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New Rev Tech 100-Inch Engine

Big Inches And Balanced

By Laura with Custom Chrome Images
6/10/2010 3:14:41 PM

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NEW REV TECH 4 BY 4 ENGINE-- The engineers and technicians at RevTechÆ went back to the drawing board to create our next generation 100-inch engine. We studied the latest technology, combined that with expertise gained on the first RevTech, 100 project, and got down to the task at hand. The goal was simple; create the best all-around engine for the American V-Twin market!

Fortunately the RevTech design staff did not have to start from scratch.

We began with a solid foundation, the fire breathing RevTech 110 power plant, and refined it further to produce a motor for most everyone. By shortening the stroke to 4-inches, excellent balance with less vibration was achieved. A positive side-effect of the shorter stroke was reduced piston speed which increases reliability due to lowered stresses.

revtech engine - back - cci


The 4 pistons pushed on these 4 strokes are a special story in themselves. RevTech worked with Wossner to design unique moly-coated forged pistons specifically for our engines. If you're not familiar with Wossner, here's a bit of background: They manufacture pistons for a little company called Porsche, among others!

Next we redesigned the heads. The bigger bore of the new 100 allowed the use of larger valves, so the ports were also redesigned for better flow. Smaller combustion chambers provide greater squish area for better turbulence and efficiency. In addition, roller rockers are employed for better valve train reliability.

Many of the fine features of the RevTech 110 were retained due to their proven success. Pressed-together flywheels and our industry-first monoblock crankcases are still used for excellent reliability. Blind case bolts, machined fin edges, and John Reed design rocker boxes, follow the RevTech tradition of making it work well and look good. Plus loads of horsepower and torque for all types of riding come standard.

So did we reach our goal of the best all-around engine on the market? We think we did and believe you'll agree. Remember, there are millions of American V-Twin motorcycles on the road today; why not make yours perform like one-in-a-million?

revtech engine - cci


Cast from 356-T6 aluminum with wall thickness optimized for maximum strength
Advanced one-piece casting and machining techniques allow for near perfect case half alignment
Blind case bolts for cleaner appearance
Smooth crankcase deck to cylinder base profile for cleaner appearance
7/16-inch cylinder studs proven in drag racing applications

Connecting rods and flywheels forged from 4340 chrome moly steel - the strongest material available for these applications
Larger straight 11/2-inch pressed in crank pin using RevTech's proprietary extreme-duty military-grade steel

Oiling System
The most advanced oil scavenging system produced yet for air-cooled V-twin applications resulting in better reliability and increased horsepower
3:1 ratio oil pump drive gears and high volume oil pump enable significantly increased lubrication and cooling
Piston cooling oil jets for better heat dissipation

4-inch bore with 4-inch stroke for optimum power and reliability
More fin area for increased cooling
Machined fin edges for better appearance
Forged Wossner slipper-skirt pistons with moly coat

New RevTech roller rockers
John Reed design sculpted two-piece rocker boxes.
More fin area for increased cooling.
Machined fin edges for improved appearance.

Mikuni HSR 42 carburetor
Intake manifold matched to the heads for ideal flow efficiency.
Low profile air cleaner designed for high performance while providing improved rider comfort

Self contained solid-state ignition

Andrews EV72 .560-inch lift cam for good performance and easy starting
EPA cam - Andrews 322B4 .525-inch lift

658531 Natural aluminum finish $5,699.00
658530 Black wrinkle finish $5,999.00
658532 Polished finish $6,899.00
658536 EPA certified Natural aluminum $5,699.00
658535 EPA certified Black wrinkle $5,999.00
658537 EPA certified Polished $6,899.00


CUSTOM CHROME'S CATALOG FOR 2005--Don't miss it. It's the biker's bible. Click on the image to run to their site. Hopefully they have the order form up.

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Reader Comments

Looks like a great place to study the engine.

Steve Rochester
Kemah, TX
Thursday, March 21, 2024
Editor Response Rev tech Evo engines had a solid reputation. Is Custom Chrome still offering them?
I want book sent me

Ilene rickels
Payne , OH
Thursday, November 30, 2023
Editor Response Let me know which book and your address. I'll take care of it, if I can.
Just bought a Independence Choppers Freedom Express. It has 4 sparkplug instead of the compression releases. Haven't found any others in research. Is this usual. Having trouble with starting. Any owners manual or service manuals for these Motorcycle

Steve Warren
Eufaula, OK
Thursday, June 1, 2023
Editor Response Hey, send me some photos to I'll try to find out.
I have a Revtec gen II. All standard except from the Crane Cams Ignition. Bike also has a 6-speed Revtec gearbox. Tuned i bench to 100 hp on rear whell. Reliable and great fun at traffic lights. With 158nM of torque, is accelarates faster than most people will admit.

Very strong setup. Needs a strong starter engine though.

North, Norway
Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Editor Response You might try Spyke.
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