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Ride Forever -
Tuesday Edition

Making Art While You’re High at It

Cannabis, Tins, and Chucks!!!

by Prince Najar

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I’ve been busting rocks on a rock pile of cannabis for a number of years to create a powder that food companies can easily infuse CBD and THC into candies, bake goods, and beverages. What we came up with is a new cannabis technology, Deeper Green™, that is fast acting, tasteless and odorless. We can now make any food product into an infused edible.

The company, Greener Frontiers, is a startup in California and we are now selling the powder to operators across the country.

So, what does that have to do with motorcycles? Well, I want something that I can promote at events and social media. And motorcycles and cannabis go together like chocolate and peanut butter.  So, I sent some tins to Atomic Bob in Ohio to do some of his magic.

You might be familiar with Mr. Atomic. He’s become part of the 5-Ball Racing Team by Bandit. His company, Atomic Dice, has done all the illustrations of the “Salt Torpedo” racing belly-pan trike.

The Race is on for Truth, Justice, Cannabis, and Art Shit.
The story all starts with a totaled Sportster. After working out at the gym, I had a disagreeable encounter with a Soccer Mom in a Soccer Van on a late stormy night after a Soccer Game.

The limping hulk of a Sportster was sent off to Hank Thibodeau of Widowmaker Custom Repair & Design for some R&R, straightening and a few mods. After that was accomplished, I called the Atomic one handled the shine.

With Atomic Bob, you never know what you will get back, but you do know it will be cool and you do know it will be out of the box.

What I got back was some '70s big-flake with a hint of '60s psychedelic experience but with interesting blue / green combo that I never thought would look good. Mr. Atomic always pulls it off.
Click to Reach the Master on Face book.
Click to Reach the Master on Face book.

When Art & Cannabis collides
Like many creatives before Atomic Bob, including Louis Armstrong, Steve Jobs, and George Carlin, they used pot recreationally. And since the time cannabis was discovered, people have been getting stoned and making art.

So, I asked Atomic how he came up with the design.

He said that it all started when the brown shirts of UPS dropped off the package and he then prepped the tins and laid down a coat of black. Then he blew on some 70’s-style big gold flake and covered it with candy green. After that he set tank and fender out  in the hall so he could see it when he was walking back and forth from his shop.

After multiple days of walk-by cogitation, he decided to light up a bowl of Willie's Reserve: Lime Sherbet and sat down and got to work. He explained that this is his preferred blend to paint with.

Atomic Bob has a lot of anxiety, cannabis provides him with full clarity and his anxiety drops away. Bob said that the detail and thought process become more refined post bowl.

He came up with a 60’s design that is reminiscent of Stanley Mouse, an artist notable for his 1960s psychedelic rock concert poster designs for the Grateful Dead and Journey album covers.

Each letter is unique but they also flow together. And their size fills the space on the sides of the tank, which spells out Deeper Green.

Wanting to know more about his creative process, I asked Bob about his relationship with cannabis: Does he need cannabis to work? No. Does he like to work after a little sumth’n sumth’n? Yes.

Has cannabis allowed him to get off other medications? Yes. As a matter of fact, he said that cannabis has allowed to get off 8 of his 10 medications. Combined with quitting cigarettes and alcohol, he has replaced it with a much healthier lifestyle.

Speaking of style, Mr. Atomic prefers to take retro tobacco pipes and convert them into cannabis pipes.

An interesting cannabis fun fact
Science suggests that cannabis help support the generation of ideas by supporting overall brain function. Neuroscientists have identified the frontal cortex of the brain as a center for idea creation, and cannabis can potentially stimulate activity in segments of the frontal lobe, as well as increasing blood flow to the entire brain, leading to more potential for activity and deep thought.

But wait, there’s more
I like to ride in Converse and found a set of low-cut leather Chucks with insulation that were ideal for late fall / early winter riding. But what could I find to ride the Deeper Green Sporty?
Turns out Converse lets you create your own design.

I started with a white set of tennis shoes and selected a set of colors that work with Atomic Bob’s palette.

In about 15 minutes I had something that adds a little bit of style to the package.

You’re able to customize individual pairs including Chuck Highs, Lows, and Slips. Converse puts you in the driver’s seat when customizing any number of designs including colors, graphics, and limited edition kicks.

The Atomic Bob Upgrade
As I mentioned, I engaged Atomic Bob for paint but I get people pulling me over on the road, walking up to the bike at bars, gas stations, and restaurants to look and talk about the little sporty. Bob’s paint pops in the sunshine. I’m hoping that our CBD Cannabis becomes as popular as his work on the bike.

I take CBD before and after a long ride. You may want to try some hi-potent CBD at

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Reader Comments

Bob is not only a neighbor and a Friend he has stripped at least four of my projects. Working on another one he will put his touch on by fall. The Man with the Brush and the vision.

Bruce Rininger
N.Benton, OH
Sunday, July 17, 2022
Editor Response We always enjoy working with Bob and his mysterious Wife.

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