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Discovered: Custom Drop Tank Trailer

The Ultimate Motorcycle Hauler

--Discovered by Paul Aiken, Aeromach

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This custom motorcycle trailer was constructed using an A-7 Corsair II drop tank. It is finished in flat grey with Navy livery, and features include functional lights, torsional stub axles, and 16” wheels. This trailer was previously featured on Bring a in conjunction with a motorcycle, and is now being offered individually at no reserve by Cascadia Classic on a bill of sale.
This trailer was custom-built approximately five years ago by a collector to haul his Rokon motorcycle, and is finished in a Navy livery with lettering for the USS Forrestal CV59. The two rear lights are wired through a standard tow plug-in harness, which provides use as running lights, turn signals, or brake lights as desired. A mounting ball assembly is included as shown in the photo gallery. It rides on TA1000 torsional stub axles, and rolling stock consists of 7.00-16 Firestone Deluxe Champion tires mounted with red-finished 16″ wheels with full covers.
Cargo dimensions are displayed above, and the trailer comes with both pieces that were cut from the top of the drop tank. They are also displayed in the photo gallery.
The seller states that he has towed this trailer for around 100 miles, and it is said to track straight at-speed.
A metal data plate shows quality-control stamps from February 1974 and 1977.

A copy of the factory general arrangement diagram is provided above.

BaT Essentials

  • Location: Oregon
  • Chassis: PA3776
  • Custom Trailer
  • Functioning Lights
  • Torsional Stub Axles
  • 16" Wheels
  • GVW <1,800 Pounds

  • --from Bring A Trailer

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