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From Valentine's Day to the V-Twin Expo, we got it all covered!

By Bandit, Bob T., Mistress Chris, Richard Kranzler, Rogue, Art Hall, bad Uncle Monkey, Jack McIntyre, Ben Lamboeuf, Jeffrey Najar, Tyler Ludlow, Buckshot, Jim Waggaman, and a few more.

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By David Uhl - Enthusiast
By David Uhl - Enthusiast


Just before Friday the 13th
I’m going to pour as much good news all over you from the V-Twin Expo, plus gobs of reports are in the news. The show was up in many respects and heavy biz took place both days. In general I felt pressed to see everyone in a short two days.

The Dr. of Motorcycle Insurance. He's been around the industry a very long time.
The Dr. of Motorcycle Insurance. He's been around the industry a very long time.

Lotsa new products from Performance Machine from 16-inch rotors and 8-piston calipers for big wheels and even 21s. They have a new line of grips call Xccelerator with rubber for riders, and there are a couple of hot air cleaners and adjustable velocity stacks. The list goes on with headlight contrast cut bezels. In 2011 PM bought Xtreme Machine and life is good. You’ll see more reports on the Xtreme and PM lines, including lots of bagger accessories.

Headwinds continues to research LED technology headlights. Did you know there is a heat issue with LED bulbs. The cooler they run the hotter they glow. We may do a tech on how to adjust your headlight.

Old friends, Dave Perewitz and the boss of the show, Jim Betlach.
Old friends, Dave Perewitz and the boss of the show, Jim Betlach.

Lotsa techs are headed your way from the growing team at BDL. Since they took over JAMAR brakes, more caliper technology has rubbed off on GMA and we will work directly with Don, from JAMAR, about new products. BDL has a new narrow belt combination, which allows guys to switch out their system without buying a complete new one.

Let’s hit the news, and then I will touch on more teasers from the show.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet news is sponsored in part by Cycle Source Magazine and the Iron Trader News.


QUICK, OPEN THE BAD JOKE LIBRARY-- pulled into the crowded parking lot at the local shopping center and rolled down the car windows to make sure my Labrador Retriever Pup had fresh air. She was stretched full-out on the back seat and I wanted to impress upon her that she must remain there. I walked to the curb backward, pointing my finger at the car and saying emphatically, "Now you stay. Do you hear me?" "Stay! Stay!"

The driver of a nearby car, a pretty young blonde, gave me a strange look and said, Why don't you put it in Park?

--from Rogue and Jerry

‘PAUGHCO SPECIAL’ Springers Won’t Break the Bank--Paughco’s all new, all American Made “Special Springers” provide a low-cost alternative for custom bike builders who demand USA craftsmanship at an easy to live with price.

These Special Springers feature sandblasted steel components and welded-only finish, no polishing and solid half round rear legs for a no frills hand crafted appearance. Lengths offered include standard 27” and plus 3” for 30” overall.

You also have your choice of narrow and wide widths. All t3 shown here are wide versions. The unique high quality front ends are available in gloss black, textured satin black, and red powder paint with tumble finish, chrome springs and rocker studs.

Additionally each unit comes with a standard top clamp and dual brake tabs for single or dual discs. Optional items such as axles, fender mounts and shocks are offered at additional cost.

And get this, these awesome springers featuring Paughco’s world renowned quality and attention to detail retail for a mere $699.95 each!! For additional details and ordering information visit or call direct to 775-246-5738

180STSPB 181STSPB Stock length – Gloss Black

180-3SPB 181-3SPB 3-INCH over stock – Gloss Black

180STSPTB 181STSPTB Stock length – Satin Textured Black

180-3SPTB 181-3SPTB 3-inch over stock – Satin Textured Black

180STSPR 181STSPR Stock length – Gloss Red

180-3SPR 181-3SPR 3-inch over stock – Gloss Red

Your tax dollars are hard at work! NHTSA released a study titled “Motorcycle Helmet Use in 2014-overall results.” NOPUS, or National Occupant Protection Use Survey conducted the study. The survey claims to be “the only nationwide probability based observed data on motorcycle helmet use in the Untied States.”

The study observed certain stretches of road, at 1581 sites. They did the observing over 3.5 weeks last June. Over that time they ended up observing 684 motorcycles carrying 806 motorcyclists. So the survey isn’t really a survey, it’s a snapshot; a brief capture of bikes and bikers on the road. “Probability based” means they take the snapshot and enlarge it. They account for riding season length and so on before they extrapolate the numbers.

Our government needs to get on the same page when it comes to statistics. In NHTSA’s last issue of their periodic “Traffic Safety Facts” series they identified that motorcycle fatalities had dropped 6.4 percent and injuries dropped 8.3 percent the report called the drops “not statistically significant.”

Well this new report claims that use of non-compliant motorcycle helmets “decreased significantly from 7 percent to 5 percent”. Just another example of how government is biased against the most affordable and energy efficient modes of transportation Americans can use.

The survey goes into some detail about helmet use during different riding conditions, solo riders versus two up riders. You can read more here:

H.R. 21, the bill that would study the effects of ethanol on vehicles, is up to seven cosponsors. Keep the pressure on to cosponsor this important legislation.

Net Neutrality was a big issue this week with the FCC chairman Tom Wheeler circulating his proposed rules to regulate the internet like any other telecommunications utility such as cable, TV, telephones and other common carriers.

The chairman summed up his proposal with this statement: “An open Internet allows consumers to access the legal content and applications that they choose online, without interference from their broadband network provider. It fosters innovation and competition by ensuring that new products and services developed by entrepreneurs aren’t blocked or throttled by internet service providers putting their own profits above the public interest. An open internet allows free expression to blossom without fear of an Internet provider acting as a gatekeeper. And it gives innovators predictable rules of the road to deliver new products and services online.”

It’s a complicated issue but the simplest explanation is this. The government wants to be able to ensure the American public that their providers of internet access do not block or throttle access to lawful content and services. It also prohibits internet service providers (ISP) from allowing content providers to pay to get speedier delivery of their content, a practice known as “paid prioritization”. The ISP’s claim that the heavy regulation will only drive up costs that will be passed on to you, the user.

The commission should vote on regulation on February 26th.



EXTREME BIKERNET BAGGER WIND SCREEN TEST RESULTS--This is a big deal folks, anyone purchasing the new Road Glide will want a new windscreen and two of these are advertisers on Bikernet. I was fair and diplomatic but this is the FIRST windscreen comparison of aftermarket windscreens for the new Road Glide on planet earth. Please help spread the love.

READ more here....

Gary Koz Mraz
Editor BikernetTrikes
Cell 818-625-6540

Click on the art and it will take you there.
Click on the art and it will take you there.

Arizona Bill # HB-2345 URGENT - LEGISLATIVE ALERT!!!--AZ has a Bill running to eliminate a handle bar law completely.

We need people from our neighboring states and riders who visit AZ to email our legislators that you travel here and support HB-2345.
Email contacts are below.

--Deborah Butitta
ABATE of AZ Board Member Yavapai Chapter -
Motorcycle Riders Foundation Inc., Ex-Officio Board Member
928.308.1117 cell
Proud to be a part of the “Circle” in the “MC Rights Business” since 1990.


Our Bill, HB2345 is being heard in the House Transportation Committee on 2/10/15 at 2pm after floor recesses. Following is a list of House Trans Committee members and their individual phone numbers and emails. Please take the time to call/email each of them and leave the following message:

"As a motorcyclist, I am asking for your support of HB2345 being heard in the TRANS Committee 2/10/15. I would like to see the current motorcycle handle bar height restriction lifted."

Rep Fann and Campbell are our sponsors - please call/email them and thank them for sponsoring HB2345.

All legislator numbers begin with 602-926-xxxx
John Ackerley 3077
Richard Andrade 3130
Sonny Borrelli 5051
Charlene Fernandez 3098
Victoria Steel 5683
David Stevens 4321 - - Vice Chairman
Rick Gray 5993 - - Chairman

Karen Fann 3058 - - Our Sponsor
Noel Campbell 3124 - - Our Co-Sponsor

NEW MOVIES DEPARTMENT OPENS ON BIKERNET--Michael Sheen, Steve Buscemi, Dan Stevens join Richard Gere in ‘Oppenheimer Strategies’.
Principal photography to begin next week in New York and Israel.  The Solution Entertainment Group Handling International Sales.

Michael Sheen, Steve Buscemi, Josh Charles, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dan Stevens, Isaach De Bankolé and Israeli actor Lior Ashkenazi have joined the cast of OPPENHEIMER STRATEGIES, the new feature film written and directed by Joseph Cedar, it was announced today by Gideon Tadmor and Tadmor Entertainment. The film is produced by Gideon Tadmor and Tadmor Entertainment, Miranda Bailey and Cold Iron Pictures, David Mandil and MoviePlus Productions, Lawrence Inglee, Eyal Rimmon and Oren Moverman; executive producers are Michal Graidy, Caroline Kaplan, Amanda Marshall, Jim Kaufman and Doug Mankoff. Lisa Wilson and Myles Nestel are also co-executive producers.

In OPPENHEIMER STRATEGIES, which begins principal photography on February 8th in New York and Israel, Gere plays the titular character, Norman Oppenheimer, whose life dramatically changes after the young politician he befriended during a dark period in his life becomes an influential world leader.

The film is director Joseph Cedar's first project since his 2011 film FOOTNOTE, which marked his first collaboration with actor Lior Ashkenazi and earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film, as well as the Prix du scénario (Best Screenplay Award) at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Gere and Moverman previously teamed up on TIME OUT OF MIND, which was both written and directed by Moverman and premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Inglee and Bailey were also producers.

The actual bike moves overseas is one thing, and I want to follow up on that more, but helping companies with their orders from factories overseas to the US, and all of the Customs Compliance issues is where I can really help.

I'm helping a company now importing H-D clicks from China with the delivery to the port in China, movement via ocean carrier, then the US Import. We are also now helping Kuryakin with some brokerage and compliance issues soon. So yes, I'll make sure to keep this going.

Director of Photography
Co-Editor Bikernet

A view of Mekong shows new construction in background
A view of Mekong shows new construction in background

BIKERNET INTERNATIONAL EDITOR INVESTIGATES SAIGON--Friday was a day for a museum tour. The photo of "Uncle" Ho and Uncle" Ton seems to be most famous. Ho was the leader of the revolutionary forces fighting for communism and freedom from French rule in the mid ‘40s. Ton was the exemplification of the cause and for the people. It seems that life under French rule was rather harshly regulated in the early 1940s.

READ more here...

Then a walk along the famous Mekong River. Lots of new construction is visible from there as well as the construction on the city side of the river where I stay.

Uncle Ton museum. I think he became president after Mao - nicely kept park-like grounds in the city limits.
Uncle Ton museum. I think he became president after Mao - nicely kept park-like grounds in the city limits.

One of many photos in museum made of little pieces of wire. Others made from. Rice. Buttons. Stamps etc are quite good uncle Ton was VP under uncle Ho.

Moto taxi waits outside - moto taxis wait everywhere until you need one.

Shrine at entrance- shows great respect for "Uncle Ton"
Shrine at entrance- shows great respect for "Uncle Ton"

Tonight, Saturday, meet with one of the original HOG Harley club members for dinner and drinks.  I stay in touch with a few of the guys all year long.

The other HOG member I dined with has four companies and seems to be doing quite well. One company is a bauxite mining firm. Vietnam is the third richest deposit of bauxite in the world.

--Art Hall
Extreme Emperor of Bikernet International Content

Mardi Gras Kick-Off Party – Vegas Style! Get ready for some filé gumbo, a little fais do-do & some Zydeco music! Red Rock Harley-Davidson located at West Sahara & South Rainbow (behind Aloha Braddah’s & a stone’s throw from Mr. D’s).

The party is free, the music is loud & the fun last all day! We’ve got free Louisiana style gumbo right out of Lola’s kitchen from noon to 4 p.m.! We’ve got king cake with $$Mystery Prizes$$... And we’ve got some kick-ass Zydeco music right out of the bayou!

And, it’s all free ‘cause we’re kickin’ off Mardi Gras all day Saturday, February 14! Bring your Krew, bring your sweetheart, but don’t miss the fun and a little flavor of New Orleans – Vegas Style. Ride! Party! Prizes! Music! The team at Red Rock Harley-Davidson goes all out for every event… Don’t miss this one!

Team Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing is grateful for the support of their sponsors-- Yoshimura R&D, Suzuki Motor of America, Dunlop, Motorex, Showa, Renthal, Vortex, Renegade Rentals, Shorai, Elf Racing Fuels, Seven, Hinson Clutch Components, RG3, Matrix, Works Connection, GET, Excel, NGK, D.I.D., Twin Air, Moto Tassinari, Roy’s Cyclery, Guts Racing Products, Mechanix Wear, Kokusan Denki, N-Style and Ogio.

To learn more about Yoshimura and view their wide variety of performance products, visit

For more information, visit

--Jake Klingensmith
Team Yoshimura Suzuki Racing PR
The Creative Works
5362 Bolsa Avenue, Suite A
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
714-546-2088 office
714-501-6549 mobile


One of the most recognizable bikes we've ever built can be yours! Don't miss it.

Only 314 Miles On This Feature Bike-- This Brass Balls Cycle is for sale. And it's the deal of a lifetime!

It's a 2012 Digger with only 314 miles, mostly of which we put on it when we took it to Sturgis for a Travel Channel TV feature.

It was delivered new to its owner in September 2013.

Some of the significant upgrades are:
111-inch S&S motor, 6 speed Rivera transmission, Reverse meg exhaust.
Softail suspension with Suspension Technologies shocks.
Upgraded Wilwood / Brass Balls Brakes.
Custom signature Brass Balls Cycles wheels.
Custom mini hand controls / switches.
Custom one of a kind paint.

It is the most incredible air brush paint work I've ever seen. People swear the art pieces are actual photos decals... but they are not. It's really paint/art.

Why only 314 miles on it you might ask? Unfortunately the owner is a military serviceman with a back injury and has not been able to ride the bike. It has been garage stored on a trickle charger since delivery.

If you've ever wanted one of our bikes and you wanted a smoking good deal, this is the bike for you.

If we were to build this bike new today, retail cost would be approximately $37,438 USD

We are selling it in the low $20K's

It is an awesome bike... which is just like new. Serious inquiries only email:


5-BALL RACING™ DEAL OF THE WEEK--Where do Bikers Carry their Valuables? Special Ops Jacket from 5-Ball Racing™ Leathers

5-Ball Racing™ Leathers’ (12 Pocket) Special Ops Club Jacket is designed for the biker on the go, with room for wallet, keys, smart phone, garage door opener and everything else a busy, modern American biker carries nowadays.

This makes the Special Ops a perfect jacket for carrying gear of all kinds: gear including the two gun pockets that are stitched in such a way to as be wider and deeper than the typical pocket.

The light-weight milled buffalo leather keeps riders warm in the morning, and the zip-off removable sleeves will keep them cool in the afternoon. Additional features include heavy-duty gun-metal-grey zipper front, bound leather neck trim and double-needle seam construction.

“The Special Ops Club Jacket makes sense for riders as it supports the needs of bikers, including their safety and gear storage,” explained Keith “Bandit” Ball, President. “Our 5-Ball Racing Leather’s Genuine Riding Leathers fits like a glove and provides all the functions a rider needs on the road.”

Ball assembled a core team, including Andrew Calogero of Crank and Stroker and Bob Kay of Biker Pros. Calogero is the operations and sales arm, and Kay provides design expertise with his 30 years in the chopper industry.

The Special Ops Club Jacket is available at, J&P Cycles and Bartel’s Harley-Davidson.

About 5 Ball Racing™ Leathers
Keith “Bandit” Ball, President, and Bob Kay, Biker Pros Partner, designed a line of Genuine Riding Apparel™ for cruiser, chopper and bobber riders. The shirts, jackets and vests are known for their innovation, functionality and quality craftsmanship.

Click for the latest!
Click for the latest!


THE QUEEN OF WOMEN RIDERS NOW REPORTS IN--As I write this, the northeast is getting slammed with more snow—the most it's seen in years— while I'm looking out my Montana office at a spring 50-degree day in February! I even saw a motorcycle out yesterday! We need some of that snow.

To get my snow fix, I headed to Aspen, Colo., in January to check off a bucket list item: see the Winter X Games. While I went for pleasure, it was hard for this motorcycle reporter to not "cover" the event and just enjoy. I did manage to sniff out a motorcycle while there. Harley-Davidson was a major sponsor of the X Games and was giving free "rides" on its Jumpstart Machine, a platform that lets you throttle and shift through the gears on a motorcycle, in this case the new Street 750, without going anywhere. The motorcycle is locked in place. Fun, fun!

Speaking of fun, we've got a few spots left for our WRN Tour of Italy happening in May. Another motorcycle industry VIP has signed on to join us. You can read about that here. Hope you can pull the trigger on this. It's going to be one of those trips of a lifetime.

Lastly, my schedule has me showing up at two motorcycle events in the next few months if you're in the area and can join me:

- Feb. 22: Chester's Harley-Davidson, Mesa, Ariz. I'm going to hear 89-year-old rider Gloria Struck speak at a Garage Party.

- June 11-14: Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit, Loveland, Colo. I'm "interviewing" Ms. Gloria on stage; she's the keynote! Registration is now open for that event. More details to come on WRN.

Now be sure to check out the new and recently posted stories on WRN.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and love!
--Genevieve Schmitt
Founder / Editor,

Click here to check out our sister's site.
Click here to check out our sister's site.

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Looks like a springer front end and left hand shift. Looks like a Harley to me, no?

GERRY celia
Charlestown, RI
Sunday, February 15, 2015
Editor Response In-line Four Indian.
Uncle Monkey on Winter blues.....

Amen Brother!!

sk, Canada
Friday, February 13, 2015
Editor Response Once in a while he hits the nail squarely on the head!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but California only requires that you have the insurance policy number on you, not one of those "courtesy cards". I've been in an accident where they only had the number and no physical proof the policy was in effect.

That ended up being fully legal...and they were 100% at fault and paid for everything.

Friday, February 13, 2015
Editor Response I'm not sure what the actual physical requirement is? Maybe, as long as you have proof of insurance you're covered. Besides, in California anyone with access to DMV records, like cops, would see your insurance policy in your records, since you can't register a vehicle without proof of insurance.

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