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Monday Edition

OFFICIAL Harley-Davidson Tour Maps

It's time to take the road trip of your dreams

By the H-D Team

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From start to finish, let a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Map help you get there so you can spend more time enjoying the adventure.

Rides of a Lifetime
It's time to take the road trip of your dreams. Choose from the best week-long rides in the U.S. Maps feature places to visit, Harley-Davidson dealerships and turn-by-turn directions. Maps are available individually or as a Tour Pack.

City Escapes
Take scenic day rides out of major U.S. Cities. Pocket-sized, laminated maps highlight 5-7 loops for each metro area, plus Harley-Davidson dealers and all the best places to stop.

Rally Rides
Check out the best rides and places to visit near the main motorcycle rallies. Pocket-sized, laminated maps highlight 5-6 loops for each rally area, plus Harley-Davidson dealers. Maps are available individually or as a Tour Pack.

Tour Packs
Get more with four when you buy 4 maps within the same series!


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Reader Comments

Looking for the perfect Bikers Map for each state. Great Biker routes only suggesting hotels motels restaurants stop offs etc...I couldn't decipher what your HD Tour Map entails as there were no pics or how to buy one. Or routes across country.

Would love to have one!

Ted Petersen
Costa Mesa, CA
Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Editor Response Hey, I believe they are available at any dealer. Last year, while riding to Sturgis, my partner had a map book from H-D with lots of recommendations, codes and guides. Check it out.
Driving from North Carolina to the Catskills of upstate New York.

Todd Rider
Davenport Center, NY
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Editor Response How did the maps work? Send us a review.

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