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This is going to Blow Your Mind...

By Bandit, Waferer, Rogue, Barry Green, Laura, Sam Burns, Stealth, RFR, Bob T., the Redhead and the rest of the crew

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My 9,000 square foot building in Wilmington is in escrow,
but I’m still confused. I wish I didn’t need to sell it to retire. It’s too cool and too packed fulla shit to move or replace. My grandkids don’t want it. My son can’t handle it, and I’m sure lots of folks are in a similar boat.

Ah, but everyone including Jeremiah, James and Honor, plus my kids would like me to hold onto it and keep it available for them in the future. Interesting. I could easily take a few things and set up a shop in Sturgis.

Our new print ad for one of the last motorcycle magazines, Cycle Source.
Our new print ad for one of the last motorcycle magazines, Cycle Source.

Then again, the adventure is everything. It’s like building a new bike or finding a new love. It’s about passion and creativity. So, I’m packing my shit and getting ready to hit the road.

Let’s hit the news. It’s going to be a good one.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.

EDELBROCK to shutter Los Angeles County HQ after 83 years--

Edelbrock, manufacturer of some of the most popular performance aftermarket intake manifolds and cylinder heads for our favorite V-8 engines, is packing up its Torrance, California, headquarters over the next two months. The facility, Edelbrock’s home since 1999, has 270 employees, most of whom will be laid off. The first layoffs were announced on January 15.

Edelbrock’s Torrance facility is home to the company’s marketing department as well as its research and development team, which design and test intake manifolds, cylinder heads, fuel injection systems, and entire crate engine packages. It’s where unfinished castings from the company’s San Jacinto, California, foundry arrive for final touches and packaging before being sent to speed shops and large retailers like Summit Racing and Jegs. The facility also assembles superchargers, including some that are original equipment on sports cars.

Edelbrock joining forces with Comp Performance Group, owners of Comp Cams and a number of performance aftermarket companies, is what set this change in motion. The union brings into existence one of the largest conglomerates in the performance industry. Edelbrock began moving some of its operations to a new facility in Olive Branch, Mississippi, beginning early in 2020. That new location will be the future headquarters of both Edelbrock and Comp Performance Group. Comp Cams is leaving its longtime home in Memphis, Tennessee.

We spoke to a veteran Edelbrock employee, who told us that Edelbrock plans to keep its two foundry facilities in California. The company will also retain its Edelbrock Race Center in Mooresville, North Carolina, amid the heart of NASCAR country.

--By Brandan Gillogly, Hagerty Media

With Hagerty Insurance
With Hagerty Insurance

Washington, Oregon and California are at war with cars and fossil fuels, but as you will see shortly, they are wrong. Hang on!--Bandit

Rolling to Remember (R2R) is a three-day event capped by a massive motorcycle demonstration ride raising awareness for 80,000+ unaccounted for POW/MIAs & national #veteran suicide crisis.

Thursday is Jack Daniels night at the Headquarters...
Thursday is Jack Daniels night at the Headquarters...

QUICK, OPEN THE BANDIT’S CANTINA BAD JOKE LIBRARY--Judy married and had 13 children. Unfortunately, her husband Ted died of cancer.

She remarried Bob and had 7 more children. Tragically, 12 years later Bob was killed in a car accident.

Judy again remarried and she and John had 5 more children.

After giving birth to 25 children, Judy died.

Standing before her coffin, the preacher prayed for her. He thanked the Lord for this very loving woman and said,
"Lord, they are finally together."

Ethel leaned over and quietly asked her best friend, Margaret,

"Do you think he means her first, second, or third husband?"

Margaret replied, "I think he means her legs, Ethel - her legs"

--EL Waggs
Certified Librarian
Bandit’s Cantina

Click to Join the Cantina.
Click to Join the Cantina.

Harley Reveals Potential Supercharged Engine with Latest Patent--For emissions or power, that is the question.

Typically, supercharged engines equate to increased performance in motorcycling circles. The word alone—supercharger—conjures up images of speed and power. Just look at Kawasaki’s H2 family, the only supercharged range on the market today.

Its aggressive styling and face-melting speed only perpetuate supercharger stereotypes. However, the automotive industry has applied superchargers to meet strict emissions standards while preserving power. Sure, models like the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and Chevy Camaro ZL1 come with superchargers, but so do practical choices like Volvo’s V60 Wagon.

While we’ve seen our fair share of patents in the past, supercharged motorcycle engines are still rare. For that reason, Harley-Davidson's latest patent is particularly interesting. Issued yesterday, the patent outlines the Motor Company’s potential plan to integrate a supercharger into its Big Twin lineup. While the Milwaukee-Eight platform spans both Touring and Softail machines, the patent doesn’t specify whether superchargers will be fitted to current or future powerplants. What the documents do show us is the forced air induction apparatus and how Harley could implement the technology.

The numerous figures exhibit the supercharger itself (64), the mechanical pulley that powers it (88), and the supply and discharge ports (68, 72). In simple terms, the engine’s existing crankshaft powers the supercharger via a covered belt drive. When air enters the intake system through the filter and conduit, the pulley-driven supercharger compresses the incoming air before delivering it to the combustion chamber through the intake manifold.

Of course, with a belt functioning as the drive mechanism, stretching is inevitable. To eliminate slack in the system once stretching occurs, the supercharger latches to the crankcase on a self-adjusting mount. Equipped with springs and bushings, the slidable track maintains tension and reduces potential maintenance. The system seems simple enough but one question still remains: why?

Is Harley exploring supercharged engines for a future performance Big Twin? Maybe a new contender to the Indian’s King of the Baggers-winning Challenger? Or is the bar and shield preparing for future emissions regulations and inevitable modernization. Regardless of the answer, it's good to see more developments in supercharged engines. Hopefully, we’ll see more of those developments on spec sheets and less on patent documents in the future.

If we don't want to live, what should we do?

People who do not want to live have no focus in their lives. It is necessary for each and everyone to have a specific focus, a direction, an aim. One has to strive to attain that aim and one has to be determined. The effort should not be half-hearted. One should have the sankalpa shakti, the willpower to achieve what one aspires for in life.

Life is successful and fulfilled when there is a focus. Life has no meaning when there is no focus. The focus should not be on having money, property, good friends and family. These are not the parameters of success in life. They are outcomes of your effort, outcomes of your wisdom and understanding, outcomes of your ability to manage situations and circumstances. Therefore, they cannot be the focus.

The focus at all times has always been transformation of the gross nature of the mind. Whether one is a renunciate or a person deeply engaged and involved in worldly activities, whether you are a yogi or a bhogi, a recluse or a social activist, success in life is attained only when the lower, gross and animal tendencies have been transformed into positive qualities.

If depression or frustration, dissatisfaction, social or financial problems become the cause of the desire to take one's life, then the soul is not free. The spirit remains bound by the karmas, by samskaras and desires, and that bondage of spirit is anti-evolution.

God did not give you life for you to take it away. God gave you life so you could learn to cherish it, to respect it and to use it for the welfare of everyone. The members of a family are concerned for each other's welfare. That is one stage. The same concern and care can expand to other people, to many people. That is another stage, where the quality of caring and nurturing expands to such an extent that the concept of one's family is not confined to the few who live nearby - husband, wife and children - but expands to encompass other people as well, who are not your own. In that way the welfare of all becomes a selfless act and not a selfish act. True happiness comes with selfless action. There is happiness in selfish acts also but that is temporary. Stability of happiness is attained when one is able to perform a selfless act.

God has given us this opportunity, this life, to express the appropriate human qualities and to become the master of the environment, situations and circumstances and not be a subject or a slave to them. Appreciation of human qualities, human strengths and weaknesses, becomes the trademark of life. When appreciation becomes the trademark of life, when there is focus in life, then life is fulfilled.

By Satsang at Ganga Darshan,
Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

from Wayfarer
Bikernet Monk
In the Temple at the Base of the Gray Mountain

TEXAS WEATHER REPORT FEELS STRESSED--Save our Texan. So first yes, I’m gonna let Lucky Devil check it out, but I’m hopeful it will be okay afterwards. Get him to build up the top some more too. Probably a very expensive repair, but I’m gonna TRY and locate one for him as well.

I’ve never owned one, don’t think I’ve ever seen one? Don’t suppose you got one you don’t need?

Factory ratchet kicker gear puller, Greg at MC offered it. And I’m pretty sure it was part of the contest he won to attend Factory training many years ago.

So worse case, I get it repaired and replace it with a JIM’s? I actually thought it had already been welded, but no! I’m the first to break it!

Yes, I had heat. Dude, I have a crescent wrench my dad gave me when I was 10, my 6-inch magnetic level I bought when I was a welders helper at 15. I don’t abuse tools. I think I’ve always used a regular 2 or 3 jaw puller.

Certified Meteorologist


ROAD GLIDE MODS ALSO IN TEXAS--I recently removed the tour pack from my 2016 RGU using H-D's Part..Harley Luggage Relocation..P/N p/53000567A

The process is straight forward and anyone with a 3rd grade reading ability and a set of Fisher Price hand tools can handle the project.

Now, the problem came to the seating and the position. As we all do with these bikes, we adjust until we find the exact combo that works for us, right?

Over the past 4 years, I've changed the bars a few times. I first rolled the stock bars forward, but it placed you hands into a weird angle. Then I decided on the H-D fat Apes, which places your hands in a much more comfortable position. H-D Fat Apes

I rode the bike to New York and back with no issues, but honestly never liked the look. I know, ultimate RUB comment, but I like making the bike look a certain way. I eventually pulled the apes, and went back to the stock bars. I changed the bars a few times last year, I and also experimented with seats.

I liked the Paul Yaffe 6' Sport Monkey Bars as they place me in a relaxed yet aggressive position. Yaffe 6" Sport Monkey Bars.
The next adjustment was the seat.

The stock Ultra seat feels like a marshmallow and it creates so many uncomfortable hot spots on a long run, I never truly liked it. Plus, it smashes your sack into the tank...not cool.

I tried the Sundowner, but found it "okay" at best. Comfortable, but set me higher and much farther back...neither were my preference. Sundowner
I added the back rest as well, but it wasn't for me. SOLD it and moved on.

I went with the Harley Solo Leather and it was great, except once I changed the bars it placed me in a clamshell, which made my lower back scream. Plus I felt "detached from the bike when riding. Weird. H-D Solo I even added the pillion to see if it would add to the back support, but it didn't. SOLD it and moved on.

I added the Hammock seat, and besides being fugly, thick as hell, and wide in the front, was very comfortable. I will keep this one for long touring trips when the wife rides and only when the tour pack is back on. Hammock Seat

A few years ago I owned a Dyna Superglide which I put a Le Pera Cherokee seat on. I LOVED that seat and gave the bike an excellent feel as well as look. Le Pera offers it for the Touring Models as well but it was OUT OF STOCK, so I decided to pivot.

Here is my latest seat, The Sprocket Solo. Has just enough lower lumbar, upper ass support to keep you from sliding while placing me exactly where I want to sit.

Overall with the tour pack removal, bar change, and seat change I feel like I can rip a little more efficiently and don't feel like Im straddling a Winnebago as much. Thankfully the wife's 2020 Fatbob is parked next to her if I need a real hot rod fix, but hopefully this will help cure my disease of trading Harley's every 3 years or so.

I will keep you updated on the progress.

--Johnny Humble
Tech Editor
Humble, Texas


The Almeria Hormiguea wins a contract of 20 million for the European promotion of four series
The budget covers the media and press campaigns of 'Marked-The Unforgiven', 'Corrupción de la Justicia', 'MobKing' and the reality show 'Synchronicity-The Beauty Whisperer', shot in Almería and Málaga, SPAIN.

The Almeria advertising agency Hormiguea has taken a giant leap in a few years. The production company Wanda-Halcyon Television has closed with the company an advertising expense of 20 million euros for the promotion of four innovative television programs. The budget will be allocated to both social networks and traditional advertising, including a very aggressive outdoor advertising program and a promotional one in the newspapers.

The amount of 20 million, as they have exposed from Hormiguea, covers the European advertising budgets of four productions, among them, 'Marked-The Unforgiven', a visceral drama shot in part in Almería and centered on an outlaw motorcycle club made up exclusively of war heroes who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq. The story is based on the Amazon best-selling novel 'Marked' by George Christie.

The Almerian will also be in charge of promoting 'Corruption of Justice', an espionage thriller about a young lawyer who, unknowingly, gets involved with intelligence agencies at war based on the novel of the same name by the best-selling author of Amazon George Van Mellaert; 'MobKing- The War of the Godparents', a moving drama series based on the world of corruption, murder and organized crime in modern Florida; and 'Synchronicity-The Beauty Whisperer', a 'reality show' that follows American hair and beauty icon Philip Sambanidis as he launches his new line of functional food and beauty products. Sambanidis has created some of the world's best hair and beauty products as a scientist and manufacturer.

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--First Run to the Atlantic

Keep these stories coming! Another good job!

-- John Hoffman
Pahrump, NV

STURGIS MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM NEWS--“Everything that happens affects Sturgis —
Sturgis affects everything that happens!”

Now is a GRT8 time to get fired up for the Sturgis Hall of Fame breakfast August 11, 2021. Tickets go on sale March 1, 2021 .

This annual reincarnation celebrating the mystique, heritage & future of motorcycling — is heart and soul deep. Bikers inspire Biker-wanna bees & the general public . So much so ,that our example of fierce red blooded patriotism is emulated!

Each of us and especially all of us together — are catalysts & facilitators that empower awesome coalitions . We are that “Black Hills / Sturgis Rally Spiritual Essence,“ that enhances the quality of life for America & the world.

All previous Sturgis Museum & Freedom Fighter inductees are encouraged to schedule themselves at the Museum for a few hours . Several others / TBA & myself are doing so on Sunday, August 8 ,2021.

Outside on the street, during much of the whole Sturgis Rally will be the Mobil Motorcycle Monument. This 4 x 8‘ double sided sign on an ultralight trailer, depicts racial, religious & BIKER horrendous discrimination .

The Waco Texas 1916 Jessie Washington, David Karesh Branch Davidians and WACO BIKER May 2015 tragedies are highlighted. THE June 2019 Jarheads MC / New Hampshire Biker slaughter is revealed on that sign .

Information is available about American Motorcyclist Tributes I -VII , Miracle Mountain Motorcycle Monument ( Tomahawk Wisconsin ) & the four 4 x 8‘ double-sided signs at Buffalo Chip SD .

Souvenir free stones available are; Apache tears , Crazy Horse Monument & Worlds only Law Enforcement , Firefighter, EMT & Citizen Soldier Bridges in the world .

Dennis San Felippo has mentioned a very valuable motorcycle is “possible“ for raffle proceeds to the Sturgis museum. Perhaps all of us can help sell & purchase these tickets.

These social, economic & political upheaval times should only make us stronger & better . We lead by example.

Each of us has ;
-stories to tell
-legacies to share
-lessons to learn
While legends are being lived !

May you continue to be happy, healthy & successful.

Pray to Live -
Live to Ride .

God bless you & your loved ones!

--Dave Zien
former State Senator
“Million’s’ Mile Motorcycle Man
Text/Cell 715-829-9436

Click for more info.
Click for more info.

QUICK, New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
The "Pandemic" Con


--James Potter
Culpeper, VA

TWISTED ROAD--Introducing Nick's Picks: February 2021--Twisted Road is LOVING these red motorcycles, especially this month. Get your heart rate up this Valentine’s Day by taking out one of these beautiful beasts for a date with the open road.

--Nick Marietta
Twisted Road

Click to get started.
Click to get started.

MAMATRIED and FLATOUT FRIDAY EXPANDS INTERNATIONALLY!!!--Teaming up with our friends @Garagemetallica, @Luckyfriendsrodeo, @BMS, @Flattrackbr, @Cinejoia, @spracepark, and @joekinghelmets; @MamaTriedshow and @FlatoutFriday are hosting an All Weekend Motorcycle Show and Race IN BRAZIL!

Brazilian custom motorcycle builders, racers, collectors, and friends are coming together for a full weekend of partying, sharing, and racing in beautiful São Paulo, BRAZIL. Smaller crowds are expected and all safety measures (limited occupancy, social distancing, masks, etc) will be enforced. HOLD ONTO YOUR SISSY BARS for more on the MamaTried, Flat Out Friday INTERNATIONAL TOUR!

Flat Out and Mama Tried fans!!

We'll get right to the point, we as a team we have decided that February of 2021 for the rescheduled Show/Race is just too soon. Wisconsin will not be ready for that. And we don’t want to get everyone stoked and start making travel arrangements for another “maybe”.

So, we are going to push the Show and Races to the December 3rd/4th/5th 2021 weekend. We know it's not in our usual winter/February time frame, but since not much is normal anymore AND that's the soonest we could get a slot at the Fiserv Forum for Flat Out Friday Racing, December 3rd/4th/5th 2021 it is.

We’ve all been through a lot this year. So hang on a little longer for us. We will be working on some interim fun stuff for this spring and summer, some small events to stay active and keep the love of bikes flowing. As we're sure all of you will be too. Everyone has had lots of time and looks like we’ll have plenty more, to contemplate what the future can look like. So stay in touch with your builds and rides and backyard project dreams, and we will do the same.

We love you all!!! Thanks for sticking with us. We promise that when we can have a real in-person/analog show again that it will not disappoint.

Thanks again. Take care of your loved ones and see you in 2021!

-The Mama Tried and Flat Out Friday Family


-Tickets from 2020 are valid for 2021

-Refunds are available through the venue that you purchased them

NEW CLIMATE DEPOT REPORT--‘Climate emergency’ claims falsified by real world data

Indur M. Goklany, former UN IPCC reviewer's report: "The impact of extreme weather events, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts are, if anything, declining. Economic damages have declined as a fraction of global GDP. Death rates from such events have declined by 99% since the 1920s. Climate-related disease has collapsed. And more people die from cold than warm temperatures”

Sea Level rise fears fading: “A recent study showed that the Earth has actually gained more land in coastal areas in the last 30 years than it has lost through sea-level rise. We now know for sure that coral atolls aren’t disappearing and even Bangladesh is gaining more land through siltation than it is losing through rising seas.”

Agriculture Booming: "Empirical data also shows that food production per capita has increased by 30% since 1961 despite a more-than-doubling of the global population. Hunger and malnutrition have declined, area burnt by wild fires has declined, and since 1950 poverty has declined, people are wealthier and global life expectancy has increased from 46 years to 73 years."

--Climate Depot

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Reader Comments

I guess Hal Robinson's latest piece is keeping up with the times we live in these days. I'm talking about the chaos and gloom and doom of course.

Well, Spring is getting closer every day and Robinson's Archives will have to come up with something more light hearted. I will find something that will tickle your funny bone. H2

Ann Robinson
Long Beach, CA
Monday, February 22, 2021
Editor Response Terrific. We all need a shot in the arm. In fact I received my first Moderna Covid vaccine last week. That helps.
I will stick with my Harley's. Still have the '58 I got when I returned home.

deland, FL
Thursday, February 18, 2021
Editor Response You'll never go wrong with a Panhead.
Thoughts...For a modern bike, that new Chief rocks. I then saw your post yesterday on the Sportster. W.T.F. - is Harley's CEO asleep?

To me , the new Chief fills a hole in the market left by the Dyna, not the Sportster, that said, Harley's range is shrinking whilst Indian's grows. What kind of corporate strategy has he got? I can't see how giving up market to a competitor with a broader range is going to help Harley survive.

Don't get me started on that goddamn ugly adventure bike either. Good luck Harley, plunging into a market niche that their competition has
a 40 year head start on.

I'm sad about the Sportster, they have a huge following in the UK. My nephew has just scored a mint 2019 1200 Iron. I feel sadder about the risks Harley face if they don't understand their market.

One last comment- so Harley think superchargers are the answer? Interesting. There's a major tuning shop here does blowers for the Milwaukee Eight. Big, instant power , no lag, all good. I've got an American Eaton on my car, it's great. But motorcycles are supposed to be minimalist, and a blower is just more clutter. I'm sure there's a reason more manufacturers don't used superchargers on bikes, just like they found with Turbos.

Ref your house move- we both know, 'as one door closes, another one opens'!

Paul Harris
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Monday, February 15, 2021
Editor Response Thanks much. I agree with all of your thoughts. Did you watch the video I spoke about in the blog. It will blow your mind. It will also point out a lost direction by the country.

As it turns out fossil fuels are saving life on the planet. That means Sportsters and Chopper can run proud. Harley may be pressured to follow the wrong path, instead of holding the freedom course.
The special Harley factory tool is a 95650-42 transmission main shaft starter clutch and bearing puller. There are additional tools used with the block and forcing screw. Kent-Moore most likely made this tool, and I believe that SPX Kent-Moore is still making tools. There are a lot of pullers that use forcing screws of various lengths but employ a hex head to be driver by a socket or wrench instead of a tommy bar. The hex head could be drilled to accept the tommy bar.

The gear screw and gear puller block were once available separately but carried a -19 number.

V-Twin and others carry what looks to be a pitman arm puller. Automotive tool suppliers should be able to provide the forcing screw. Hope this helps.

Saturday, February 13, 2021
Editor Response Thanks Sam.
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