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Motorcycle Theft Prevention and Recovery with GPS

By Ekim Saribardak

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Motorbike owners love their bikes for their easy maneuverability and high performance, motorbikes are smaller in size when compared to cars, and they are ideal for driving through city traffic. However, all the things that make motorcycles great also make them attractive for thieves.
Unfortunately for bike owners, stealing a motorcycle is much easier than stealing a car, and it is very profitable too. Motorcycles are prime targets for criminals of all kinds, which can cost you dearly. There are two types of motorcycle thieves: opportunistic thieves, looking for an easy score; and methodical criminals, who plan and approach each theft strategically.

Motorcycle owners have several options to deter both types of thieves, and common sense goes a long way in fending them off. But bikers have certain habits that leave their beloved bikes vulnerable to criminals. Leaving bikes unlocked and exposed for quick stops, parking them in a driveway with no locks whatsoever, and not having proper safeguards against theft are only a few of the reasons why bike theft is rife around the world.

It is becoming far too common in the UK for criminals to steal motorcycles with the intention of committing serious crimes including muggings, robberies, and acid attacks. There has been a rapid rise in the amount of ‘moped crime’ – particularly in London – where thieves use stolen scooters and mopeds to commit a series of thefts with an easy getaway. Despite continuous warnings from the Met Police, people still leave their motorcycles unlocked or without proper security measures. With a few simple tools, anyone can snap a cheap lock and get away with the goods. According to the National Crime Intelligence Service (NCIS) the UK, it takes as little as 20 seconds for a thief to steal a motorcycle, and hundreds are stolen each day. With only one in five of these successfully recovered, most will never see their bike again, this could mean that even the slightest mistake could leave you thousands of pounds worse off.
While there are technological marvels and sturdy locks that can discourage even the most determined thieves, there are some easy steps you can take now to prevent opportunistic theft:
- Never leave your motorcycle unlocked or unguarded, not even for a minute. You never know when or where a thief will be lying in wait for a careless bike owner.
- Always choose a well-lit, public area to park. You can greatly lower the risk of theft by parking in a crowded area where there will be plenty of eyes on your bike.

- Covering a motorcycle is a proven deterrent for thieves. Bike thieves usually go for specific targets, and if they can’t see what type of motorcycle you have, they can’t plan. Removing a cover also takes valuable time, which can encourage thieves to leave your motorcycle alone.
- Never leave your keys in the ignition. Another common biker mistake is leaving the keys in the bike. Most people tend to think ‘What can happen in 30 seconds?’ Well, a lot: you can come back to a space instead of your beloved bike in a very short period.

As motorcycle owners, we have to be cautious and smart about our daily habits to prevent becoming the next target for opportunistic thieves. However, all the care in the world couldn’t stop a determined and well-prepared thief, this is where the more advanced security systems come in. Since you can’t sleep or work next to your motorcycle, you will have to leave it alone for long periods from time to time. To ensure your bike is fully protected during these times, you will need a secret weapon that can prevent attempted theft or delay the thieves until help arrives.

Most motorcycle owners use chains to lock their motorcycles in a specific location and repeat this process almost every day. A thief may study this pattern and come prepared the next day. Power tools can cut almost any chain lock within seconds, so they can only delay a determined thief for so long. Tire locks and motorcycle alarms usually provide similar results as the criminals are familiar with them and work around these security measures with ease. Among all anti-theft devices, motorcycle trackers offer the most effective theft prevention and recovery systems to owners. With sophisticated features such as geo-fence zones, real-time tracking, sensors, and event alerts, even the most accomplished thief will have a hard time getting away with your motorcycle.

Tracking devices offer reliable protection and the unique benefit of aiding recovery of a stolen bike. No other security system on the market can assist the safe return of a motorcycle. Geo-fence zones create a virtual fence around regular parking spots, and the tracking device notifies the owner whenever their bike enters or leaves a specific area and informs them of any suspicious movements. Sensors can also act as an early warning system in case someone tries to move or start a motorcycle. Ignition and movement alerts are great deterrents and allow people to interfere with theft and stop the criminals before they can work their skills on a motorcycle. Even if a thief somehow manages to steal your bike, a tracking device allows you to locate its exact position within minutes. By reporting the incident to the authorities promptly, police officers can recover the bike unharmed. So, no matter how experienced or prepared they are, the criminal has to get past the security measures in place first.

Having any of your personal property stolen can be upsetting, but if it is your motorcycle, it can be truly devastating. Motorcycle ownership is an extremely challenging task considering the dangers that lurk in every corner, but GPS tracking devices can prevent that dreaded outcome. Your pride and joy will be safer than ever with a tracking device on board, letting you focus on your daily tasks without having to worry about your motorcycle’s security.
--Ekim Saribardak

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