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Sunday Edition

Bikernet's Performance Editor Provides a Two Year Snapshot

Merry Christms 2015 Followed by the Greatest New Years Ever…

By Ray C. Wheeler

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…. Rollin to the Bikernet, Global Headquarters, Wilmington, Ca.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks….. for unlimited encouragement and more.
Keith R. Ball, www.bikernet.com, Brad, www.aerocharger.com, Kent Riches, www.airtech-streamlining.com, Chance Darling, www.barnettclutches.com, Alan Alvarez, www.daytona-twintec.com, Jimmie, www.horsepowerinc.net, Randy Torgeson, www.kingofcubes.com, Paul Kittrell, www.lyndallracingbrakes.com, Paul Thede, www.racetech.com, Reggie Sr. & Jr. www.rrcycle.com, Nitro Bill, www.stddevelopment.com, Guy Caputo, Tiger Racing, www.1st-to-the-finish-line.com, Steve Packer, www.turbodoc.com, Duncan Keller, www.yankeeengineuity.com ….

…. Patiently waiting for traction ????

But wait there's more…. Brad Beach, Beach Racing… Rick Tedder, R/T Perfromance ….
Dr. Willie Lanham, Long Beach, CA. …. Fung Shui Master Pilot/Welder Toby, Long Beach, CA …. and all three ex-wives, three sons and their families.

2014 & 2015 …. Remarkable years in many ways.

…. 2014 ….Lands end with Sam Wheeler ….

2014 ….August …Destination Bonneville ….
Your 5-Ball Racing Team arrived on the salt prepared for the run of a lifetime. Suited up and rolled to the International Long Course, staged for the first ride on the salt with the Dan Thayer tuned, 124 inch twin cam Raycer. Yahoo, here comes the wind and rain. Returned to the pits on a Rocket and battened down the hatches for the night. The next morning at the drivers meeting it was announced …the track was closed for the day in anticipation of a dry, runnable course on the last day of the meet.

…. Passed Scrutinizing ….

Arrived the next morning at the crack of dawn ready to roll. The motorcycles on the long course were experiencing major traction issues (slippin and slidin), so ….made one of very few adult decisions …return home safe and sound.

2015 …. The infamous, elusive Bonneville was closed once again, due to weather issues.

…. Inspecting the Tarmac at The Ohio Mile ….

Sept. 24 … Thursday arrived in Wilmington, Ohio.
The long awaited Ohio Mile, last chance for a pass this year. Passed Tech ready for the pass of a lifetime. Once again the gusting wind scuttled any attempts at a safe run on a full fairing bike.

….2015 ….Windy Saturday on Ohio ….

Sunday morning checked out of my room, rolled to the tarmac and loaded the hot rod for a trip Northward to Dan Thayer's, V Twin Fuel Injection in Corfu, New York. Dan ran two buckets of race fuel during a one week visit while dyno tuning, discovering a couple minor issue.

…. Tuning

Oct. 4, 2015 ….Sunday ….

…Dan Thayer tuning ….

Tuning was completed…Dan rolled the hot rod out of the shop… Time for a ride on a country back road. About a mile to the main road, a u-turn and returned to the shop. Managed a 2nd and 3rd gear pull before running out of road …we have a rocket ship.

…. Haulin ASS one more time ….

11/27… Friday….returned to Corfu, New York …. unhooked the trailer with the race bike safely secured . We discussed what to do for the 2016 race season. Hauled Ass early Friday evening and rolled south, destination Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Peeking into the future…. we will be tuned and ready to attack the tarmac at the Ohio Mile ….

Until then have a Merry Christmas and the Greatest New Years Ever ….

--Ray C. Wheeler
All Knowing Bikernet Performance Editor

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