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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition

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Motorcycle Mystique

Deadwood’s Biker Jailer

Based on actual events in 1982

By Keith "Bandit" Ball with AI illustrations by Wayfarer
About 1982 a scruffy biker named Rusty, with a full beard mowed lawns and his wife worked at Family Dollar a couple of blocks away on the cobblestone street, while the Homestake mine endured another strike. Wasn’t much going on when the Sheriff asked Rusty if he would ride along on a prisoner transfer to Sioux Falls for 100 bucks. He smiled and took the job.
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Brothers for Truth

The Real Story

By Bandit with images from Sam Burns, Barry Green and Wayfarer
Joey woke up early. He had to blast to work, a new job in the Fossil Fuel Industry. The sky shown a brilliant blue with sparce clouds over the vast Wyoming plains. He was new to the area after riding his Sportster out from California
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Old Flames

From the Past

By the Wicked Bitch with images from Sam Burns
I navigated my wheelbarrow through my menagerie of Harleys towards the front yard. The fire caught quickly, and I dumped wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of straw on the pile, while ignoring the cold air and engulfing the sunshine.
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Sweet Caroline

A Rough-neck's Christmas

By Gearhead and Bandit
Her old man worked on the rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. A true blue rough-neck just like his daddy before him, Blue was a half-blood Choctaw and English.
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The Family Code

By Bandit with images by Wayfarer
Gabriel recently started smoking cigars. He ate steak tips and French fries from the Loud American club down the empty street. Something clawed at him like a bad dream, a scolding mother or the fight, when he nearly killed a man in a blind rage. He felt like a soldier missing an arm.
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The Kid

A motherlode of biker women, and then one literally!

by Keith 'Bandit' Ball with illustrations by Wayfarer
Romance Ricky, spent ten years in Iraq. About to go home, he grappled with his mission. Before his time in the service, he enjoyed the fruits of his lovers. A stout, good-looking sort he rode a Panhead chopper and chased women, but like so many young men he didn’t understand the code. Most of the broads he chased didn’t get it either.
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Rode Alone Revisited

The Blues in the West…and a Choice for Freedom

by K. Randall "Bandit" Ball with illustrations by Wayfarer
Renewed adventure from a fiction we published last year. The possible origins of a Cantina and everlasting love?!?
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Deadly Attachment

Love Triumphs Where Fate Falters

by Ujjwal Dey with illustrations by Wayfarer
As a handyman, Richard had little to offer than stained clothes and bleached hands. He had worked odd jobs so often and so many, the obvious thing to do was to list himself on classifieds for any small home-repairs. Decidedly, he climbed out into the cold night to the back alley where he had chained his Triumph Bonneville. Few had chopped a Triumph since it was such a collectible.
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