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It's Gonna Get Good!

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Rogue, Bob T., Redhead, Sam Burns, Barry Green, Laura, Stealth, George Fleming, Geno and the rest of the gang

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The rally is over.
I’ve heard incredible numbers. I’m monitoring illness all over the country searching for rally related outbreaks. Nothing much yet. Folks are fighting over Obama’s birthday party and a party the Texas Governor attended.

My son finally broke down and got vaccinated, but Sin Wu is holding out. She’s afraid of side effects. This vaccine is administered by one of the most harmless shots I’ve ever encountered. Hell, ya hardly know you got the shot before the nurse says, “See ya.”

Because of the quarantine, we won’t hit it to Bonneville this year with the Salt Torpedo. We could never reach the team at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials or receive any info. Plus, we needed a Sponsor or two, but the quarantine sealed the deal. Hell, I needed to find a trailer. We might look at the Ohio mile coming up.

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Click for all the info...

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CHRIS MAKES THE SNAP-ON CALENDAR--My 1969 AMX is on the 2022 Snap-on mini Snap-Shots calendar!!! And just like I hoped, it is the car for July! I don't have the hard copies yet, but our Snap-on® dealer, Kevin Griffith sent us this photo last night. Hopefully we will have them Monday. My husband Gabe had his 1946 Harley UL Flathead featured on the 2021 Snap-on® Snap Shots calendar.

The Mini Snap-Shots calendar reaches over a quarter million people each year.

The Snap-shots series of calendars was developed by Snap-on® Tools in 1995 as a tribute to the dedicated professionalism of automotive technicians and hobbyists who use Snap-on® products. The calendars annually have featured Snap-on® customers’ custom and classic vehicles they have created, restored or maintained.

Snap-on® franchises and representatives invite customers to submit photographs of custom or classic vehicles they own, which are then reviewed and narrowed down to a final group. I was notified in March that I had been selected as a finalist to be considered for one of the three calendars that Snap-on® produces: Snap-shots wall calendar, mini calendar and Tech Toys.

Snap-shot calendars are available from local Snap-on® Tools franchises or representatives and are distributed all around the world.

--Chris Gibbany
Moto-journalist/Event host/Bike builder
Old Iron Never Dies!

STUDY FINDS SUN—NOT CO2—May Be Behind Global Warming

New peer-reviewed paper finds evidence of systemic bias in UN IPCC's data selection to support climate-change narrative

The sun and not human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) may be the main cause of warmer temperatures in recent decades, according to a new study with findings that sharply contradict the conclusions of the United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The peer-reviewed paper, produced by a team of almost two dozen scientists from around the world, concluded that previous studies did not adequately consider the role of solar energy in explaining increased temperatures.

The new study was released just as the UN released its sixth “Assessment Report,” known as AR6, that once again argued in favor of the view that man-kind’s emissions of CO2 were to blame for global warming. The report said human responsibility was “unequivocal.”

But the new study casts serious doubt on the hypothesis.

Calling the blaming of CO2 by the IPCC “premature,” the climate scientists and solar physicists argued in the new paper that the UN IPCC’s conclusions blaming human emissions were based on “narrow and incomplete data about the Sun’s total irradiance.”

Indeed, the global climate body appears to display deliberate and systemic bias in what views, studies, and data are included in its influential reports, multiple authors told The Epoch Times in a series of phone and video interviews.

“Depending on which published data and studies you use, you can show that all of the warming is caused by the sun, but the IPCC uses a different data set to come up with the opposite conclusion,” lead study author Ronan Connolly, Ph.D. told The Epoch Times in a video interview.

“In their insistence on forcing a so-called scientific consensus, the IPCC seems to have decided to consider only those data sets and studies that support their chosen narrative,” he added.

The implications, from a policy perspective, are enormous, especially in this field where trillions of dollars are at stake and a dramatic re-organization of the global economy is being proposed.

Paper Examines Sun Vs. CO2

Using publicly available data sets from the U.S. government and other sources, it is easy to explain all of the warming observed in recent decades using nothing but changes in solar energy arriving on Earth, according to the new paper.

Indeed, while it agrees that using the data sets chosen by the UN would imply humans are largely to blame, the study includes multiples graphs showing that simply choosing different data sets not used by the UN upends the IPCC’s conclusion.

If confirmed, the study, published in the international scientific journal Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics (RAA) by experts from over a dozen countries, would represent a devastating blow to the UN IPCC and its conclusion that man’s emissions of CO2 are the sole or even primary driver of warming.

After a dip in average attendance during 2020, due primarily to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the 81st annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has been one of the busiest in recent memory, report officials at the event.

“There are more people here than in the 31 years I’ve been doing this,” Meade County Sheriff Ron Merwin told the Rapid City Journal. Sturgis Public Information Officer Christina Steele said officials have heard the rally numbers could reach the 2015 record level of more than 700,000 attendees.

Public health officials have been raising Coronavirus-related concerns about the rally since before it started, particularly with the more contagious delta variant spreading across the U.S., but South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R), who rode to the rally, baulked at the analysis, calling ‘super-spreader’ fears “fiction.”

--Bill Bish
NCOM Newsbytes

See Bill's full report later today on Bikernet.--Bandit 


Indian released the Indian Chief in 1922, about twenty years after they began manufacturing. Like the Power Plus, at 61 cubic inches, it became their new Standard. The Chief from 1940 on is probably Indian's most widely known design, famous for the streamlined skirted fenders and fuel and oil tanks. This 1940 on styling has become a very lasting design that has always epitomized the Indian brand. It’s a true American classic.

Famed Indian design engineer Charles Franklin penned the Chief as a larger version of the very successful Scout. It became Indian's biggest seller. Like the Scout it incorporated a forward thinking gear primary which... minimized maintenance. Chiefs originally displaced 61 cubic inches, were enlarged to 74 cubic inches in 1923, then to 80 cubic inches in 1950 near the end of production which was in 1953.

After offering a “spring frame” for only a few years in the ‘teens, rear suspension came back in 1940, Harley’s rear suspension hit in 1958. Telescopic hydraulic forks were added to the Chief in 1950, a year after they showed up on Harley’s big EL’s and FL’s. While Harley-Davidson developed their overhead valve twin for the 1936 model year, Indian seemed to focus on styling and got a little behind in engine design, sticking with the flathead twin until the end.

For about 15 years up until 1940, E. Paul DuPont owned Indian, and paint colors offered reflect the DuPont paint company’s wide array of offerings. Dubbed “The Heavy Duty Plugger” in some literature of the time, the Chief was ideal for sidecar use. Indian offered a very stylish sidecar, color matched.

This fine Indian Chief is graciously on loan form Ben Farrar of Rock Island, Illinois. It’s one of about 25 Indians from very early in production up through the times when the marque was bought by a succession of entities wishing to revive the brand.


Engine: 74 Cubic Inch, 42 Degree V-Twin
Type: Air-Cooled, Side-valve
Transmission: 3-Speed, Tank Shift
Clutch: Foot Operated
Horsepower: 38HP
Primary: Chain Driven
Frame: Lugged, Tubular Steel
Suspension: Girder Fork/Plunger Rear
Electrics: 6 Volt Battery/Coil
Wheels/Tires: 5.00 x 16 / 5.00 x 16
Brakes: Drum, Front and Rear
Wheelbase: 62 Inches
Weight: 575 Pounds
Top Speed: 85 MPH

Click for Info.
Click for Info.

BANDIT SUPPORTS GOOD TIMES--Support Good Times x Bandit Tshirt. A collaboration between Keith "Bandit" Ball, Whiskey River Art, and Support Good Times. Available in black or white, with choice of front or back print on 6.1 oz. 100% preshrunk cotton.

I’m wearing one today. The classic art says a lot. I remember having my bike shot for the first time for Easyriders in 1971. I met Lou Kimzey and Pete Chiodo for the first time. We worked together for decades after that day.


?AUGUST 2021
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Over three years in the making, Wiseco’s Racer Elite connecting rods were designed in-house and developed through extensive R&D, both with Wiseco’s in-house engine dyno and on the Supercross and Motocross circuits.

At the start of 2019, Wiseco began working closely with Dean Baker, head of engine development for JGRMX and 20+ year veteran of professional race team engine building and tuning. “Wiseco did a really good job of designing a rod that wasn’t going to have major failures or issues right out of the gate,” notes Baker.

“I didn’t have to re-work the first or second iteration, it was more of a progression. The revisions have now been passed on to the consumer.”

During testing, Racer Elite rods were put through an initial 20 hours of durability testing before being moved to an additional 30 hours of in-depth and real-world testing. These tests even involved taking engines well above their OEM RPM limit to ensure sustainability in extreme conditions.

“Proving out a part is an evolution, where you sneak up on being confident in a part or question it if failures occur,” explains Baker. “We did not have any failures with the Racer Elite connecting rod, so my confidence is high.”

Proudly made in-house in Wiseco’s Mentor, Ohio manufacturing facility, Racer Elite rods utilize proprietary steel forgings and are subject to several heat-treating methods, ultimately resulting in a high-strength part capable of delivering extended service life.

They are precision CNC-machined and held to tolerances as tight as one ten-thousandth of an inch, and feature a rolled-in bronze bushing in the small end, oiling slots and passages in both ends. Each and every Racer Elite connecting rod goes through in-depth inspection in Wiseco’s in-house quality control lab, using CMM equipment to measure all key dimensions.

The measurements and weight of each rod, along with a unique serial number, are recorded on a specification sheet and supplied in the box with each rod.

“The number-one benefit is the quality of the materials used. The OEM rod is a good part, but it’s also built specifically for what the stock horsepower output and RPM range is. If you’re using a Racer Elite rod, it’s taking a step up in allowable performance. It offers higher strength and quality, which are necessary to push the limits of what the engine can do in terms of horsepower and RPM,” concluded Baker.

Wiseco’s Racer Elite connecting rods are available for most newer model Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna and Suzuki motocross-specific four-strokes, as well as the Honda TRX450R and Yamaha YFZ450R ATV applications. Every Racer Elite connecting rod kit includes the rod, OEM-quality crank pin, big-end rod bearing, and thrust washers where applicable. For complete technical details on Racer Elite connecting rods and a list of available applications, visit:


TWIN POWER BRAND--Introduces Max+ Batteries, A New Line of
American-Made Batteries for V-Twin and Cruiser Motorcycles

Fort Worth TX – August 18, 2021 – Tucker Powersport’s Twin Power brand has added a new line of American-made, high-performance batteries to its product line and will begin shipping them to dealers today. The Max+ batteries feature the same AGM-technology as original equipment batteries and are a great solution for owners of V-Twins and Cruisers seeking a high-quality, OEM-type replacement battery, especially in a time of serious shortages in supply.

The new batteries are packed with features to enhance their cranking performance and longevity. Advanced AGM (Advanced Glass Mat) technology is employed in their design, and they are manufactured using a rugged OEM-style case and terminals.

The stainless-steel hardware and terminal inserts won’t rust or corrode. The factory-sealed, valve-regulated, maintenance-free design and leakproof pressurized vent system ensure safety and long life. Superior cold cranking amp performance and vibration resistance round out the impressive list of attributes.

"Most V-Twin owners are very particular about the products and accessories that they install, and many choose to use factory-supplied components. If you are looking for the same features and performance of your OEM battery, you will love the new Twin Power Max +. These babies check all the right boxes and are proudly Made in USA,” said James Simonelli, brand manager for Twin Power and Biker's Choice brand products.

Max+ Batteries are available for most popular late-model V-Twin applications under several part numbers (485254 – 484257). Retail prices start at $124.95 for the TPM-14L, TPM-20H, TPM-20HL and TPM-30HL-type batteries.

[ va-moos ]
verb (used without object)

to leave hurriedly or quickly; decamp.

Vamoose is an adaptation of the Spanish phrase vamos, and unlike the majority of recent borrowings from Spanish, which preserve the original spelling and approximate the original pronunciation, vamoose is one of a small family of terms borrowed over 100 years ago that changed so much in both letters and sound that their connection to Spanish is almost unrecognizable.

Alligator is one of these words; it comes from a Spanish phrase that means “the lizard.” So are buckaroo, an alteration of the Spanish word for “cowboy,” and cockroach, from Spanish cucaracha.

The closest relative of vamoose is savvy, which derives from Spanish sabe (usted), meaning “(you, formal) know,” and is still sometimes used as a verb in English.

Sitting beside Russo in the passenger seat of his wheezing Ford Galaxy, all throughout that long cross-country drive, was his mother. She’d decided it was time to vamoose, too, and who better to escape with than the son whom she always called her “rock.”


“The Brazilians prefer to make xixi in the streets,” he said. “We don’t have enough bathrooms for everyone.” Nearby, a woman was making her own bathroom right next to the entrance of a residential building, vamoosing only when the doorman, Clever Santos Chavez, chased her away.


QUICK, New Bikernet Reader Comment!--STURGIS RALLY BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for August 12, 2021

Covid sucks!! Take care yourself! We just spent 9 days in the hills and got out safe. Great rally, our 32nd and every one of them are different. Welcome to the badlands!! Ride on

--Rik Savenko
Bismarck, ND

It was great seeing you again after all these years, I’m surprised our paths haven’t crossed in the interim! Thanks for showing us your bikes and other cool stuff.

I have attached the ER feature of Judy and the ’42 UL. I still have the bike in the garage but haven’t started or ridden it in quite some time.

The antiques are fun but there is a lot to be said about pushing the “start” button and riding off! I gave Judy your greetings and thank you for complimenting the boys, we are very proud of them!

Maybe we can get together again the next time we get out to the Crook City cabin. We hope you are feeling better and wish you a speedy recovery from the virus!


NRA GUN NUT REPORT--On Thursday, the Assembly Appropriations Committee will hear two anti-gun bills. SB 264 imposes further restrictions on gun shows and SB 715 further restricts Second Amendment rights of young adults. Please go to the NRA web site to contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE SB 264 and SB 715.

Senate Bill 264 bans state officers, employees, operators, lessees or licensees from entering into any agreement to allow for the sale of any firearm, firearm parts, or ammunition on property that is owned, leased, occupied, or operated by the state. This imposes a one-size-fits-all restriction to prevent officials from deciding how to use venues. In addition, this prevents businesses from renting taxpayer-funded venues for lawful activities.

Senate Bill 715 limits when a hunting license satisfies the requirements for adults under 21 purchasing a long gun. This means an individual who has purchased a license for an upcoming season will not satisfy the requirements in order to obtain a firearm for hunting.

Thank you for making your voice heard against these bills!

Yours in Freedom,

Ken Lan
Communications Coordinator

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Reader Comments

Biden slandered a trucker to make his wife's death look less like it was due to his own failings. He deserves a kick in the nuts , it would be great if the truckers could deliver it.

Your Democrat Political elite are a bunch of conniving entitled college brats.

Paul Harris
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Friday, September 3, 2021
Editor Response Not mine. Everything they are doing seems to be blowing up. Hang on.
Regarding your closing comments on the leftist elite wanting to live in Disneyworld without seeing the dirty, nasty, unpleasant, depressing work and workers which makes our world go round. Been an observation on human society since first brought to the fore by Fritz Lang in the film Metropolis.

The elites depend on yet despise the blue collar class and as you point out, truckers are key to making their and our world go round while they are the most put upon segment of the underclass. I know. I was one after retiring from the military, until heart problems forced me out of the truck.

Ever increasing mandates, more and more restrictive rules, parking restrictions, ever increasing traffic, actively unfriendly motorists, governments using truckers as cash cows... Little wonder there's a driver shortage, because who wants to put up with the ever increasing BS forced upon them?

You're right about a trucker's strike teaching a national lesson. That's a continuous item of discussion in the trucking community. And I'm certain that one day it will happen organically out of frustration of not being able to do the job due to idiotic rules impeding them while pressure to get things done constantly increases.

Maybe sooner than many think given how quickly things are unwinding under Covid Joe and friends.

It's inevitable that there will come the straw that breaks the camel's back in the form of more restrictions or mandates that cause the truckers to say "No more." One week of no trucks moving and everything Covid madness has done to kill the national economy will look like a walk in the park.

Keep your pantry well stocked and your gas tanks full, because that's going to be the big hit to our modern life if the trucks stop rolling.

Vern Moore
Kingsley, PA
Friday, August 20, 2021
Editor Response I hope it doesn't come to that, but the truth needs to shine.
Geee......... maybe the sun is making things hot.

Daytona Beach, FL
Friday, August 20, 2021
Editor Response It generally does is varying degrees. But some folks think it's your Harley.

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