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Tuesday Edition

2016 MRF Meeting of the Minds Report

Roll Call of States Represented

Provided by the MRF

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Brothers and Sisters,

It’s been an unbelievable week since returning from the Meeting of the Minds. As I often do, I captured some notes from the “Meet the Board” session, which I personally prefer to call the “Roll call of States”. To me, this is the most amazing session of any similar conference because it’s a unique opportunity to share what’s going on around the country with regard to our victories, and our challenges. It’s an opportunity to see what we might be facing in the not-too-distant future, and to reach out to our fellow freedom fighters for assistance.

This year, 30 States were represented at the Roll Call!

While I wish I could write faster, and I wish I could capture these notes without error, I’m sure there may be an opportunity or two (or nine) for correction, update, or addition. Please accept these notes in the spirit with which they’ve been captured.

(Kris Cook)
Working with Alabama State Department of Education, Transportation and Driver Education. Office of Supporting Services.
Driver Ed program - Alabama education now includes ABATE module and curriculum!
Special session - Polaris created subclass of motorcycle for auto-cycle
Requires helmet but not an endorsement

(Dave Monroe)
Membership is dwindling
Trying to get organization to focus on federal issues

(Scott Reilly)
1359 motorcycle safety advisory Council
passed in the Senate and House but stopped at third reading
plan to reintroduce in next session
plan to introduce anti-profiling legislation

(Rodney Farley, AKA “Fred”)
Legislators meet in January, working on a profiling bill.
Meeting with NCOM and COC representatives.

Lane splitting Bill killed in house transportation committee
CDOT recognition ignored
Transponder required on toll roads
Motorcycles are free in CO – Bill Killed
E-15 fought against, bill dropped
MOST program
15% dedicated for admin, but MSF spending 75%!!
Audits of CDOT
Insurance on Bikes

(Sandra Clark)
2017 legislative change
2016 no helmet bills and no motorcycle-only legislation!
Successful because working issues behind the scenes:
Auxiliary lighting, cable barriers (European ideas for netting)
3E: Engage, Education, Enforcement


Organize strategic plan
Georgia motorcycle safety program highlighting motorcycle training in schools
Safer roadways
Motorcycle task force (Governors Highway safety)
Legal action for distracted driving
Did read vetoed - resubmit legislatively
Lane filtering
include motorcycling in safety plan
Handlebar height 15” passed


(Dave Cazel)
Fatalities are on the rise:
74% rider error
19% Trained (81% not trained!)
38% not endorsed

(Bob Myers)
Blue dot taillight legalized
Ethanol issue-coalition with classic car clubs, boaters, tractors

(Mike Meyer)
Want to eliminate spinal cord and brain injury trust fund “donation” by motorcyclists
House Bill 1246 off-highway temporary trail use tag for out-of-state
House Bill 1087 regulates fees for endorsement, so only first time instead of every time
Held a ride with their governor!

(Dave Duffy)
Auto-cycles – HB24037 to create its own class
partnering with gun rights since similar freedom issues
DOT motorcycle safety fund recovered
Share the road and writer education
Developing apps for younger people with links to MRF


42 fatalities
trike classification-separate test
watching “solo” auto-cycle from Canada

Long Island
(Jim Barr)
Leveraging court systems if motorcyclist is killed
Please cannot dismissed without DA permission
Attending court four days per month
Bring media

(Donnie Brown)
Also membership issue
Helmet bill passed committee lost in house by four votes
All road users bill also lost in house by same margin

(Rick Gleason)
end of two-year legislative session
8 Bills filed – M/C Fund Rebate for Junior Training passed out of Transportation Committee
Opposed and stopped numerous bill including:
Vulnerable Roadway Users (2 similar bills)
Motorcycle Sound Emissions (2 similar bills concerning SAE j2825)
Junior Operator Bill which would have prevented <18 motorcycle licensing

$50 Rider Ed
waived written test for course
developed coalition with bicyclists
requires three hours of bicycle and motorcycle safety in driver Ed
Drug DUI mandatory 15-year sentence
8 trailers on the road with “Look for motorcycles” messaging

Red light bill
Handlebar bill
Opposed insurance bill: put motorcycles in no-fault category ($1400 per motorcycle additional)
Documenting profiling cases
Developed motorcycle dial-a-ride program

(Amy Almon)
Renewable fuel testimony provided by FORR
human liabilities on consumer
license plate vertical
helmet bill passed unanimously in-house, ran out of time in Senate
right-of-way bill passed in the house-existing legislation, but not enforced
COC created

(Russell Radke)
Lane splitting bill
Handlebar height bill
build relationships – bridge the gap!

New Hampshire
(Candy Alexander)
Lost two founding members
Transition period for NHMRO – reviewing organizational structure
Challenge to attract new and non-Harley riders

North Carolina
(Charlie Boone)
Helmet Bill
Equal Access Bill (Parking facilities built with public funds)
Auto-cycle Law not what they wanted (lobbied for my Manufacturers)
Anti-profiling based on Pennsylvania Bill
No-texting – Want to add distracted driving

North Dakota
(Lonnie Burkes)
Working issue of beehives on roadways as a distraction
12% decline in traffic, but 30% increase in motorcycle fatalities
expecting helmet law push next session

(John Pierce)
Gunner’s law: $3 on motorcycle Tag
$1.4M to Motorcycle Safety
Share the Road Program
No texting bill passed, disappointed about way being enforced
House Bill 2260-no training/no endorsement (< 18 must take MSF BRC)

(Andy Kelly)
Auto-cycle bill being pushed by manufacturers-need to separate motorcycles
Red light bill passed!

South Carolina
(Shelley Holcomb)
Lemon law for motorcycles past
Fixed issue with learners permit which required an adult on motorcycle!
Working towards changing age minimum of 6 years-old to making sure passenger reaches foot-pegs
Motorcycle study committee being worked in Senate
Working on separating scooters and mopeds from motorcycles

South Dakota
Still to remove restriction requiring two license plates on every vehicle for motorcycles
CoC started
Hosted Hartland STEAM – very successful

(Paul Landers)
Motorcycle safety recovery fund passed - $18 million recovered!
Share the road program


Declining membership
2015 highest accidents and fatalities
Rider error #1, < 1?2 endorsed, & < 1?2 that are trained
Left turn violations are included
Share the road and training working with the state
Fighting repeal of helmet choice for 18 years and older
Noise ordinance killed

(Wes Hurst)
auxiliary lighting - 11th hour compromise to allow
helmet Bill didn’t get to house floor – “Organ Donor” attached to bill
“DIANGI” – Dig In And Never Give In

Prefer to avoid motorcycle specific legislation-avoid special class discussion
Blackbox-data belongs to individual owner
Right-of-way violations
Collecting data on profiling cases
Partner with DOT-quote respect” program
Motorcycle safety advisory Council
One half the board is new, developing training program

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