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Mung Madness Bikernet Weekly News for December 18, 2014

The Custom Creative Spirit Rules in the Hallowed Halls of the Chopper Kingdom

By Bandit, Bob T., Mistress Chris, Ben Lamboeuf, Don Nowell, Rogue, Jeff Hennie, bad Uncle Monkey, and the rest of the merry crew.

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Santa is flying this way.
Hang on. It’s that time of year, but life has changed dramatically. We are all moving too fast to slow down and take a break. So, some holidays become more of a burden or interruption. We are still flying at deadlines, projects, and goals, and then suddenly we’re suppose to stop everything and celebrate. WTF?

Wait, so next year we should quit work, projects, goals, and deadlines and just celebrate from one Holiday to the next.

Let me see… How can we do that? While I’m pondering the Bikernet Global Celebratory Realm of Brotherhood and Goodness, let’s hit the news.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by Cycle Source Magazine and Iron Trader News.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

THE BLONDE JOKE ARCHIVE ENTERS VACUUM--A blonde was playing Trivial Pursuit one night.

It was her turn. She rolled the dice and she landed on Science & Nature. Her question was, 'If you are in a vacuum and someone calls your name, can you hear it?'

She thought for a time and then asked, 'Is it on or off?'


In the swim-meet, after the blond came in last competing in the breast-stroke, she complained to the judges that “all the other girls were using their arms.”

If it weren't for STRESS
I'd have no energy at all.

--from Jim Waggaman

SHOP FIND OF THE WEEK—KOOLS Clothing, Lil’ Tokyo, Los Angeles, California. Shop was decorated with old hotrod parts and motorcycle stuff.


THE BURT MUNRO BOOK--The real Burt Munro, inventor of the world's fastest Indian motorcycle, in his own words. A fascinating collection of Burt Munro memorabilia including photos from his family album, newspaper clippings, and interviews with Burt himself, this book reveals the real Burt Munro - the man behind the movie.

Roger Donaldson has been studying Burt Munro for many years. He made a documentary on him back in 1971, called Offerings to the God of Speed, as well as the 2005 international hit The World's Fastest Indian. During research for both films, he collected lots of material which has never been published, and Burt's son also released Munro family scrapbooks to Roger, allowing them to be published here for the first time.

In preparation for the documentary Roger interviewed Burt and also taped Burt chatting to several of his cronies and co-workers. These tapes have been transcribed for this book, presenting the real Burt Munro in his own words.

Random House New Zealand is the publisher of Roger Donaldson's book " The World's Fastest Indian", which is a fascinating collection of Burt Munro memorabilia, including never before published material.

This book was first released in NZ in October 2009 and has just been reprinted many times since. It is currently not available outside of New Zealand.

The current NZ retail price is $47.83 ,( approx USD$37.00 at today's exchange rate ) + shipping.  There is no problem in shipping copies directly to you from NZ.

Should you be interested in purchasing copies please confirm the approximate number of copies required, and I will then confirm best pricing and shipping costs.

--Graeme Morrison
Sales Development Manager
Random House Books
Penguin Random House New Zealand

18 Poland Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627
D +64 (9) 441 2719
M +64 21 045 1027
F +64 (9) 441 2714


5-BALL RACING AUSTRALIAN TEAM ENTERS THE AUSSIE GREAT RACE FOR 2015--My team has four entrants in the Great Race coming up in a four weeks.

We are unanimous that we’d like to race under 5-Ball racing and would be honored if you will support us in this.

--Doc Robinson
Tech Editor
Heavy Duty Magazine


SPEAKING OF 5-BALL RACING--Dumptruck Tests Out 5 Ball Racing Leathers

5 Ball Racing Leathers look good, come with a "lot" of pockets and wear like iron. We get Dumptruck to test'm out.

5-Ball Racing Leathers --- boot tough and rattlesnake mean

--Prince Najar

Photo of downtown Sturgis now, by Buck Lovell.
Photo of downtown Sturgis now, by Buck Lovell.


The true story of the Chicken Gun. Too funny not to share! Sometimes it does take a rocket scientist!

Scientists at NASA built a gun specifically to launch standard 4 pound dead chickens at the windshields of airliners, military jets and the space shuttle, all traveling at maximum velocity. The idea is to simulate the frequent incidents of collisions with airborne fowl to test the strength of the windshields.

British engineers heard about the gun and were eager to test it on the windshields of their new high speed trains. Arrangements were made, and a gun was sent to the British engineers.




--from Don Nowell


BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
Movie Mystery Bike Solved, the Mickey Rourke Black Death

Off the hook! Love it brotha. I looked up anything on BD for the reason being I needed pics & specs. I'm going to build one of my own. I just dig the stance & how mean that hardtail looks. I just want to match the mechanics of the bike, not Mickie’s theme, I'll have my own "BadMuthaFucka" theme!

With that said, is there anything you could email me about the specs of the bike?

Thanks & Keep the Rubber side Down

--Dave Canton
Stockton, CA


DIRECT FROM WASHINGTON DC, MRF REPORT--It is the last week of Congress, so there is a lot of action and at the same time none at all.

You may recall the "cromnibus" that the Congress was working on: it passed. The Senate held a “rare as hens teeth” Saturday session to avoid shutting down the government. The House had passed the measure a few days earlier.

The mammoth piece of legislation wrapped up 11 spending bills into one big package; this means that only two of the 13 spending bills received actual debate and a real live amendment process. Shame on you Congress. Spending $1.1 trillion dollars with a single stroke of the pen must be exhilarating for Mr. Obama, but it’s bankrupting our country. Personally, I don't think a government shutdown is all that bad - send the eurocrats home and save some money!

The House Oversight Committee held a hearing on the EPA's handling of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The committee findings are that the RFS needs to be changed to reflect the current fuel landscape. They determined that it’s far too difficult to find traditional, ethanol-free fuel.

It was noted that some municipalities have no other option other than ethanol blends. The purpose of the RFS was to allow for the sale of ethanol, but at the same time, traditional fuels should be available as well. The Congress is likely to act on ethanol bills in the next Congress. The assumptions of the RFS have not come to fruition, and are likely to be addressed.

In fact, during the hearing the committee specifically mentioned how the higher ethanol blends are damaging to motorcycles.  I expect the Senate Democrats to draw out adjournment as far as possible, as this is their last kick at the can and they have realized it.

Senate Leader Harry Reid has already stated that he will not adjourn until all the pending nominations in the Senate have been confirmed. Senator Reid is using his waning power as Senate Leader to do President Obama’s bidding while he still has the nuclear option, meaning he can confirm nominations with a simple majority of 51 votes, rather then traditional 60.

Senator Reid changed this rule earlier this year, since he simply did not have the needed 60 votes. Republicans, who will assume leadership of the Senate, have already signaled that they will change the rule back to the 60 votes needed, even though they do not have 60 Republican Senators.

--Jeff Hennie


I’ve been able to speak with an Aussie authorized H-D dealer who was able to import some Harley trikes a while ago.

However, that loophole is now closed.

There is no legal way that anyone can bring a current model Harley-Davidson trike into Australia and have it registered.

However, there are a number of people who do trike conversions down here, and these conversions are legal.

Which is his only real option.

Tech Editor
Heavy Duty Magazine

Click on the image to go there!
Click on the image to go there!


Burst Collection Reveals Machined Aluminum Through Deep Black Finish.

MILWAUKEE (December 16, 2014) Add performance and Dark Custom style to 2008-later Harley-Davidson Softail and Dyna model motorcycles with the new Screamin’ Eagle Burst Collection Performance Air Cleaner Kit (P/N 29400178, $374.95) from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories. Styled to complement the other accessory elements of the Burst Collection, this low-profile air cleaner features a tuxedo black surround that has been expertly machined to expose the satin aluminum finish below.

The billet cover conceals a one-piece cast back plate with integral breather and mounting bracket that promotes smooth air flow into the throttle body. The exposed high-flow, reverse-cone synthetic element is washable.

The complete kit fits most 2008-later Dyna and Softail models and includes the Burst Collection trim, backing plate, air cleaner element, and all required installation hardware. Installation requires ECM calibration (priced separately). See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for fitment details.

For more information, visit


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR MOTORCYCLE FINANCING?--FreedomRoad Financial is a national powersports financing company. We provide retail loans to consumers through a network of motorcycle dealers nationwide. All of us at FreedomRoad Financial feel fortunate to be working in a business where we can facilitate dreams for our customers and make things easier for our dealers. We are in the fun business!

We understand the rider lifestyle and we work hard to help our customers optimize the excitement and enjoyment of their motorsports experience. We are a common sense lender and provide high quality personal service.

Our loan production office and customer service center are located in Reno, NV. We have some of the best riding roads and weather in the country, so if you ever find yourself in our neighborhood be sure to stop by and say hello. We would welcome the opportunity to buy you lunch!

We offer retail simple interest installment loans with terms up to 84 months and zero down for qualified applicants. We work with our dealers to provide competitive financing and friendly service. We love to play a part in helping our customers—Get Out and Ride!

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our first priority is your satisfaction. Please let us know how we can help make your motorsports experience better.


BILLY LANE PEASHOOTER PROJECT—“Getting my 500cc OHV Peashooter together,” said Billy

Hang on for more reports.  --Bandit


UNBELIEVABLE GOVERNMENT SHIT—I don’t believe how folks want the government to run and regulate more. Check this from the LA TIMES.

Despite lower production expenses, pennies and nickels still cost more to make than their face value—and that added up to a loss of $90.5 million to taxpayers this year, according to a new Treasury Department report.

A penny costs the U.S. Mint 1.7 cents to produce, down from 2.4 cents in 2011, due to the lower copper prices. The price of making a nickel dropped to 8.1 cents from 11.2 cents during the same period…

--by Jim Puzzanghera

If you or I ran a business like that our family would starve. --Bandit


Over the weekend, a friend of mine bought this very complete 1948 engine. The asking price was $ 3,250. I'm sure he got it for less. He bought it for a friends project, but is not sure the friend has the money or wants it?

I'll call David at Way back Wheels, who is an advertiser and friend and see if he can help. If you want to call him and mention my name. . his number is 603 /778-2299.

It has the generator. I can't remember if the carb was on it.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Buzz & Pixie


MOTORCYCLE HISTORY FROM MOTORCYCLEPEDIA--Like BSA, La Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre ('FN', for short) began as a munitions manufacturer, turning to the production of motorcycles in 1900. This 1908 FN was the first inline-4 production motorcycle. With speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, it was also the fastest production motorcycle in the world.

In the U.S., the 1908 model was upgraded and released as a 1908 1/2 model, called the F.N Big Four. Advanced for its day, the 362cc air-cooled four featured 'atmospheric' inlet and mechanical (side) exhaust valves, a robust five-bearing crankshaft, individual crankcase oil wells ensuring adequate lubrication for the connecting rods, and reliable Bosch magneto ignition. Shaft final drive was another innovation. Supported on ball bearings, the drive shaft ran inside the right-hand frame member to a bevel gear on the rear axle. At first there was no clutch, the direct-drive machine being started by pedaling away until the engine fired. Two brakes (drum and rim-type) both operated on the rear wheel. The engine was enlarged around 1908 to 498cc.

The success of the FN Four directly lead to the Pierce Four's use of the same engine mounted longitudinally with a shaft drive after Pierce-Arrow's Percy Pierce brought a 1908 FN Four home from Europe to disassemble and study.


ZIPPER’S IS READY TO HELP WITH REBUILDS--Zipper’s Performance is Ramped Up and Ready to assist you in delivering big power for your engine builds!

Engine and driveline parts are a big part of Zipper’s manufacturing specialties. It’s what we do and we take it seriously! ?Don’t let supply chain problems or lack of professional resources keep your business from meeting the demands of your customers.

Our machines are running full speed ahead, keeping the pipeline full of the highest quality engine parts available.


AUSTRALIAN BIKER NEWS--Biker arrested with drugs in Adelaide.

South Australian Serious and Organised Crime Branch officers say they have arrested a full member of the Rebels motorcycle club after he was allegedly caught with illegal drugs at Mile End yesterday.
Police will allege that at about 6pm, they attempted to stop the man when he was driving his car, which resulted in a minor collision with a police vehicle.  A subsequent search of the man's car uncovered an amount of methamphetamine and cash.

A 39-year-old Happy Valley man was charged with trafficking a controlled drug and driving without due care, and was refused bail to appear in court today.
Detective Chief Inspector Kym Hand, officer in charge of the Crime Gangs Task Force says, "This is the third major drug arrest in the past week involving members of an outlaw motorcycle gang, including the Hells Angels, Mongols and Rebels. Police will continue to target the criminal activities of these groups."


Round ‘Em Up Cowgirl!
Round Up of Articles from the Bikernet Family of websites.

Akrapovic Full Moon Concept Bike

The Slovenian Manufacturer's Latest Concept Machine Will Wow Crowds On The Trade And Consumer Show Circuit This Year.

Akrapovic just unveiled its Full Moon concept motorcycle at the Bad Salzuflen Custombike Show in Germany.

Developed with the assistance of Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles—the same partnership that produced the legendary Morsus in 2011, the Full Moon concept bike is an extravagant, technically exceptional, promotional bike for the manufacturer.


5-Ball Racing Special Ops Black Leather Vest

And the Story behind the Brand.

The 5-Ball Racing team has always been a team effort. We set a few World Land Speed Records, and we’re going after more. The team portion of the equation remains intact with the apparel line. Teams are tough. Humans have a tough time dealing with egos, success, money, you name it. In many respects, the dharma rule of any team is to avoid all those issues at all costs. I’ll attempt to explain.

READ more…

Indian Scout Chopper by Klock Werks

Klock Werks team member Karlee Cobb shows her customizing chops with this Scout chopper.

Indian Motorcycle left a brand new 2015 Indian Scout in the capable hands of Klock Werks Kustoms following the Sturgis reveal. The job of being one of the first to customize the new model fell to Karlee Cobb.

“In 2008, at age 14, Karlee became the youngest person to set a land speed record at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats, so it seemed only appropriate that she would design one of the first 2015 Indian Scouts”, says Klock Werks owner Brian Klock. “She had the biggest grin after test riding the new Scout – so giving Karlee the reins on this project seemed a natural fit.”


'Scout 42' 2015 indian Custom Scout By Dirty Bird Concepts

John Shope gets his paws on a new indian Scout and does not turn it into a bagger!

Indian Motorcycle and Dirty Bird Concepts revealed a customized 2015 Indian Scout at the International Motorcycle Shows New York City event. Dirty Bird Concepts owner, John Shope, was fired up about the project called “Scout 42” as soon as he saw the new motorcycle revealed at the Black Hills Rally in Sturgis SD earlier this year. John Shope has been featured on The History Channel’s Biker Battleground and in over 40 magazines, and is the winner of both the Chopper Challenge on CMT, and the 2014 Hot Bike Power Tour.

READ more…

Help the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Build a New Exhibit

“My First Ride”.

At the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, we work hard to keep exhibits fresh and we try to change out at least one exhibit each year so all of our visitors find something new when they stop in. This year, our new exhibit will be called "My First Ride" and we want your help putting it together. There are two ways you can be a part of this new exhibit.

READ more....

2014 Holiday Motorcycle Book List

Book Reviews Just in Time For Christmas.

Four books reviewed for you - would make great Christmas presents!

READ more….

And from BAGGERS we have:



The new Harley-Davidson Road Glide is a masterful work of form and function. The new re-designed shark nosed motorcycle is an awesome touring motorcycle. The low profile factory windscreen, although looks great, lacks protection distance riders require. The new WindVest Road Glide windscreen provides such protection. Available for the Road Glide Standard, Special and CVO just in time for the holidays! The WindVest signature design creates a smooth airflow three to four inches above the lip and is available in a variety of sizes to suit all heights of riders.


A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” - John Lubbock”

Mistress Chris


COLD SEASON BONES--Making the rounds visiting friends this holiday season it is hard to not notice many of them are hobbling around more than usual. Years of hard riding and pushing themselves beyond what could be expected have caught up to them. There are hushed words about maybe having to sell their bikes, bad prognosis that say last year was the last year.

For some it just is age catching up but for many it ignoring what their body was telling them to begin with. The first time I blew out my back the doctor didn't paint a very bright picture for my future. To keep doing what I was doing would mean I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was forty. I heeded his words. Change wasn't easy. Yeah I was a healthy young man but lifting a couch was beyond what I could do.

It took a while, many days spent recovering from lifting what I shouldn't, but I finally put my pride behind me and simply stopped try to be superman. Time passed and as long as I wasn't lifting motors into frames I was leading a normal life.

The second time I blew out my back it meant changing careers, meant I could no longer straight shot the 500+ miles to Sturgis on a bike. When even short rides on the bikes left in pain I visited the doctor again. Each pothole, every tar snake was reinjuring my back, I could keep riding for a couple more years and end up in a wheelchair or I had to let my back attempt to heal.

It was a tough decision. I sold my bike to distant myself from the temptation of riding. I spent that time working on Snow White, while wishing I was out on the road. After two years I returned riding Snow White, lots of short trips working out the bugs in the bike, working out the bugs in my back.

The doc says my back will never be 100%, there is just too much scar tissue, but if I keep being smart, no more iron butts, and trailering my bike to Sturgis. I should be able to keep riding for many years to come. It is advice one of my friends wished he would have taken. He was bullheaded, stubborn. He was a biker goddamnit. Now, at an age when he could afford to have the free time to ride, when he could afford to roll on the miles, he is lucky if he can make it to the corner store in the car. My body will still be worn out heap, when I die but I should be able to come in skidding on a bike.

-bad Uncle Monkey

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Reader Comments

“Getting my 500cc OHV Peashooter together,” said Billy

I wonder who he'll run over with, I don't forgive. He killed one of us!


Friday, December 19, 2014
Editor Response I always forgive. For I am not perfect and pray that somewhere, someone will forgive me.

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