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Harley 110th Heating Up, Lotsa Deals, Sturgis Cioming and Born Free Next Week

By Bandit, Rogue, Sam Burns, Chris Tronolone, Bob T., Ray C. Wheeler, Joseph Rodriguez, Lee Parks, Jim Waggaman, Rik Savenko, Prince Najar, and the whole crew

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I work hard all week planning for the Thursday News.
The notion is to focus solely on the news on Thursday, but that rarely happens. There’s always business that jumps in the way, requests, flat tires, pissed off old ladies, or emergencies. Okay, so what’s new?

Let’s hit the news. It’s going to be a good one.

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NEWS FLASH, New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
5-Ball Factory Racer, Part 9 Final Assembly

Great freaking article. Being an HD tech working in an aftermarket shop, I found this article to be Chock fulla goodum stuffum!! The Details SERIOUSLY help.

--Joseph Rodriguez
Grand Prairie, TX

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Click on the banner for more info.

AUSTRALIAN CLUB NEWS, Tramps motorcycle club 'puppets' of Hells Angels say Aussie cops-- A small motorcycle club in the state of Victoria's north-east whose members were stripped of their firearm licences is a ''puppet'' of the Hells Angels and operates only with the club's permission, according to police.

The claim was made by a lawyer for Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay at a hearing at the Firearms Appeals Committee last week and foreshadowed the evidence police are likely to rely on when they apply to criminalise such clubs under new laws.

Members of the Wangaratta-based Tramps motorcycle club are appealing Mr Lay's decision to strip nine of them of their firearm licences on the basis they are not fit and proper persons to hold them.

Since stripping the Tramps - and dozens of other bikers - of their licences last year, Victoria Police has refused to explain why they are not considered fit and proper persons, but details finally emerged at last week's hearing.

Counsel for Mr Lay said the Tramps' long-standing ties to the Hells Angels - one of the ''big four'' clubs, along with the Comancheros, the Rebels and the Bandidos - had compromised them and forced them into the role of a puppet club. It was claimed the Tramps were previously a front for the larger Coffin Cheaters club.

It's claimed the Tramps operated in the north-east of Victoria only with permission of the Hells Angels and therefore owed loyalty to the bigger club.

The Tramps have acknowledged in the past that they have long-standing ties to the Hells Angels, but have denied being a front for the bigger club.

''Mr Harding has no loyalty to any other club,'' said John Suta, a lawyer for Tramps president Ronny Harding. ''The police don't understand that you can maintain friendships with men from other clubs without giving anything in return.''

Police have asked that some of the evidence used to cancel the firearm licences be kept secret because it contains intelligence on ''outlaw motorcycle gangs'' and could identify a police source.

In a submission to the committee, police also said they needed to keep information from other police services - and material from ongoing investigations - secret.

This is significant because Victoria Police is on the verge of applying to the Supreme Court to have motorcycle clubs declared ''criminal organizations'' under laws passed by the state government last year.

Individuals who breach a control order could face up to five years' jail and organisations can be fined up to $400,000 and have their assets confiscated.

ROGUE BAD COP FILE NOW OPEN: ‘Humane’ Officer Point Blank Shoots and Executes 5 Kittens In Front of Screaming Children—

by Cassius Methyl

‘Humane’ officer Barry Accorti arrived at an Ohio home, after a parent called in about a family of cats living in a pile of wood, who she wanted taken to a shelter.

The mother of four who called, said the kittens had fleas, and she wanted them removed. Barry Accorti, the officer who arrived shortly, claimed the shelter was full, and that the kittens had to go to “kitty heaven”.

Without warning, Barry proceeded to fire rounds into the kittens, executing them point blank in front of four children and the mother. The children began crying and screaming, and the mother later made this a public affair.

The completely out of control police state consisting of brutal officers, often without any common sense or morality whatsoever except for the false morality indoctrinated into them from the media, is being protested nationwide, as they continue to abuse their power, while officers face no consequences for their crimes against the peace.

The kingpin of this gang of thugs in Ohio, chief of police, said that “shooting is an acceptable form of euthanasia”, and “the officers actions were appropriate. ”

The NYPD is even now a global police force, with offices in several other countries, bearing the slogan “the best police department in the world.”

--from Rogue

BIKERNET READER ALERT, New Bikernet Reader Comment!

While riding to Sturgis in 2012 I had a inner primary bearing go on my 2009 FLHT.

I stopped at Klock Werks and Jennifer repaired my motorcycle. Not only did she do a excellent job she went out of her way to get the parts and me back on the road quickly.

Thanks Jennifer!

-- Rogue
Palm Bay, FL

NEWS FROM THE FINEST GLOVE MAKER IN THE MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRY--Office Manager Christie Ung and I are in the middle of a 6-week road trip driving around the country for Total Control Training and Lee Parks Design.

We first drove from California to Toronto, Canada for four Total Control ARCs then had a great show at Americade in Lake George, New York. It's been great seeing so many of you at these events as it makes the time away from home more bearable.

We even took my two pit bulls with us for the trip and they are loving all the attention from the passers-by, not to mention chasing all the new critters in each state. Unfortunately we had to leave them in Niagara Falls, NY for that part of the journey as the entire province of Ontario has banned all pit bulls! And I always thought Canadians were the among the most open people on the planet.

I guess any government can overstep its bounds some of the time. Fortunately we had a much better time visiting Lee Parks Design dealer Town Moto in downtown Toronto. They are a veritable motorcycle culture toy store with nick-knacks aplenty, along with the usual quality staples for riding.

We did get to take a little time for fun and got to experience a bobsled run at Lake Placid, home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. The sleds are on wheels for the summer and they limit you to the bottom 1/2 mile of the course. Even still we hit 55 mph and what felt like about 3Gs of cornering force. Check it out if you're ever in upstate NY.

While in NY we also got a chance to visit our new Lee Parks Design dealer Union Garage in Brooklyn. They have a really cool little store filled with trick riding gear. Definitely worth the trip to visit.

As a special for Father's day, we're offering a FREE pair of our popular Rok Pack Straps with any order over $85 on the Lee Parks Design website. Just add the straps in your shopping cart and type STRAPS in the coupon code area. You can also use this code as a discount off the standard-sized Rok straps.

I'll actually be teaching a couple schools in the next two weeks while being on the East Coast. This Saturday June 15 is one of our popular suspension clinics in Demarest, NJ. Next week I'll be teaching a Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic at the BMW RA National Rally in Asheville, NC at the famed Biltmore Estate. Both of these still have a few left so if you're so inclined, I'd love to see you there.

We have some new locations worth mentioning in Georgetown, KY and Cuyahoga Falls, OH as well as at the BMW MOA National Rally in Salem, OR. Of course, we have many Total Control ARCs planned all over North America listed below so see if there is one in your neighborhood and pull the trigger on that bad boy.

Also don't forget our two "vacation" events this year with The Moto Mancation in Sopiago Springs,CA and the High Seas Rally in the Eastern Caribbean which is a motorcycle rally on a cruise ship! And just to show you that you're never too old, or skilled, to learn something new, I'm going to be taking the MotoMark1 Precision Manuevering class as a student (I signed up just like anybody else) right before teaching a Suspension Clinic. You can register for both classes with me for a special combo price here.—Lee Parks

Red-Light Camera Companies Fight Back
Despite scandal, gross mismanagement and financial setback, purveyors of red-light cameras continue their quest to place cameras on every street corner in the nation. Or maybe it’s because of these challenges. Either way, camera companies are practically doing or saying anything to regain the profitable ground they’ve lost over the last year.

One strategy is to put the hit on states that have traditionally been “protected” from cameras either through legislation or court ruling.

In February, Redflex lobbyists swarmed over the Minnesota Statehouse pushing a bill to allow ticket cameras into the state. The bill was written to thwart a 2007 Minnesota Supreme Court ruling that Minneapolis’ red-light camera program was unconstitutional. The bill was defeated in committee, thanks in part to the efforts of the NMA and ABATE of Minnesota.

Next up Michigan, where a 2007 ruling from the state’s attorney general has been keeping cameras at bay. Nonetheless, recently introduced camera legislation has turned Michigan into the latest photo enforcement battleground state. The NMA has been aggressively fighting the measure at the committee level, but the outcome is far from certain.

The point: If you live in one of the 15 states that have taken steps to keep cameras out, stay alert. Chances are that a camera company lobbyist is cozying up to a friendly state lawmaker with a nice campaign donation and a pre-written camera bill that needs support.

Camera companies and their supporters have also been supplementing their specious PR arsenal with new myths. In Florida, it was recently revealed that the Florida Department of Transportation had purposely decreased yellow-light times at camera-equipped intersections.

Many public officials are now calling for longer yellow lights. In response, camera company spokespeople are claiming that any safety benefit from longer yellow-light intervals is temporary because drivers adapt to the longer times and begin running red lights again.

Not true. Several studies debunk this claim:? ?“The data show that the percentage of last-to-cross vehicles clearing the intersection (T + 0.2) seconds or more past the yellow onset was not appreciably changed by the extension of the yellow phase.”

The Influence of the Time Duration of Yellow Traffic Signals on Driver Response, Stimpson/ Zador/Tarnoff, ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) Journal, November 1980 “Research has consistently shown that drivers do not, in fact, adapt to the length of the yellow.” 

Determining Vehicle Change Intervals – A Proposed Recommended Practice, Institute of Transportation Engineers, 1985 “Drivers do adapt to the increase in yellow duration; however, this adaptation does not undo the benefit of an increase in yellow duration.” Effect of Yellow-Interval Timing on Red-Light-Violation Frequency at Urban Intersections, Bonneson/Zimmerman, Texas Transportation Institute, January 2004

BIKENET INTERNATIONAL RETURNS FROM ASIA TO HANG OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS--This is a fathers day special show in Beverly Hills.
On the main street of some of the highest end shopping stores.

I like this one because of its diversity.
There are many cars not usually seen.

The original batmobile was on display - just sold for $4.1 mil. Jay Leno has a turbine car that runs on biofuel.

The black Rolls has a round door - very unique

There is a blue 4-door with whitewalls
It's a Tucker - worth about $3.4mil

--Art Hall
Bikernet International Emperor Editor
Quick Throttle Esteemed Event Photographer

Watch for the BIEE’s Cambodian Bike Rally Report later in the news.

The Western Motorcycle Drag Racing Association (WMDRA) is thrilled to welcome JIMS as the Super Gas class sponsor for the 2013 AMSOIL Sturgis Nationals August 5-7 at Sturgis Dragway during the 73rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The JIMS Super Gas class will be highly contested as racers compete on the 1/8 mile drag strip for the top prize of a 6-Speed Transmission Gear Set, $250 for runner-up, and $125 for each semi-finalist. "We're excited to join the WMDRA's efforts to renew the early 'Rally and Races' spirit with grass roots motorcycle drag racing and we welcome the opportunity to support the racers," said JIMS Director of Product & Business Development Paul Platts.

According to WMDRA President Sandra Alberti, "This is such a wonderful opportunity for the men and women racers of the WMDRA and our Super Gas competitors; we are so happy to welcome JIMS to the WMDRA family of supporters."

Opening in 1967, JIMS established itself as one of the frontrunners in the aftermarket Harley-Davidson performance industry. Over the years, JIMS has grown based on product quality and word of mouth, expanding one small corner of an industrial building to a 50,000 square foot premier manufacturing facility. In house manufacturing guarantees the best quality available, so the next time you're out on the road, riding to Sturgis, or just out for a weekend ride - keep your eyes open for Jim, or one of the JIMS crew riding right out there beside you - testing the products they manufacture, and having fun doing it.

One last word from Jim... "Buy American!"

The drag racing tradition at the Rally continues with bracket, index and pro classes including the 6-second JIMS Super Gas bikes! Please join the WMDRA and JIMS at Sturgis Dragway on August 5-7, 2013 for the high-speed action of motorcycle drag racing.

Sturgis Dragway is located at 20523 Hwy 79, just off Hwy 34 between the Full Throttle Saloon and Buffalo Chip Campground. A full schedule of activities will be published on the WMDRA and Sturgis Motorcycle Rally websites this summer.

balk \balk\, verb:
1. to stop, as at an obstacle, and refuse to proceed or to do something specified (usually followed by at): He balked at making the speech.
2. (of a horse, mule, etc.) to stop short and stubbornly refuse to go on.
3. to place an obstacle in the way of; hinder; thwart: a sudden reversal that balked her hopes.
4. Archaic. to let slip; fail to use: to balk an opportunity.
1. a check or hindrance; defeat; disappointment.
2. a strip of land left unplowed.

That's heavy security on the left, Tony Sanfelipo, with the Million Mile Man, and Michael Hupy, leading motorcycle attorney in Wisconsin.
That's heavy security on the left, Tony Sanfelipo, with the Million Mile Man, and Michael Hupy, leading motorcycle attorney in Wisconsin.

MILLION MILE MAN VISITS Hupy and Abraham, S.C. Milwaukee Office--Former Wisconsin State Senator Dave Zien, also known as the Million Mile Man, visited the Milwaukee office of Hupy and Abraham, S.C. on Tuesday, June 18. He met with Attorney Michael Hupy to discuss some upcoming projects he's involved with including a 50th Anniversary of the Viet Nam War scheduled to take place sometime in November of this year in Madison, Wisconsin.

Zien has been inducted into several Motorcycle Halls of Fame and is considered a "Patriot Warrior" by many. Attorney Hupy presented Zien with a signed copy of the video "Last Ounce of Courage" starring Marshall Teague. Hupy is a friend of Marshall Teague and they compete in a celebrity clay shoot each year for charity.

When Zien logged the last of a million miles on his FXRT, Attorney Hupy rode behind him as he entered the parking lot of Hal's Harley-Davidson in New Berlin, Wisconsin for a giant celebration of that world record. Hupy and Abraham, S.C. sponsored Zien in his successful attempt to reach the million mile mark on a single motorcycle. That bike is now in the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum in South Dakota.


2WHEELERS RECEIVES SERVICE AWARD--Each year, across the greater Denver area, the Denver Award Program chooses only the best local businesses.

We focus on companies that have demonstrated their ability to use various marketing methods to grow their business in spite of difficult economic times. The companies chosen exemplify the best of small business; often leading through customer service and community involvement.

MEMO FROM BIKERNET AIR FORCE BASE IN GREENLAND-- Even if you weren't in the service you can appreciate this one....

A US Air Force C-130 was scheduled to leave Thule Air Base, Greenland , at midnight during a winter month. During the pilot's preflight check, he discovers that the latrine holding tank is still full from the last flight. So a message is sent to the base and an airman who was off duty is called out to take care of it.

The young man finally gets to the air base and makes his way to the aircraft only to find that the latrine pump-truck has been left outdoors and is frozen solid, so he must find another one in the hangar, which takes even more time. He returns to the aircraft and is less than enthusiastic about what he has to do. Nevertheless, he goes about the pumping job deliberately, carefully and slowly... so as not to risk criticism later. As he's leaving the plane, the pilot stops him and says, 'Son, your attitude and performance has caused this flight to be late and I'm going to personally see to it that you are not just reprimanded but punished.' Shivering in the cold, his task finished, he takes a deep breath, stands tall and says,

"Sir, with all due respect, I'm not your son.... I'm an Airman in the United States Air Force. I've been in Thule , Greenland , for 11 months without any leave, and reindeer's asses are beginning to look good to me. I have one stripe; it's 2:30 in the morning, the temperature is 40 degrees below zero, and my job here is to pump shit out of an aircraft.

Just exactly what form of punishment did you have in mind?"

--from Jim Waggaman

THIS JUST IN FROM KNUCKLEHEAD MOUNTAIN--Hey Bro, what's up? Almost finished with the 1940 knucklehead waiting on a few parts from chromer.


This picture was taken yesterday, Tiger still going strong!!!

He’s in his mid-80s AND was covered in Bandit’s Cantina several years ago:

STURGIS SHOVELHEAD REPAIRS--Cylinder heads back from honing. I just returned from the machine shop.

Holes were a little egg shaped. Had them honed. Just finishing up my parts order. You have no idea how hard it is to keep this a cruiser and not put some fire in this beast, but I am being a good boy. No crazy cams or decking the cylinders. Need to be able to kick it and it must be reliable. Should be ready for final assembly in couple weeks.

New rings and a new clutch from BDL and she’ll be back on the road.

--Richard Kranzler
Composed by Chris Kranzler


REPORT FROM HOUSE OF THUNDER HARLEY-DAVIDSON—Morgan Hill, California: Just back from the Redwood Run. Best weather in the last 10 years. Rode the coast in a t-shirt.

Got sidetracked as usual.
Landed an '06 StreetRod (V-Rod) painted it, redid the suspension, mild engine mods, Corbin seat and really diggin' it. Putting it on a diet soon.

Shovelhead completed. New sheetmetal, Ness front end and wheels, Corbin seat. Del'Orto Carb, hydraulic clutch all lines run inside of bars, mid controls, '65 Chevy taillight, exhaust by Munroe. Tank and fender by Dan & Munroe.

And listen to me....Anyone can build a rigid. This is a swingarm bike that works and the fender is extremely tight to the tire. There is no hardware protruding on the inside of the fender. Don't try this at home!

Haven't touched the sidecar in months. Too busy partying, riding, traveling, partying. Preparing for the Hollister invasion, heading out on an extended ride starting 3rd week in August and will be bombing around the western states for a few weeks with no real plan.

Just one of those years where I'm having a blast.

Shop Runs:
Annual Big Sur Run Saturday June 22.
Hollister Kick Off Party June 29 - 30
Hollister Rally Ride morning of July 5th & 6th. Leading customers to the Rally each morning.
We will have a booth set up at Corbin's and downtown.
Every Wed. night in August Bike Nite. Food, different band every Wed.


Our dear friend SHAG-DAD is suffering from a terrible cancer and we are hosting a benefit fundraiser ON SHAG-DAD’S BIRTHDAY, June 23--
Please join us as we celebrate Shagg’s birthday and put some donations in the basket for our friend to help with hospital bills.

Shag-Dad is an ORIGINAL FREE RUSTY Member from Day 1 of FREE
Join us on Sunday June 23 for a little while for some great food & fun times!

--Thank you!

K.O. & Rusty


THIS JUST IN FROM THE BIKERNET UNIVERSITY SCIENCE LAB--They were able to get these genetically engineered spiders from a lab that's been producing genetically engineered corn and train them to protect property. You don't have to pay them just let them eat the thief.


Click quick, to receive daily updates--Thanks, Bandit
Click quick, to receive daily updates--Thanks, Bandit

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Thursday News kicks ass!!! More chicks would be nice...just sayin.

Windsor, CT
Friday, June 21, 2013
Editor Response I have a connection with Jack. I'll make it happen. Check the news today.

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