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Motor Trike releases new Electric Reverse for their GTX and Vortex conversions

Reverse is Good

The Triking Viking AKA Koz Mraz

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Motor Trike, Inc. announced the release of a new Electric Reverse for their GTX and Vortex conversions.

- The Motor Trike GTX conversion fits the Harley Davidson® 1200 & 883 Sportsters™
The Motor Trike Vortex conversion fits the Victory Cross Country™, Cross Country Tour™, Cross Roads™, and Hard-Ball™

With Motor Trike’s new electric reverse installed on either the GTX or Vortex, parking anywhere is made possible with just the press of a button.

The Company is currently taking orders at a price of $1,395.00. The Motor Trike Electric Reverse will be available on 9/1/2012.

Headquartered in Troup, TX, Motor Trike, Inc. is one of the nation's leading trike conversion manufacturers.

- Motor Trike’s Electric Reverse makes parking anywhere possible.
- Easy to use with step-by-step instructions included.
- No modification of bike required.
- Fit options: Motor Trike Gladiator, Vortex, and GTX - All years.
- Custom engineered in-house and made in the USA.
- Electronic warranty registration process, no paperwork necessary.
- Powerful and Reliable Motor
- Stand-alone system that does not affect the original transmission.
- Reverse can be installed on the kit from the factory, leaving only plug and play harness connections to complete the installation.

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