engaged, the new friends met, and the energy to carry on the battle into the next year.


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