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It's a Twisted Web We Are Trying to Navigate Through

By Bandit, Rogue, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, Mike Pullin R.I.P., Laura, the Redhead, Bob T., Bob Clark, Barry Green, Wicked Bitch, J.J. Solari, and the rest of the gang

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MAMA TRIED happened last week
and the motorcycle world fled to Daytona Beach for bike week as the Ukraine is under fire. The world is in turmoil, our country is lost but the brothers know how to party. Watch for reports on Bikernet.

In the meantime, the Bikernet War Room is a buzz of activity, concerns and knife sharpening classes and wild reports from J.J. Solari. I apologize for the massive amount of political coverage, but it just keeps coming. Plus, we need to keep a hard and fast focus on freedom in this country which is sorely under attack.

We can’t ever give up. Let’s hit the news.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

On September 23, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order banning the sale of most internal combustion engines (ICE) by 2035. The California ICE ban will impact 16 other states who previously signed on to adopt California’s regulations under Section 177 of the Clean Air Act. Today non-profit organizations from 15 of those states launched a new coalition to oppose these California style regulations and ICE bans in their states. The coalition authored an open letter which may be found by clicking here. The letter is being shared in the various states with elected officials, the media, activists, members, small businesses, and civic minded people. In Massachusetts, the letter is being mailed to the Governor, Lt. Governor and all the members of the Massachusetts legislature.

The new coalition of non-profit organizations represent citizens and businesses in all states that will be impacted by California Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order to phase out and eventually ban the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035. Under the order, only Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) may be sold by 2035. California is the only state in the country that may promulgate their own vehicle emission regulations, but 16 other states have adopted the California Air Resources Board (CARB) program. The 16 states are New York (implementation 1993), Massachusetts (1995), Vermont (2000), Maine (2001), Pennsylvania (2001), Connecticut (2008), Rhode Island (2008) Washington (2009), Oregon (2009), New Jersey (2009), Maryland (2011), Delaware (2014), Colorado (2022), Minnesota (2025), Nevada (2025) and Virginia (2025).

All impacted states should be troubled by the nature of Governor Newsom’s executive order. Lawmakers from these 16 states would be stripped of the right and responsibility to represent their constituents. Consumers would be deprived of options. Significant discrepancies exist between extreme emission reduction plans and the realities they would produce in the other states. Many of the states that originally joined California, did so with the understanding that they would be following best practices for efficiencies, not blanket bans of vital products.

“These extreme California regulations would ban the sale of these products in all of the New England states, except New Hampshire. New Hampshire would become the beneficiary of this ill-considered proposal, as residents and businesses would flock to their state for its lower costs and larger array of options. Unlike the major population centers of California, the vast majority of the states that this ban would affect deal with harsh winter months that produce heavy snow falls. California Governor Newsom’s order will eliminate the option of reliable vehicles that perform well in our weather conditions. If this sneaks through, it would be a cruel trick to play on the residents of Massachusetts,” stated Chip Ford, executive director for Citizens for Limited Taxation.

“Now is the worst possible time for State House leaders to shrug their shoulders and allow the Governor of California to ban the sale of some popular vehicles in Massachusetts. If the current events have taught us anything, it’s that more options for consumers are necessary. ZEV batteries rely on components that are controlled by foreign countries, that should concern everyone right now. What Massachusetts needs is more options, not less. Even if the mood at the State House is to ban popular vehicles, that is a policy decision that should be debated and voted on by our lawmakers and the Governor,” concluded Paul Diego Craney, spokesperson for Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

Text "FISCAL" to 50457 and follow instructions to receive important text messages on time sensitive issues from the MassFiscal team.
Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance
18 Tremont St, Suite 527, Boston, MA 02108, United States

FRESH FROM THE BIKERNET UNIVERSITY ENGLISH DEPARTMENT—Number 46 In dictionary changes: Assault weapon……Any firearm that frightens a journalist or a bureaucrat when he sees one or sees even a picture of one. Journalists and bureaucrats see all firearms as "assault" devices. Never as "defense" devices. Journalists and bureaucrats only UNDERSTAND assaults. Because that's all they do.

The concept of a defensive weapon does not compute in their heads. People are not supposed to defend. They are supposed to COMPLY. Defense is selfish. Compliance is cooperation and responsible and virtuous and keeps everyone safe.

-- J.J. Solari
Official University Political Dictionary Editor
Bikernet University

FXR FILES ARE NOW OPEN--I think I mentioned to you I was buying this bike. It had some carb issues but now it’s running like a top. It’s a 1985 with only 11,000 miles on it. My third new Harley, ha ha.

Also is a picture of the Huck Cycles Electric ride that I am working with now. They are fast and fun on the verge of being a motorcycle/moped.

--Paul Aiken

THIS WEEKS BUCK LOVELL PHOTOS—Buck Lovell, the former editor of Hot Bike Magazine, moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota way back. Tracy and Buck live near Sturgis and work with Scott Jacobs in Deadwood.

Buck, always an accomplished photographer, continues his work in the motorcycle nirvana of the Black Hills where he also looks after his horses. We will try to bring you samples of his photo talents as the spring opens in the region.

Buck Lovell
Lovell Photography & Design
B.L.A.B.B. (Buck Lovell's American Biker Blog) /
20824 Eddy Place
Sturgis, SD 57785
(605) 490 2991

NEW IN THE NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM--The Dream 50R was designed and built to commemorate Honda’s early road racing history, some of which was in the 50cc class. The 50R followed the 1997 release of the street legal red-framed Dream 50, aka AC15.

Honda began making motorcycle engines in 1947, soon after World War II ended. Production machines of the 1960’s were very technically sophisticated compared to British and American offerings of the time. Soichiro Honda believed that racing improved his company’s engineering, and by 1959 Honda was making factory racers and beginning to win Grand Prix championships.

Though the race winning RC factory race bikes could not be bought by privateers, the CR, “customer racer” line-up was available and was much lighter and higher tech than the also race-able 125cc CB92s or 250cc Hawks of the time. The 50cc CR110, 125cc CR93 and 250cc CR72 were prized in their time and highly collectible today. The Dream 50R commemorates the CR110.

Though not as exotic as the early 1960’s CR110 with an 8-speed transmission it emulates, this 2005 Dream 50R is styled in the same vein, pays homage to the days of sleek, long alloy fuel tanks, alloy fenders, solo “bump pad” seats and air-cooled DOHC four-stroke engines.

The Dream 50R, and it’s legal-in-some-countries Dream 50 cousin, have a strong “tuner” following in Japan, and a wide range of cosmetic and performance parts are available. Honda HRC, responsible for the 50R and decades of Honda factory race bikes, also offers parts for these machines which were made for about a year in a small batch.

Click for Info.
Click for Info.

CLIMATE DEPOT ALERT-- The Pause Lengthens Again: No Global Warming Since 2014 – 7 Years 5 Months

No warming since October 2014:

Monckton: UAH satellite monthly global mean lower-troposphere dataset: "The entire UAH record since December 1978 shows warming at 0.134 K decade–1, near-identical to the 0.138 K decade–1 since 1990, indicating very little of the acceleration that would occur if the ever-increasing global CO2 concentration and consequent anthropogenic forcing were exercising more than a small, harmless and net-beneficial effect." ...

Note that all these charts are anomaly charts. They make the warming look much greater and more drastic than it is in reality. The 0.58 K warming trend since late 1978 represents an increase of just 0.2% in absolute global mean surface temperature – hardly a crisis, still less an emergency.

--Marc Morano
Climate Depot

HARLEY SANCTIONS RUSSIA-- On March 1, Harley-Davidson announced it had suspended its business and shipments of its bikes to Russia following the invasion of Ukraine last week.

Harley did not respond to a request for additional details on the suspension or the size of its operations in Russia, according to Reuters. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been photographed riding Harleys, and even joined a gathering of bikers in Ukraine back in 2010.

Every time a new technology comes out there tends to be a lot of questions around that technology. For example, LED headlights are a great innovation for motorcycles. Adding an LED headlight to your bike really can improve your ability to see at night. The light is brighter, it uses less power, the bulbs are durable, vibration resistant, and they don’t get hot. They are simply, a great improvement. Believe it or not, when the first LED bulbs came out, there were a lot of people that thought they were inferior to incandescent bulbs.

The Lowdown on Lithium Batteries-2One of Todd's Classic Triumph builds utilizing an Antigravity 4 cell lithium battery that is super small and compact, giving a sleek and stylish look.


Another product that has been great for motorcycles in recent years, is the innovation in lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have a ton of advantages over typical conventional and AGM batteries. The first benefit is weight. Lead acid batteries are heavy. Anytime you can remove weight from your motorcycle, you gain power. If you take a bike to a dragstrip and you have a rider that weighs 200 lbs and a rider that weighs 150 lbs. If they ride the bike exactly the same, the 150 lb rider is going to have a faster time. This is typically referred to as a power-to-weight ratio. Lithium batteries are typically 70% lighter than AGM batteries. On a motorcycle, this is a big advantage.

The Lowdown on Lithium Batteries-8Some lithium batteries such as this 4 cell Antigravity are so small you can use a Bates Batboy battery box to hide it and still have room for tools and other carry on goods. Photo compliments of W&W


Another advantage is cycle life. Lithium batteries have a much better cycle life than an AGM battery does. Now there are a lot of caveats that affect your cycle life. How often you use the battery, how much strain is on the battery during use, temperature, etc. The point is a lithium battery can do around 3000 cycles compared to an AGM producing about 500 cycles. Lithium batteries are definitely more expensive than most AGM batteries, but they perform much better typically, and have a longer life span.

The Lowdown on Lithium Batteries-14Lithium batteries can be mounted pretty much anywhere. Tyler mounted this Antigravity 16 cell on the tail section of his new dual engine Triumph land speed race bike, that is hidden by the tail section.


Lithium Batteries can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or upside down. This is a big benefit for custom builders because it gives them more options for mounting the battery. Lithium batteries also can handle more vibration that an AGM battery. AGM batteries have an assortment of plates in them. These plates are soldiered to connectors that lead to the main post on the battery. A lot of vibration can cause these connections to break.

Lithium batteries do not have any liquid in them, and the lithium packs inside are very durable compared to the construction of a Conventional or AGM battery. It’s not common to see a decent lithium battery fail due to vibration. Just ask anyone riding a modern motocross bike. These bikes are often flipped, jumped, and crashed, and they all have lithium batteries in them.

The Lowdown on Lithium Batteries-size comparison 2You can see in this photo the sheer size difference in an Antigravity 12 cell battery to a stock OEM Harley-Davidson Sportster Battery is staggering. Being able to use a smaller battery such as this 12 cell can definitely help when designing a clean and tight custom chopper.

The Lowdown on Lithium Batteries-17 This Gasbox built Ironhead Harley-Davidson Sportster has an Antigravity 12 cell powering it up and works extremely well for this electric start motorcycle.


Lithium batteries offer really good CCA (cold cranking amps) when compared to the same AGM battery. The one down side is Lithium batteries do not do well in sub-freezing temperatures, or if they are left un-used for extended lengths of time. If you live in a cold climate, take your lithium battery out of your bike in the off-season and store it in your house. This will ensure its longevity.

The Lowdown on Lithium Batteries-31 Using a "Smart battery charger" or something like this Noco Genius 2 set up you can select on hook up what kind of battery you are charging to ensure you are not damaging the battery. A smart investment if you are going to be running these lithium style batteries.

The Lowdown on Lithium Batteries-32
You can see this charger is in Lithium 12 volt mode and charging the battery correctly right on the device.

If you look at some of the reviews on lithium batteries you will often see a lot of questions concerning charging these batteries. Lithium batteries require a different type of charger that delivers the power in a different manner than your typical battery charger designed for AGM or conventional batteries. In simple terms, battery chargers rely on a discharge profile that tells the battery charger what to do.

Lead acid batteries have a very different discharge profile than a lithium battery. This means your AGM charger will make a mistake when charging a lithium battery, which can damage that battery. You can also overcharge or undercharge a lithium battery with a regular charger, and this can also damage your lithium battery. You need to have a lithium battery charger that has an automatic shut-off when it hits the 12.8v mark.

The Lowdown on Lithium Batteries-24

Antigravity 12 cell in one of the Haifley Bros builds, tucked tightly inside an oil bag.

Another common scenario is when people accidentally completely drain their lithium battery. When they hook up their lithium battery charger, the charger does not see a profile, so it does not charge the battery. These chargers are made to see a threshold. If the charger does not see that threshold charge, it thinks the battery is defective and will not charge it.


Your lithium battery charger will not charge your battery? If the battery is not truly defective, all you need to do is get the battery up to a charge threshold for a moment so the lithium battery charger begins the charging process. To do this, simply use a set of jumper cables from a good lithium battery and hook them up to the battery you are trying to charge. Make sure you connect positive to positive and negative to negative. Now connect your lithium battery charger to your old battery and turn it on. Once you see the charging light come on, disconnect the good battery you are not trying to charge. Your lithium battery charger will now charge your lithium battery. It’s really that simple.

The Lowdown on Lithium Batteries-33Note: Only do this jump start from a charged lithium battery to a not charged lithium battery. Trying this process with any other type of battery could damage both.

If you are looking to replace your battery, consider buying a lithium battery. If you don’t live in Antarctica, it is a good choice. More power, longer life, less weight, and better durability. Lithium batteries are here to stay, so best to get in tune with the technology.

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Click for Action.


--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

Click to grab a copy.
Click to grab a copy.


Have you ever gone on a road trip and been caught in a speed trap in some little town in the middle of nowhere? That's what happened to many motorists who drove through Brookside, Alabama in the last few years. The state's Appleseed Center of Law and Justice has dubbed this town of 1,200 the poster child of policing for profit because its police department generated a 640 percent increase in fines/forfeitures in just two years. As Reuters explained, Brookside has become "symbolic of a nationwide problem: predatory law enforcement."

Policing for Profit

In 2020, $487 in fines and forfeitures were collected for every town resident. Most drivers fined were passing through a 1.5 mile portion of Interstate 22. Brookside officers, dressed in nondescript uniforms and using unmarked vehicles with heavily tinted windows, did not just hand out speeding tickets like candy; they also cited people without reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing and sometimes with non-existent laws.

Often, Brookside police officers strayed out of their jurisdiction to hand out tickets. Police in neighboring towns and the Jefferson County sheriff's office received numerous complaints about the predatory nature of the Brookside department. The Jefferson County District Attorney claimed they were running a money-making racket, violating people's constitutional rights rather than protecting public safety.

By the end of 2021, it was believed that Brookside had nine officers (the town did not want to confirm) or one for every 144 residents. According to Governing Magazine, the average force size for smaller towns is one officer for every 588 residents. From 2011 to 2018, only 55 major crimes were reported in Brookside, and none involving murder or rape. So, why so many officers?

All about the Money

Brookside, 20 minutes north of Birmingham, is a former mining town with a median income of $40,000 per year. The population is 70 percent white, 21 percent Black and a small but growing Hispanic population. The town’s only store is a Dollar General. There are no stop lights and few two-lane streets, but Interstate 22 runs near the town and became one of the biggest ticket generators. The Brookside Police Department made the criminalization of residents and those passing through the town's leading industry.

In 2018, traffic fines collected totaled $82,467, about 14 percent of the town's total income, already a relatively high proportion. By 2020, that figure grew to $610,000, about half the town's income. Brookside doubled its revenue and began spending more money funding the police department than it did for all other municipal operations combined.

The monthly traffic court sessions were always packed, and no one ever beat their ticket. The towing of vehicles also went up from 50 cars in 2018 to 789 in 2020. That's a 1,478 percent increase or 1.7 tows per year for every household in the small town. Residents reported that they had to pay thousands to get their vehicles back. Others lost homes and property because of debt caused by manufactured violations.

On January 20, 2022, the Birmingham News and broke the story and released an investigative report on the town's predatory practices. Originally, reporter John Archibald was working on a story about poverty in the area, and everyone he talked with pointed to the predatory practices of the Brookside police department as one of the biggest reasons for the increase in poverty. Archibald wrote that drivers were sucked into a legal 'black hole' that was difficult for nearly all to overcome.

How it Started

In 2018, the town hired a new police chief, who ostensibly was the only full-time officer. Mike Jones quickly began building a police empire, lobbying for an over 500 percent increase in police spending. With the blessing of Brookside Mayor Mike Bryan, Jones hired more and more officers to patrol the six miles of town roads and the mile-and-a-half adjacent jurisdiction on Interstate 22. By 2020, officers underwent SWAT training and often dressed in riot gear. The department even parked a riot-control vehicle outside of the municipal complex/community center for effect.

In the Birmingham News first report, Jones called the town's policing "a positive story." He added that he would like to see a 600 percent increase in tickets. He explained, "If you had more officers and more productivity you'd have more. I think it could be more." Both Jones and Mayor Bryan declared that the goal of the department was only to help people.

The investigation uncovered that Brookside had no budgeting system or even a policy of adopting one. Bryan and Jones claimed to have no knowledge of how the cash was spent from all those tickets.


Within a week after the Birmingham News investigation broke, Brookside, Alabama was featured across the world as one of the most predatory ticketing agencies anywhere. Police Chief Mike Jones resigned. The town now faces at least five federal lawsuits from people who claim that not only did the police fabricate charges but retaliated against those who filed complaints. Alabama's Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth is now seeking investigations by the Department of Justice, the Alabama Attorney General, and is calling for audits by other state entities.

State politicians say they plan to work together to try and stop this kind of small-town policing. Alabama already has a law on the books that cities or towns with populations of less than 19,000 are not allowed to stop speeders on the interstates. Brookside police got around that rule on Interstate 22 by pulling over motorists for other types of violations such as following too closely or driving in the left lane if not passing. State lawmakers are thinking about banning small-town police from ticketing highway drivers, and keeping ticket revenue from the police and city/town general funds.

The town's residents and others touched by the experience are still left wondering how this could have happened. Policing for profit has a lasting effect on people’s lives, not to mention their trust in law enforcement.

If you haven't already become a member of the National Motorists Association, we encourage you to do so today and help us fight predatory speed trap operations like that of Brookside. If you have observed questionable enforcement activity on the road, report your experience on the NMA's driver-sourced website.

Click to join.
Click to join.

LIFESTYLE CYCLES DEAL OF THE WEEK--2022 Harley-Davidson® FLHXS - Street Glide® Special for $29,995.00

see it here:

A factory-custom bagger with highway-shredding power, in a blacked-out or chrome finish.

Features may include:

Milwaukee-Eight® 114 V-Twin engine and Prodigy™ wheels
Never before offered two-tone paint schemes
The most displacement in standard H-D® Touring models. You get 114 cubic inches of passing and horizon-chasing power.

Designed to help prevent the wheels from locking under braking to assist the rider in maintaining control when braking in a straight-line. ABS operates independently on front and rear brakes to keep the wheels rolling and help prevent uncontrolled wheel lock in urgent situations.

An evolved interface experience that offers a contemporary look, feel and function, with exceptional durability and features designed specifically for motorcycling. Every element is optimized to enhance the rider’s interaction with the bike and connectivity with the world.

Designed to accentuate the long and low profile for an iconic, custom look.

Blacked-out front forks, handlebars, tank console and exhaust for an aggressive, modern look.

High-performing front and rear suspension with easily adjustable rear shocks put you in control of a plush ride.

Bright white Daymaker LED headlamp

"Resolve that you will love the world as your own nation, and that you will love your nation as you love your family. Through this understanding you will help to establish a world family on the indestructible foundation of wisdom." - Paramahansa Yogananda

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.

"The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them." - George Bernard Shaw (Man and Superman, 1903)

"May the sun bring you new energies by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash any worries you may have, may gentle breezes refresh your soul and all the days of your life, may you walk gently through the world & know its beauty."

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." - William Blake

"Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are"

"That only which we have within, can we see without. If we meet no gods, it is because we harbour none." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


NEWS FROM THE S&S HEADQUARTERS--We've been working on this one for a while now. Shorty two into one in raw stainless or black coated stainless steel. Available in 50 state or race only versions. We just shipped a ton of these to Drag Specialties. Big power and big sound! ~ DZ

NEW - Diamondback 2-1 Performance Exhaust System for Touring Models

S&S was building Performance Baggers long before they were called that and their focus has always been on making big power! Inspired by King of the Baggers, the Diamondback 2-1 Exhaust System is a perfect example of their commitment to true performance.

Beginning with a stepped header for maximum flow and a merged collector specifically engineered to prevent exhaust gas reversion, this system wraps up with a 4" full stainless muffler that ends before the rear axle.

The Diamondback is not for your daddy’s bagger, but purpose-built to make big power and sound, have excellent cornering clearance, and just the right look. It also provides clearance for taller shocks and is available in a brushed Stainless or Guardian Black finish.

Check out the new Diamondback Exhaust as well as the entire line of exhausts from S&S at:

--David Zemla
VP - Marketing
S&S® Cycle, Inc.

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE BIKERNET UNIVERSITY DICTIONARY DEPARTMENT—Number 72: Gavin Newsom.....The "governor" of California and the poster boy for everything stupid that bureaucrats and journalists praise as essential for happiness.

For instance, Gavin Newsom is convinced that the air within the borders of California walls itself in a bent-rectangular column that is the exact shape of California, from ground level to the limits of the upper atmosphere.

In other words the air above the California terrestrial boundary lines....stays in place. It never moves beyond California. And that via Newsom's personal direction and commands and edicts......its temperature (California's) can be lowered, thus cooling the surface ground layer to where it can be safely lived upon.

To journalists and bureaucrats Gavin Newsom is a saint and the only entity in California who actually cares about people other than himself and therefore anyone who doesn't revere him as a Savior is a selfish, antisocial hater.

J.J. Solari
Official University Political Dictionary Editor
Bikernet University

FLATHEAD TANK UPDATE--Got it into primer. I use a guide coat for sanding primer. It's shaping up nicely! Taping lines next! I'll keep you updated.

--Greg Robley
Spearfish, SD

THE BIKERNET OLD SHIT DEPARTMENT--One of the most popular manufacturers of crash helmets was a company called Buco.

Buco helmets date back to the year 1933 when the company was founded in Detroit, Michigan, and the company sported the slogan of "Look better, feel better, are better". Buco helmets were very popular helmets in the 1950s and 1960s and were sold by all Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycle dealers during those time periods.

Buco was the trade name for the Joseph Buegeleisen Company and was synonymous with the motorcycling industry and recognized as the largest cycling accessory and safety helmet manufacturer of the time period. The company also produced motorcycle jackets and accessories for Harley Davidson, as well as for police departments and divisions of the military.

In the year 1966, the company was acquired by the American Safety Equipment Corporation of New York. The company continued to operate and progress on a larger scale, now operating under the name of Buco Products, A Division of American Safety Equipment Corporation.

The Buco division of ASEC failed to exist after the year 1970 due to the oil crisis that put a crunch on the automotive industry of which the ASEC was a part.

--From Sam Burns

NEW/OLD FROM AMERICAN PRIME--1104-0001 Advance Assembly

Our 1104-0001 Advance assembly has a 304-stainless steel base, center post and pivot pins and the weights are coated with a specially formulated polymer that protects from heat saturation, reduces friction – and in most cases, strengthens the component to make it more efficient.

The special CNC coiled springs hold precision tolerances controlling spring rates to within 5% of specification to provide the max advance and retard applicable to your motorcycle. They are manufactured with precision drawn wire then zinc plated for corrosion protection with post baking for relieving of potential hydrogen embrittlement.

The APM Advance kit (1104-0001) includes the center bolt. The Advance Unit is proudly Made in the U.S.A. and assembled at our factory in Santa Fe Springs, California.

When we do the final assembly of 3000 advance units, we have to assemble 6000 weights and 3000 base assemblies then package them all. Lotsa work but worth every second!

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Click for Action!

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So another democrat is going too get us in another war, I guess it never changes. It has been a great bike week, good food and bands at OB's in Deland.

deland, FL
Saturday, March 12, 2022
Editor Response Glad you had a good time.
Nice shot of the Robinsom bandana. I can hardly wait to wear mine this evening when I meet my friend for dinner. We will be eating outside and I'm sure it will help in a couple of ways. I will wear it as a scarf aroumd my neck which will look attractive and keep my neck warm. Even though it's almost Spring, it is still chilly. I'm sure I'll make a hit. We're having Mexican in Belmont Shore.

Ann Robinson
Long Beach, CT
Friday, March 11, 2022

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