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Books, Movies & Music Reviews

Books, Movies & Music Reviews

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Experiences of the Bad

I could write a whole book about it - non-fiction

By the lost Wayfarer, Ujjwal Dey
Get that recurring "mung" checked. You never know when an ordinary single cell organism can take down a giant - like HG Wells science fiction from 1897 where Martian Invasion from Outer Space gets stopped because of an ordinary pathogen which has killed all the Martians on Earth.
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BAGGER MOVIE REVIEW--American Dresser (2018)

Veteran Tom Berenger stars as an Old Widower Biker on a Search for Himself

By Ujjwal Dey
In this modern day western, old bikers are reminded of the beauty this country has to offer, encounter many interesting people, and unexpectedly discover something about themselves.
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The Magnificent History of the Triumph Speed Twin

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd is the largest British motorcycle manufacturer, established in 1983

By Timothy Remus with Photos by Tim and some archival stuff
Well before WWII a talented engineer and designer unleashed a truly new motorcycle on the two-wheeled world. In 1937, however, a light and nimble vertical twin motorcycle, with as much or more power as many V-Twins was a big deal.
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The Triumph Tiger Cub Bible

Book Review by Dangerous Dave

By Mike Estall with photos by Dangerous Dave
One of the iconic bikes produced by Triumph was the Tiger Cub. Mike Estall has gone through great effort to record the history of this fine machine for posterity.
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Route 66 Adventure handbook: High-Octane 5th Edition

Drew provides photos and maps to aid in your journey

Review by: Dangerous Dave
Being an explorer is an inherent part of the biker spirit along with the need of freedom. In its heyday Route 66 satisfied these two basic needs for many Americans.It was a pleasure reading this book and discovering that many of the locations I have been to along the route are still there and I was at the right place.
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Book Review: McQueen’s Motorcycles

Racing and Riding with the King of Cool

By David Campbell
So I try and tell you why I think you would like a book or not and why you might or might not want to pick up a copy for yourself. This book showed me the real side of Steve McQueen.
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Marked--Outlaw Fiction

by George Christie

By David Campbell
George Christie writes from experience, being Marine, employee for the Department of Defense, and member of the Hells Angels from 1975. As a Hells Angel he founded the Ventura chapter and served as international spokesman for 30 years. Lots of stories and experiences to pull from as he delights the reader with his pros.
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Two New Books Hit the Motorcycle Stands

"Riding the Road of Life" and "Dare to Be Nutter"

By Dmac and Paul Garson
Gloria's book includes 92 years of living and riding packed into 256 pages leaves the reader wanting more. When will Volume #2 be available? Sonny just sums it up by saying “it’s the real story of a little boy’s dream that came true… racing vintage motorcycles, midgets and sprint cars …both on the home turf and taking it overseas.”
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