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Ride Forever -
Tuesday Edition


March 2006 - December 2022

By Rogue

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 She is known as Marvelous Molly to the world of motorcycling, but to some of us just Molly, Honey, Sweetie and other forms of endearment. If you ever had the chance to meet her you would know why. Then there are the others who knew of her because of all the publications she was in. I do believe that all of us who do photography for motorcycle publications have taken her photo.

 Molly lived with Berry Wardlaw and Vivian Charros in Dothan, Alabama. If you wanted to see her all you had to do was stop by Accurate Engineering or catch her at one of the numerous motorcycle events she attended around the country.

Photo By Michael Lichter
Photo By Michael Lichter

Molly rode on the gas tank of whatever motorcycle Berry was riding at the time. She has ridden on her motorcycle a 1939 Indian Chief in the Cross Country Chase with Berry operating it for her. (Berry stated more than once it was her motorcycle)


 This past July (2022) she rode from Dothan, Alabama to Santa Monica Pier, California to meet Vivian and the other women who did the Route 66 Ride.

That ride with some of her friends was named Puppies Off The Leash.

Molly was 17 years old at that time which is 99 years in dog time. She was doing okay for her age but having some issues that came with it.

When we got to Abilene, Texas she was having some health issues and Berry took her to Big Country Veterinary. They said she was in congestive heart failure. Dr Ueckert cleared her lungs, did x-rays, gave her some meds and gave her a day to rest up. It worked, suddenly she was like her younger self.

Berry put this on a wall in a restuarant that had other postings from who stopped there.
Berry put this on a wall in a restuarant that had other postings from who stopped there.

 We continued on the ride, continuing giving Molly her medication. When we got back to Dothan, she saw her regular Veterinarian Dr Garett.

 I kissed my friend good-by and asked her to do the best she could.

 I continued to stay up on how she was doing, and then I received the dreaded phone call from Berry that she had passed away.

As I and many others morn the passing of Molly I am grateful that I was able to spend time, ride and be a part of her life. I know she was greeted in Heaven by 2 and 4-legged friends who also loved her.

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Reader Comments

Molly was a true reflection of her family and friends. And Rouge, very well said.

Harold Armstrong
Lake Wales, FL
Thursday, December 22, 2022
Editor Response You made his Christmas!
It is amazing how these fur balls work their way under your skin and into your heart. RIP Molly

S. Daytona, FL
Wednesday, December 21, 2022
Editor Response Yep. Broke my heart to lose my shop mutts, Tank and Cash.

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