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By 2AZZ1 (pronounced "two as one")

Gary Koz Mraz

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2AZZ1 (pronounced "two as one")

Their new album “Shiny Side Up”

Both Craig and Mary grew up riding dirt bikes Southern Michigan. They loved the open land and trails in Michigan. Lakes, hunting, fishing, skiing, boating, snowmobiles and of course motorcycles are "the way of life" in Michigan. But as musicians, they both headed to LA for the music business in the 80's. They came individually, not together, although they knew each other in Michigan and came to California for different reasons about 3 months apart. They hooked up a couple of years later here in LA.

Pursuing a music career in LA didn't leave much time or money for motorcycles. Eventually Craig purchased a Harley and a few months later Mary also picked up a Harley and joined her husband on the road. “Once we "hit the saddles" we were hooked again! We believe that a Harley is truly an extension of us. We also believe that our bikes are a vehicle to bring "good" everywhere we go...and we love to ride!”   They encourage other couples to embrace the love of biking. We have a strong faith and have recently been ordained in the Free Methodist church as deacons and are licensed to "marry people".

Their band called 2AZZ1 (pronounced "two as one") that plays a High Energy Rock to contemporary funk/blues with jazz influences. Theyve played for a variety of biker events including Glendale HD's 35th Anniversary celebration.

They are obviously both very talented musicians. Craig is an excellent saxophonist and their recordings and songwriting are world class. Mary’s voice is rich and she can rock. She’s been compared to Bonnie Raitt and, yes she can sing that well, and how often are the Ministers at the wedding also your Band! Check out their music.

Their new music video "SHE'S GOTTA RIDE" Website

New CD

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Reader Comments

Great article. I know these two talented people and they are not only wonderful musicians but wonderful people too! They deserve the best!

Andrea Baker
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Great article. I love to know more about my favorite musicians and this gives a taste. Keep me updated on any more on Craig and Mary.

Burbank, CA
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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