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I have taken a lot of different routes to get to Sturgis, South Dakota for their rally in August. I usually ended stopping in Mitchell, SD on Interstate 90 even if it was only for gas and a bite to eat. There are plenty of gas stations, places to eat and hotels and motels at this exit.

I did stop in 2019 to see friends and enjoy the party on Main Street.




 The city is also well known for a place named the Corn Palace which attracts some 500,000 tourists every year to see the uniquely designed corn murals that cover the outside and the interesting historic information in the palace.



To motorcyclist it is often to visit Klock Werks motorcycle shop at 915 S Kimball St. Home of the original and patented FLARE Windshield for your motorcycle. They have been saying, if you are in the area stop by, we would like to give you a tour, a catalogue and free decal.

 Well, I did that years ago and continued to do so as did a lot of people. The shop started a Pre- Sturgis party before part of the staff headed off to Black Hills Harley-Davidson in Rapid City for the Black Hills Classic.

 To find out more about their business check out

Well as you can imagine with all the friends and satisfied customers, they had this turned into quite a party, and it continued to grow year after year until it got so large it had to be moved to Main Street.

 The event is now named The Palace City Pre-Sturgis Party and will take place on Mitchell’s Main Street from 5-10 PM on Thursday, August 6,2020.

North Main Street from 4th Ave. to 7th Ave will be closed for the evening’s events.


 During the 2019 event, there were plenty of food and places to have an adult beverage, local shops and temporary vendors are spread out around the area.




In the area in front of the Corn Palace was set up for the Ives Brothers to do their Ball Of Death demonstration.



Daredevil “High Flyin” Cole Freeman did a jump in front of the palace.



 There were also plenty of other entertaining demonstrations going on as well.

 The city of Mitchell wants to let everyone know it is a biker-friendly city and has provided Bike Only Parking at the south end of 4th Avenue and Main Street.


So, if your schedule allows you might want to include a stop in Mitchell on your way to Sturgis this year. Hope to see you there. Looking forward to having a good time there again this year.




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