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A Feature Direct from Sweden

by Peter Ström with photography by Peter Ström and Michael Åkerblom

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My name is Peter Ström and I am 54 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a few bike-builds behind me – I built my wife’s FXR trike, Sportster chopper for myself, Sportster bobber with a lot of engraving on it for my daughter. Every one of them has been well-appreciated and written about in a big number of magazines around the world.

Peter, the owner, builder, writer and photographer. Very well done.
Peter, the owner, builder, writer and photographer. Very well done.

With this build I wanted a Dragracing/Hot Rod stile! So it was obvious to ask Håkan at MOONeyes Sweden for help with parts. Because, let’s face it, what’s more associated with Dragracing and Hot Rods than MOON.

The whole bike is built around the legendary Aluminium oil tank from MOONeyes. I started the project with an original Sportster ‘03 frame, but instead of following everyone else and make it rigid in the back, I wanted to keep the shocks to have the old original school look.

The whole front frame was cut away, and the back frame I shortened 2 inches and the middle frame was made so the MOONeyes oil tank fit in.

A new front frame got built from under the front motor mount to the lowered back frame. Everything designed for a more fluid and straight line. The measurements of the bike is 3 inches up, 39 degree rake, the fork is 10 inches over, with 5 degrees triple three.

A lot of MOONeyes builds are all MOON-yellow. I wanted the same effect as the oil tank – brushed aluminium! So that started the hunt for aluminium parts.

The Gas tank is a stretched Sportster aluminium tank from Easy rider Japan. The back fender is a Tsunami from Lowbrow’s.

The front fairing is from Hippie killer garage that needed a lot of grinding because of the bad quality of the casting. Everything got wet-sanded for the brushed look.

The idea of the paint I got from the back of the box that some of the MOONeyes parts come in. To get the racing style stronger and include some MOON-yellow on I decided to make two yellow stripes all the way through the bike that make a frame for the Mooneyes logos in the middle! The rest is brushed aluminium with clear coat.

The wheels are original, old 16 – 19-inch Mags from the 80th. The centers got painted in satin black and the edges was grinded to get that brushed look and aluminium sprocket in the back.

The break and clutch leavers are from an ’06 Sportster, where the electricity bottoms are removed and replaced with LC-fabrication “Switch housing deleted” for a cleaner look!
The brake master cylinder cap is from the MOON, the front break is from an ‘06 Sportster. To make the front brake fit the fork, I had to re-weld the brackets.

The brake discs are from DNA with a black centers.
Frame, swingarm, the fork and all the parts not brushed or yellow are powder coated in satin black. I think that there is not a chromed piece on the bike!

Another person that I got a lot of help from is “Otto” from Biltwell inc USA. The saddle, handlebar, risers, the gas handle, cap for CV and the footpegs came from Biltwell--
everything with extremely high quality and style.

The engine is a Sportster ‘03 crank case, Hammer performance 1250 cc cylinders, with hi comp pistons. The heads are ‘06 Sportster XB made to breathe easier, and cams are Hammer Performance.

The clutch is EMF auto clutch with kevlar plates! This makes the shifting really fast!! You only get off the throttle slightly and shift!! You don’t need to use the clutch handle! You shift, then hit full throttle again!! Gear box is 5-speed. The engine breathes through a 2-1 Screaming Eagle exhaust.
It makes little over 100Hk on the back tire! Soon, I will try it on a Drag strip in the class of “Bracket” to see!!

Keep Your fingers Crossed ;-)

Ride hard, Ride safe

Name of bike : Moonster

Owner: Peter Ström

Year/Make/Model: 2017

Fabrication : Peter Ström , “Bamse” Bamses Custom

Assembly: Peter Ström

Build Time : 8 months

Engine: HD XL 1250cc , 103hp

Cases : HD XL

Rods : JIMS

Pistons:  1250 Sledge Hammer Pistons

Cylinders 1250 from Hammer Performance

Heads: HD 1200 XB -06

Cam:  IMPACT 560

Ignition: 2000i

Carb:  CV 40 / Thunder Jet whit Biltwell inc “Ripple CV Alu Top”

Pipes:  Screaming Eagle 2-1

Air Cleaner:  MOON

Transmission: HD XL

Primary: HD XL
Point/Derby Cover: MOON

Clutch:  Kevlar

Frame:  Sportster 40% Custom 60%

Rake:  39 degrees

Stretch: 3 inches

Forks: DNA

Fork length: (+ or -) +10”

Additional rake in trees: 5

Front wheel:  19-inch Mag

Rear wheel:  16-inch Mag

Front Tire: (size and make)

Rear Tire: (size and make)

Front Brake:  Sportster -06 whit DNA disc
Rear Brake:  Sportster -03 whith DNA disc

Fuel Tank:  Easyrider Alu “stretched” Sportster gas tank whit MOON gascap

Oil Tank:  Moon

Fender:  Lowbrows “Tsunami” Alu fender

Handlebars: Biltwell inc “Moto Handlebars” Whit Bar pad

Risers:  Biltwell inc “Slimline Risers”
Trottle" Biltwell inc “Wiskey Alu Trottle”

Headlight"  Bates 5-3/4 whit Hippy Killer Alu Fairing

Taillight: Oops

Hand Controls:  Sportster '06 with MOON brake cap and LC-Fabrications “Switch Delete”

Grips: Biltwell inc “Kung fu gripps”

Foot Controls:  Sportster Mid controls whit Lowbrows Alu shift peg

Pegs: Biltwell inc “Mushman Foot Pegs”

Electrical:  Peter Ström

Painter:  Daniel Fahlström
Color:   Raw Aluminum whit MOON logos

Graphics MOON logos

Seat:  Biltwell inc “Thinline seat – Truck n`Roll” whit “Macho Seat Hinge”

Special Thanks to: Håkan “MOON” Johansson, “Otto” Biltwell inc USA , “Bamse” Bamses Custom


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Reader Comments

Great job love it

Dennis Howell
Semmes, AL
Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Editor Response Thanks!
Outstanding craftsmanship. Great stance.

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Editor Response Good folks to work with.

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