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By Lucas and The Factory Metal Works Team

By the Bikernet staff with photos by Peter Linney

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This is a strange one, but then the light went on. Shige owns MOONEYES USA and Japan. He’s a busy guy. He’s owned MOONEYES for 23 years and is active in the custom car and motorcycle market. He’s in the process of taking one his vintage dragsters and hauling it to the salt flats.

“I'm not builder, sorry,” Shige said. “I love bikes since I was 16; since then, I always have some bikes with me. However, I'm car guy too, mainly a car guy who loves motorcycle.”

Mooneyes products and logos are an indelible part of Hot Rod nostalgia, easily recognizable to gearheads and novices alike. “We take pride in producing high quality products that look great and get the job done right,” said Shige.

"Mooneyes produces Moon tanks, Moon discs, and valve covers right on site in our Machine Shop. We also supply various parts and accessories for hot rods, rat rods, and kustom creations, as well as an expanding line of motorcycle products."

Located in the same place since it all started back in the 1950s, MOONEYES remains in Santa Fe Springs, California.

“My Triumph was built by a friend of mine, Lucas Joyner, The Factory Metal Works," said Shige.

“This bike was built for a featured builder spot in the Hot Rod Custom show Yokohama 2012,” said Lucas, from The Factory. They specialize in very sharp custom Triumphs.

 MOONEYES staff "Go".
MOONEYES staff "Go".

“Shige and I have been friends for awhile,” Lucas continued. “Mooneyes carries some of our parts in their store and catalog. I consider Chico and Shige family. They have been big supporters of my company for awhile now.”

“We basically only do Triumph and BSA bikes. We have about a 40 percent international clientele. I build bikes for customers all over the world." 

"We usually don’t take in basket case bikes to finish. We build complete bikes from scratch then sell them. I won't take on a project. I try and only work with things we have assembled or built.”

“I met Lucas some time ago,” said Shige. “He is well skilled builder specializing in Triumph. I asked him to build a unit motor with hardtail equipped Triumph, but I wanted the hardtail shorter than what you see on the market. To me, it's too long and not good balance. He did a super job and made a nice, clean, sleek Triumph we called ‘MOON Machine’."

“This is the style I like; not too fancy, not like original but look original,” said Shige.

“I asked Lucas to cut the original fuel tank and make it skinny, but still maintain the original styling.”

The paint was done by the legendary painter, Bill Carter. “Design was initiated by me,” said Shige, “ and he painted it based with my design, including my colors.”

“No immediate goals for me. I just want to do what I like,” said Shige. “I just never end or stop. That’s my goal.”



Owner: Shige Shuganuma
Machine name: MOON Machine
Fabrication: The Factory Metal Works (TFMW)
Year/Make: 1964 Triumph 650
Builder: Lucas Joyner, owner of The Factory Metal Works
291 spring st sw
Concord, NC 28025
Model: 650 Tiger
Assembly: The Factory Metal Works

Shop info:


Toll Free: 1-800 547-5422
International/Direct Line: 562 944-6311
Fax: 562 946-2961

Year/Model: 1964 Tiger
Rebuilder: Bob Donabedian
Ignition: Pazon Electronic Ignition
Displacement: 650cc
Lower end: Stock
Balancing: Stock
Connecting rod: Stock
Pistons:. .040 over
Cases: Polished

Heads: Polished Single Carb Tiger
Rocker Arms: Stock
Rocker Covers: TFMW Alloy Covers
Cylinders:stock .040 over
Cam: Stock
Lifters: Stock
Pushrods: Stock
Valves: Stock
Valve Springs: Stock
Carb(s): Amal 930 Polished
Air Cleaner: Bubble Velocity Stack

Pipes: TFMW Rippled Drag Pipes


Year: 1964
Shifting: 4-speed
Modification: stock
Clutch: stock
Primary: chain

Molding: Bill Carter
Painter: Bill Carter
Color/Type: Black
Special Paint: Designed by MOONEYES Studio

Year: TFMW 2012
Type:tfmw Stock Style Repop Front Loop
Modifications: Stock Style
Swingarm: Bolt on 3 Stretch and 3 Drop TFMW/MOONEYES Version Hardtail

Bars: TFMW T140 Style Chrome 1 inch
Handlebar Controls: UK Style Levers Chrome
Risers: Built in to Bars
Grips: White Vintage
FrontFender: None
RearFender: Barons Speed Shop 5-inch Wassell

FenderStruts: TFMW Chrome Struts

Headlight: MOONEYES/ Cole Foster
Taillight: Red Bullet Taillight
Dash: None
Meters: None
Electrics: TFMW

Foot Controls: Rippled TFMW Stock Repop Chrome Pegs
Pegs: Barons White Foot Peg
Gas Tank: Narrowed Stock Triumph Tank with Ribbed Center

Oil Tank: MOONEYES / TFMW Original Vertical Triumph Oil Tank Polished
Oil System: Morgo Pump
Seat: TFMW Vintage White
Sissy Bar: None
Mirrors: None

Type: Triumph Pre-Unit Conventional Dropped 3 inches with TFMW Rippled Fork Covers
Maker: Triumph
Builder: TFMW
Triple Tree: Stock Triumph

Type: 21 Chrome Laced to a Chrome Tiger Cub Hub
Size: WM1 rim
Tire: 2.75x21 Avon Speedmaster
Brake Discs: None
Brake Caliper: None

Type: 19-inch Chrome Rear Laced to a Stock Triumph Spool Chrome Hub
Size: WM2
Tire: 3.50x19 Avon Speedmaster
Brake Discs: None
Brake Caliper: None

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Reader Comments

I have a total rebuilt 72 Norton words alone can't explain 16 month project to much in it to talk about. This Triumph is the Most Beautiful I've ever seen and I have seen a lot how do I get a side profile pic of this sweet heart for my wall like 14x20.

I'll even take down my Jaclyn Smith

CHINO valley, AZ
Thursday, November 17, 2022
Editor Response We might be able to help. Search for the Photographer and see if he has a website. Let me know.

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