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Mimi and Moto Ride the Alphabet

A children's book catches our attention

by Dangerous Dave

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Book: Mimi and Moto Ride the Alphabet written by Nancy Gerloff and Mark Augustyn

Publisher: Little Rider Enterprises

ISBN: 978-0-578-46748-1

We all have one or two, or maybe a handful; whether it be your kids, grand-kids, or the ones your friends bring over. It is great and important that we share our love of life, our passions, and our desire to read and share adventures with these young ones. Putting together this book, Nancy and Mark gave us a great way to share our passion for motorcycles and the joy they bring our lives with these kids. You gotta start somewhere and where better than with the alphabet and how each letter is tied to your adventures.


I sat down with my nine year old grandson and said, “today you get to read a book to me”. A little more explanation of what I was after and he was on board. When you get to help grandpa with his work and enjoy some time, he thought it was a good idea. Of course, nine year old’s know everything and have some strong opinions but we had a great time. The book was just a bit young for his liking but he thought it would be fun to read it to his 3 year old cousin. Instilling the desire to share with others is a great way to convince the young ones of the power of reading.

As we read the book it became evident the thought and skill that Nancy and Mark put into book. Not only the story which kept me and my grandson going, but the artwork put into the book added so much to the adventure. Hidden and not if the artwork were many little things that were tied to the alphabet and fun to find. Soon my grandson made as much of a game of finding items associated with the alphabet letter of the page as he did reading the story.


Now just like anything you do with a nine year old it was not all fun. He did complain about the little tag line that was repeated at the end of each pair of pages. He thought it was a little immature for him. Funny thing is, by the end of the book he was reading the tag line and enjoying everything.

So if you have little ones around or expect them I highly recommend picking up a copy of Mimi and Moto to have around for some fun times. Check out the other books in the collection as I am sure they will help you tell the story of motorcycling and the enjoyment you get from your passion.

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