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Bikernet 100-Word Fiction Contest

A Writing Contest with a 100-Word Limit

Compiled & Edited by Wayfarer
Yup, it's a Monthly Contest open to all. Just sign up for the free weekly newsletter. Then email us your 100-word limit fiction.
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Black Magic Woman

Somewhere in the Desert

By Gearhead with help from Bandit
I pulled-up my old Shovelhead suspicious of the slippery sand. Would she accept a ride from an old biker? I slid my bike to a stop. I was listening to War Pigs by Black Sabbath in my earbuds just under my Bikernet bandanna.
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Jam and Vibe: Vehemence Of Evil

You can’t fight what you don’t know

by Ujjwal Dey
One of their most lucrative businesses lately was drug trafficking. America had never been so addicted to substances galore and now it seemed pharmaceutical pills could be replaced by marijuana as well. Hey, there were breakfast brownies made of weed in cafes! Why eat a cow-burger when you can eat “grass”?
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Bruno is Coming, Chapter II

Hang On for the Final Chapter

By K. Randall "Bandit" Ball with Jon Towle Illustrations
He ate a greasy dinner in a dive café sporting stools made from hubcaps and tuck-and-roll booths. He stared at his chipped ceramic cup and pondered his life. He didn’t like what raced through his mind. The big question was what the hell was he going to do now? He kept riding and thinking.
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Bruno is Coming

Bikers Meet the Old West

By K. Randall "Bandit" Ball, illustration by Jon Towle R.I.P.
Bruno tied off his helmet to his TT bars and kicked up dust in the ground-shale parking lot to the door. It was wide, thick planks and swung open with a rusting creak.
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Missing Flat Track Racer

By K. Randall Ball with images from Sam Burns
The owner explained that the bike and his pickup truck were stolen a year ago at an event. The owner, an older veteran loved to race. He raced since he was old enough to ride.
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Why We Chop: Chapter 4

Even in Oklahoma City

By Bill May with photos from Bill and Sam Burns
The summer of 1964 I worked at Freeburgers lawnmower shop on the corner of 23rd and Prospect in Oklahoma City. I was 17. It was my first commission mechanic job. I learned a lot about small engines there.
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Trying to Find His Way

By K. Randall "Bandit" Ball
Chopper Charlie was in a jam, he knew it. He stepped into too many dark alleys with the wrong guys.
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