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Meet Alok Sharma, UN Global Ruler of You AND The Atmosphere

J.J. Steps into the Climate Ring

By J.J. Solari with images from Berry and Sam

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"(1) Human activity is damaging our Earth. (2) It's imperiling this brilliant jewel. (3) The greenhouse gases that we've been pumping into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution are altering nature's precious balance, disrupting the finely tuned and fantastically complex system that is the world's climate, and the effects are now closing in. (4) Global temperatures are rising.

Last year was the hottest on record. (5)The last decade was the hottest ever recorded. (6) And in the past 30 years, the world has lost up to half its coral reefs, half. (7)We've seen wildfires in the Pennines and floods in West Lothian, all as pollution chokes occurring. (8)And if we do not act now, the science tells us these effects will become more frequent and more brutal, that we will witness a scale of global catastrophe the likes of which the world has not seen. (9)And quite rightly, future generations will hold us responsible."

The above link and the above text are......well, the same thing. The text is the written-out shit that the guy in the link is reciting.

The guy in the unintentional Monty Python imitation video is Alok Sharma. Alok Sharma is the chairman of something or other called the COP23. You will read a hell of a lot of articles from all the genius journalists working at all the wondrous news entities before you will find a-one of them willing to tell you what the COP23 is. You're supposed to just know. Because you are supposed to be so addicted to the imbeciles bringing you the "news of the world" that COP23 should just be part of your everyday vocabulary. Just like "Man, I'd like to tap THAT" is.

The COP23 is the (maybe) 23rd meeting of the Conference of Parties. It's a UN, or as the Israelis call it the "United Nothings," swah-ray that they convene to warn you what the global array of world leadership is going to blame you for so you will know why they are preparing to punish you. Hey, the worldwide mask-wearing and solitary isolation and quarantining the healthy and letting grandma die alone worked out without anyone going whatdafuck. Time to ramp things up!

As you watch him flick his dry and lying tongue in and out and posture with his hands and pronounce "occurring" as "oh-surring" in the phrase "all as pollution chokes oh-surring" as though he has memorized something incorrectly or else is reading something you watch and listen with no attention paid to his facial and body language but hear just the pontifical pronouncements.......if you take the performance sentence by sentence....he is not actually giving you any actual information. He is just making assertions. He might as well be saying "Inanimate Lives Matter." I will demonstrate.

1: "Human activity is damaging our earth."

This is something a chained and screaming demon-possessed psychopathic old woman on fentanyl and who just set herself on fire would shout at passing busses in downtown Los Angeles. The earth has NEVER been damaged. It's 5 billion years old. And it is undamaged. What HAS been damaged is Alok's ability to articulate anything other than decrees.

The earth PRODUCED humans. And in fact, the earth damages THEM on a regular basis. For him to say that humanity is damaging the earth is broadcasting that he is a lunatic if not a sociopath. He is putting the existence of terrain as being more important than the existence of humans. PLUS, he's saying all this damage is all our fault. Which is what sociopaths do. They fuck you over....and then say it's your fault.

We are harming atoms. So Alok is going to punish us, or at least prompt those with the available firepower to punish us to do so. All the while he is proclaiming his sanctimonious concern for our welfare by telling us we need to die. We are violating HIS religion. Which, in case you were wondering, is paganism: declaring inanimate terrain to be an item of worship or at least having more rights than humans. He is declaring "the planet" as "more entitled" than us. He is declaring that rocks have rights, basically. In short, everything has rights....except you. You have duties: to keep people safe from the flu. And to keep rocks safe from miners.

2: "It's imperiling this precious jewel."

This is not only an arbitrary conclusion based on no actual evidence that anyone in any field of actual knowledge can actually point to.... it’s inferior, really bad, very amateurish, creative writing. It's childish fairyland nonsense. He's calling the earth a precious jewel. This is 6-year-old girl talk. The earth is not a precious jewel. It's a fucking planet orbiting a fucking star. One of nine, or ten, or whatever they have declared this week as planets.

In addition to being an arbitrary conclusion based on nothing as well as inferior amateur poetry, it's also a declaration that the planet Earth has more rights than you do. Which is downright mean-spirited if not insane.

EYE think he's just mean-spirited. Just like all the people now blaming children for being basically immune to the flu and all its variants-without-number. They - children - are being punished for not being old and decrepit. This is called in my personal dictionary "criminal child abuse."

To continue, the earth is not only not a jewel, what actual jewels the earth has within it are really hard to find, hence their value. Therefore no one pays a high price for limestone. It's not a precious jewel. And neither is the earth. It's just the fucking earth. It's not a precious jewel. Unless you are in love and writing in your diary. Then it's a precious jewel.

3: "The greenhouse gases that we've been pumping into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution are altering nature's precious balance, disrupting the finely tuned and fantastically complex system that is the world's climate, and the effects are now closing in."

A: Greenhouse gas is the political language for carbon dioxide. There are no varieties of CO2 so "gasses" is purposely used to make his idiot followers assume there is more than one "greenhouse gas." There is no evidence to prove that CO2 turns the atmosphere into a greenhouse, much less a runaway one. Whatever the fuck that would even be. CO2 is not a greenhouse gas any more than hydrogen is a refrigerator gas. can enter a greenhouse and stay there all day and not suffocate. A "runaway" state never even occurs in an actual greenhouse. Why would it occur in the fucking atmosphere? If there was any actual danger in anything he's saying he would be evidencing a much higher sense of urgency than he is evidencing in his droning memorized series of propaganda sentences that he is reciting at the "wind farm." Even though wind farms do not actually produce wind. Or electricity most of the time.

He himself is producing more wind out his yap and probably out his ass than all those inefficient expensive toys behind him are actually producing. The war against the Industrial Revolution has been in effect by bureaucrats ever since they all realized that unregulated free enterprise would provide to humanity all the "benefits" that government claims to have as IT'S job to provide. The Industrial Revolution (and there isn't a public-sector parasite on earth who doesn't realize this is an "existential threat" alright, but the threat is to the existence of government in all its forms) threatens government.

HENCE.....industry must be destroyed. What was the first thing to disappear when government declared the annual cold and flu season a suddenly horrific "great and mighty plague," as that easily-duped Donald Trump declared it to be?...employment in the private sector was what got hit by decree by ten million health officials who never got elected.

I notice no bureaucrats or teachers or nurses or professors or bus drivers or cops or judges lost their jobs. Why does government regulate industry and not itself? Because government is perfect! And caring! And moral! And democratic! Unlike "greedy seekers of honest profit from voluntary customers." When does business make you pay them in exchange for nothing in return? Never. When does government do it: always. 100% of the time. Throughout human history.

B: Nature is not a precious jewel and it does not operate via a precious balance, traditionally referred to as "the delicate balance of Nature." Nature is not delicately balanced. It is mightily and thunderously balanced. You fuck it up it fixes itself. And then will fuck YOU up. Every living cell is fighting for its life 24 hours a day. Life is a machine that violates entropy. It's something that reason and sense tells you it could never have come from the senseless, lifeless periodic table. But here it is. Life is fighting "the planet." Life is using the planet to stay in existence.

The war, if there is one, is rocks against cells. Alok wants the rocks to win. For anyone to say that humans' Industrial Age "output of destruction" exceeds the power and destruction of one hurricane, one flood, one volcano, one drought, one forest fire, one earthquake or one tidal wave that might show up on any average day in any average global either a liar or a moron. And Probably BOTH.

C: The effects are closing in? Um, where, asshole. Point those effects of your insight into the atmospheric machine out to me. Melting Ice? Like more fresh water is a problem? So, what is it, we are running out of water on a planet 80% water god only knows how many miles deep, but melting ice is producing too much water? What effects are closing in. Nice List of Nothing that you have provided there, Sparkle. You know what's closing in? Your cranium. It's closing in on your brain so much that only vocabulary projectile vomit is coming out of your mouth.

4: "Global temperatures are rising. Last year was the hottest on record."

How long has it been possible to "measure" global temperature. Whatever that even is. More than 200 years? I'm guessing less than 50. What does it MATTER if "global temperatures are rising"? Who cares? Why is it so certain that idiot humans are "causing" it? There is not one way to determine this. Other, of course, than forcing everyone to live like the Hopi and wait 50 years to see if "global temperatures" have dropped.

Death Valley is STILL the only place in America where if you go there you have to really pay attention with a deep vigilance to how fucking hot it is. Everywhere else in America, today, May 15th?'s pretty nice out. Calm the fuck down, Alok, you'll have a fuckin' stroke. Which would be fine with me.

5: "The last decade was the hottest ever recorded."

Yeah, and no one fucking noticed. Other than people with NASA-level instruments and MIT level heads for mathematics. No one else noticed. So, let's undo the Industrial Revolution!!!!!! That's Alok's solution to a non-existent problem. Who pays this Alok fucker? And what exactly is his fucking job?

6: "And in the past 30 years, the world has lost up to half its coral reefs, half."

Well. Let me sit down and put my head in my hands over this one. I'll never sleep again. Coral is more important than humanity having air conditioning and diet soda and ice rinks and hamburgers? And where is the cause-and-effect chart explaining how humans on the fucking land are affecting idiot coral in the fucking ocean? Maybe the CORAL are doing something to overheat themselves. Coral? Really? You're worried about coral? Your concern about the coral is supposed to take precedence about my concern about making a living and having some creature comforts? Fuck you, you pompous self-righteous guru of holiness.

You ever notice it's always the people who are ordering you around - who you never even met - that are always insisting that if you don't obey them, you are committing sins? It ain't just preachers. It's also presidents and senators and governors and city councilmen and county supervisors and now the UN, which is a smelly horde of prehistoric third world savages....declaring you unholy because you are endangering humanity by not obeying some dumbass fuckhead who for SOME reason is in authority.

7: "We've seen wildfires in the Pennines and floods in West Lothian, all as pollution chokes occurring."

This is what is known as a non sequitur. It is a statement uttered more or less out of the blue that references nothing said preciously or will be said subsequently. Being a non sequitur is the NICE part. SOME of it is pure genuine gibberish.

Air temperature does not ignite wildfires. Not even in the really important Pennines. Lightning, magma, and arsonists ignite wildfires. I don't know what the fucking West Lothian is but I'm willing to bet it's a fucking bog. If I know England. And ya know, if something is on fire, put the fucking fire out. Don't go telling everyone to stop using coal and gasoline and methane and kerosene and propane and U238 so that an arson fire you can't be bothered extinguishing won't happen. Regarding the bewildering remark "all as pollution chokes oh-sur-ing"...........I actually don't know what to do about those osurring things. So, I'll give Alok that one. "All as pollution chokes oh-sur-ing" could in fact perhaps be caused by me trying to live in the 21st Century AD rather than in 21st Century BC. I don't know. I mean, regarding o-surrings?....Alok could be right, I could be at fault. Like I say, Alok, I'm gonna give ya this one.

8: "And if we do not act now, the science tells us these effects will become more frequent and more brutal, that we will witness a scale of global catastrophe the likes of which the world has not seen."

This is the raving of a fucking lunatic. Assuming he actually believes this. Who's "we"? Well, I'll tell you who we is: we is you. Not him. What "brutality" has a 1 degree increase in whatever the global temperature is in the past hundred years.....what is the brutality that has actually been inflicted on anyone. Where's the fucking brutality. Is it Bruising? Bleeding? Broken Bones? Disfigurement? What's the fucking brutality. What are "these effects"?

What's next, global warming caused C-19? In fact, what do you want to bet that the news hacks and 'crats are eventually going to claim global warming created the fake pandemic of the annual cold and flu season currently being called C-19. Wait till they tie the flu to global warming.

Fauci is ALREADY claiming the flu is white privilege because it is hitting the still-enslaved, forever-enslaved, never-allowed-to-be-free negroes the hardest. That's what he says. Your guilt is being broadcast on all fronts regarding all your amazing "advantages" and "privileges." They're basically saying that because you're apparently superior, everyone is in danger.

And another thing: why can they declare you superior, but you can't declare yourself superior. It's like living in a maze created by extra-dimensional monsters, isn't it? It's like supernatural crazed beings from Hell are now directing traffic on all fronts, roads, highways and intersections. The only reason you haven't heard yet that the global warming you created also created C-19..... is because the hacks and 'crats have not read this article yet. But they will. So, keep an eye out for it. Because you heard it here first.

What will be the exact nature and time of this global catastrophe that "we" will see down the road but which Alok has apparently already witnessed in his seance-room of light-absorbent curtains and from Madame Blavatsky's messages from the Beyond? Maybe he could tell us what to expect so we can make preparations rather than having to revert to a veldt-level or plains-Indian level lifestyle of living in houses made of animal skins and dried sticks.

Maybe he could be a little more responsible and give us some details of the nature and extent of the danger rather than telling us we are just going to have to believe his idiot crazed Chicken Little imbecilic prophesies based on no previous examples to cite and no previous experiments conducted other than watching PBS and NPR and the EPA for mystical updates from Planet Earth Gaia leprechauns. Because that's all "environmentalism" is - Reverse Astrology.

Instead of all the planets but earth determining human events.....humans determine planet-earth events. But not events on other planets. Environmentalism is taking something already batshit crazy - astrology - and turning it inside out so that it's not just's suicidal. But ya know what?....there's a reason we're all in clown face-coverings that we believe have magical powers. And it ain't because we're all just so strong and so mighty and so intelligent and so brave. So Alok might not be just barking at the moon. He might instead be simply teaching ALL of us how to bark at the moon. Like HE does.

9: "And quite rightly, future human generations will hold us responsible."

And finally, he unloads the Luciferian accusatory guilt trip that all these creeps keep in their pink handbags, which is "we actually ARE our brothers keepers." But Alok takes it one dimension further than the fake pandemic plague of Fairyland guilt trippers throw at us, which, their story is, "we are causing harm to those around us" by not obeying these fucks.

But Alok takes it One Step Beyond. He takes it far into the future where people who don't actually even exist yet will be upset at us if we don't obey Alok. Oh dear: imaginary people will think badly of us. People who aren't even sperms and eggs yet.....will be upset at us. Because we didn't obey Alok The Mighty - the guy who can't even say "occurring" without falling all over himself.

He spends his entire speech insisting that humanity is doomed to extinction.....which will upset future generations to the point where they will call us names. Even though we rendered them extinct by our Industrial Revolution and alternate current and turbine engines and atomic energy. People who we rendered extinct.....will call us names. After they de-extinct. And who are not even here yet: whether they're extinct or not. Because they're in the future. Everything is in the future with this guy. He's like a fucking fortune teller or snake charmer. But then he WAS born in India. I rest my fucking case.

There's a REASON he works at the UN. And it's not because he's intelligent.

Thank you.

--J.J. Solari
Supreme Commander
Science Overload Class
Bikernet University

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