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On Many Fronts

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Rogue, Bob T. Sam Burns, the Redhead, Laura, Gearhead, Rhys, Rogue,

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This is a wild day fulla project progress.
Working on a stained-glass project for the front door, a house number plaque on the property with polished aluminum diamond plate and brass numbers. Will need to do some machining. The pipe pieces arrived to level-out the mantle.

Here's a shot of an original David Mann painted for the Jammer Guys. That's Brad and I in the illustration. There's a story in the Cantina.
Here's a shot of an original David Mann painted for the Jammer Guys. That's Brad and I in the illustration. There's a story in the Cantina.

I received a bid on the shop for our Ranch house. It was almost twice what I was hoping for, but I was prepared for the worse. The shop could be finished by the first of the year. Talk about an exciting year. Let’s hit the news.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

INFRASTRUCTURE REPORT FROM THE NATIONAL MOTORIST ASSOCIATION—The sausage-making is in full swing as opposing parties in Washington wrestle the Senate's $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and the House's $3.5 trillion version to the ground. In Infrastructure Urgency, Part 1, NMA E-Newsletter #659, we shared the first two in a series of NMA emails directed to members of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committees from both chambers. We urged them to strike proposed funding for anti-motorist Vision Zero programs and anti-engineering speed limit reductions.

While the likelihood of our advocacy efforts swaying the opinions of most legislators remains to be seen, the responses received so far are helping us identify pro-driver champions with whom we can work.

The same is true of subsequent rounds of personalized NMA messages sent to the T&I Committee members recently. View our Automated Enforcement email to Capitol Hill below. In next week's newsletter, look for our criticism of the proposed pilot programs for implementing new mileage-based road user taxes and a very interesting reply from a member of Congress.

NMA August 23rd/24th Email to Senate and House Top T&I Aides
H.R. 3684 Infrastructure Bills: Concerns of the Motoring Public, Part 3 – Automated Enforcement

Dear Richard,

The real question with automated enforcement is whether the public wants the federal government to fund automated ticketing programs that include a profit motive for cities and camera vendors. For-profit photo enforcement has been the trigger for a long list of prosecuted corruption and fraud.

As noted in Parts 1 and 2 of this email series from the National Motorists Association, a nonprofit driver advocacy organization, the funding of Vision Zero programs to the tune of $1 billion through 2026 will signal the federal government's tacit approval to restrict driving beyond established norms while simultaneously increasing enforcement efforts. The net effects, particularly when automated enforcement is part of the equation, are increased non-compliance with traffic laws by safe drivers, higher ticketing rates, and increased distrust between communities and law enforcement.

There are also a number of constitutional objections to automated enforcement, not the least of which is that the cameras don't positively identify the driver in an alleged violation, so the ticket is automatically issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. The owner may or may not have been behind the wheel at the time of the incident. This becomes "guilty until proven innocent," which can be difficult to defend against, even if truly innocent.

There is nothing more detrimental to public trust than enforcement methods that place or are perceived to place profit motives over fairness and safety. But the revenue extracted from automated enforcement programs comes close because, over the past 17 years, as this crime line so aptly illustrates, more than seven dozen prosecuted instances of fraud and corruption have been instigated by operators of red-light and speed camera programs. A sampling of some notable lowlights follows my sign-off below.

If federal funding of automated enforcement is to be done, it must be on the basis of break-even operation. With discord between the police and community continuing to simmer, tickets by camera --- especially those that line the pockets of others --- is a recipe for creating an even wider societal divide. And, this should be no surprise, when camera programs are forced to relinquish profits and are no longer money-makers, history shows that the hardware is typically removed in due time. That wouldn't be so if safety was the primary motivation for automated enforcement.

One more question related to something you live with every day in DC. Do Senator Merkley's constituents really want this type of command-and-control enforcement in their own cities? Based on the regular feedback we get from motorists, the answer is more likely than not, "Not in my backyard."

The NMA, a nonprofit organization representing the nation's motorists, encourages Senator Merkley to oppose the federal funding of automated enforcement directly or through Vision Zero programs.

Thank you for your consideration,

Gary Biller



NAMZ HOSES AND CLAMPS--For over 21 years, NAMZ has offered the finest American made electrical components for your motorcycle needs! But did you know that NAMZ also offers a variety of other products that will help you achieve a ride that's custom to your lifestyle.

Made in the USA, our top of the line 25ft hose spools are sold in the most common sizes of 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8". Spools are manufactured using Thermoid brand reinforced rubber hose that is braided with 100% brass, copper, and stainless materials for the NEW or "old school" look you're after.

In addition to our braided fuel and oil hoses, our selection of colored hose clamps will fit over most manufacturers rubber or braided hoses. The NHC-C, B, S or N106 kits are designed for use on NAMZ 1/4? and 5/16? stainless or copper braided fuel line. Our NHC-C, B, S or N206 kits are designed for use on NAMZ 3/8? stainless or copper braided oil line. Sold in six packs and available in a variety of finishes such as, brass, copper, stainless, chrome, and black.
Check out our Hoses & Clamps
Check the new NAMZ web site when you have a chance. Tell them Bikernet sent ya.
Check the new NAMZ web site when you have a chance. Tell them Bikernet sent ya.



Hop is moving right along and has surpassed the old record of 45,000 miles in 45 days and is presently in uncharted waters.
Let’s all join in and give him a big “Hell Yeah”!!


I definitely won’t be that grandpa who gets to tell his grandkids about back in the day he used to sit in his garage polishing his chrome for 3 hours. Instead, they’ll get to hear cool stories of amazing rides and sites seen around the country.

Get out there and ride, don’t spend so much time washing and polishing something that’s steadily depreciating anyways. Use that money and time for gas and go make some memories, but do stupid shit like this, lol. The same my way for ceramic coating and polishing will get you 300-500 miles down the road—easy choice!

Doing the Heart of Texas Rally this weekend, and unfortunately the weather wasn’t pleasant, but I persevered and got the points I was after.

TESLA CONCEPT: The ‘SOKUDO’ by Make Haste Corp.

Similar to the impact that the custom bike world's had on the design of production motorcycles, the makers of today's track and performance-focused cars have increasingly looked to modern concept artists for inspiration and influence when penning widebodies and aero bits. And two of the most eminent artists currently working in this space are Ash Thorp and Carlos "colorsponge"

Born in Spain and now based in London, Carlos has amassed more than 15 years of experience in the digital realm and has contributed to everything from vehicle designs to episodes of Netflix's Love Death + Robots. Largely self-taught, Ash boasts a portfolio that's is no less impressive, having worked on numerous triple-A video game titles and big-name movies including 2014's Robocop, Ghost in the Shell, Ender's Game, James Bond: Spectre, and various high-profile vehicle projects such as designing Ken Block's Fox-bodied "HOONIFOX" Ford Mustang Gymkhana Car and penning the design for the mid-engine muscle car-style Batmobile for the latest Batman flick — just to name a small fraction of the accolades on Pecino and Thorp's resumes.

The pair is also the force behind the Make Haste Corp. (or "M.H.C."), a fictitious brand and the name of a long-term project in which the duo aims to produce a total of two dozen digitally rendered vehicles over the course of the 2021 year. "It's a false company name I created when Carlos and I were building our other project Evinetta. We loved the logo and the name so we kept it and appointed it as the title to the potential 24 builds we'll be doing this year," Thorp tells us.

A FEMA survey shows that a possible ban on the sale of new petrol-powered motorcycles is rejected by more than 90 percent of the motorcyclists that took part in the survey.

In July and August 2021 FEMA conducted an online survey on motorcycle emissions and a possible ban on the sale of new petrol-powered motorcycles. The survey was available in 12 languages and was filled out by 23,768 people (1,188 women and 22,580 men).

When asked ‘What do you think about a possible ban on the sale of new petrol-powered motorcycles?’, 92.91% of the motorcyclists that responded rejected such a ban. There are differences between countries, but the disapproval rate of a possible ban on the sale of new petrol-powered motorcycles does not fall below 80% in any European country.

In comparison to the survey FEMA conducted in 2016, we see a larger group of motorcyclists that would be willing to buy a newer motorcycle if older bikes (pre-2006) were to be banned from entering the city (55.46% in 2021, against 44% in 2016). Of the respondents over 44% would consider another mode of transport if such a ban occurred, which could lead to a major mobility shift in certain cities.

This could be an even larger issue when city authorities decide to ban fossil fuel vehicles from entering the city, because in that case over 76% of the respondents would change their mode of transport, rather than switching to a non-emissions motorcycle (electric/fuel cell). This could have drastic effects on urban mobility as we know it.

A large majority (88.75%) of those that would be willing to switch to a non-emissions motorcycle in the case of banning fossil fuel vehicles from entering the city, is not willing to pay more for such a motorcycle than for a motorcycle with a combustion engine that runs on fossil fuels.

When asked what they would do If the sale of new petrol-powered motorcycles was banned, a majority of 53.38% would stop riding when they are no longer able to buy a new petrol-powered motorcycle. 38.96% of the respondents would buy a zero-emission motorcycle when there are no new or used petrol-powered motorcycles available anymore. Only 7.67% would already buy a zero-emission motorcycle when there are still petrol-powered motorcycles available.

When asked if they could you enjoy a non-emission bike as much as their current bike, if a total ban on all fossil fuel vehicles would be introduced, or if they would stop riding, 58.92% would stop riding. This is a major change in attitude since 2016, when 46% of the respondents said they would stop riding. Of the respondents, 41.08% could enjoy riding a non-emission motorcycle, against 54% in 2016.

Click for all results from the survey.

The current plans from the European Commission and some national governments to limit the sale and the use of fossil-fueled vehicles lead to more questions than there are answers at the moment.

How realistic is it to rely fully on electric vehicles? Will there be enough electric vehicles on the market, will there be enough electricity, will there be enough charging points, will the grid be able to deal with the extra demand, will electric bikes ever get sufficient range? And how about e-fuels? Can those be developed to a level where they can compete with the fossil fuels we know today, if we look at the cost and effectiveness? Will all these alternatively fueled vehicles be affordable for the average user?

FEMA’s general secretary Dolf Willigers said: “Motorcycles are becoming more fuel economic and cleaner. Compared with cars, that tend to use more fuel and that use more space to drive and park, especially in the cities, motorcycles are becoming much more economic and less pollutant than they already are. We see a bright future for motorcycles and other powered two-wheelers, provided that the European Commission and the British government leave room for the internal combustion engine for motorcycles. With the non-fossil fuels that are already in development, motorcycles will stay affordable and become clean and CO2 neutral.”

FEMA president Anna Zee said: “Several national governments are considering a future ban on the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines, a development that may have a huge impact on our choice of vehicle and on our lifestyle. Although FEMA understands and supports the further development and integration of electric vehicles, we will work for a future with electric motorcycles and motorcycles with an internal combustion engine side by side.”

The motorcycle industry seems to focus on producing electric powered two-wheelers for urban use and is not (yet) producing significant numbers of bikes that could possibly replace the current fleet of larger bikes. Antonio Perlot, the secretary general for ACEM, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, told FEMA: “ACEM expects that the predominant share of the urban mobility powered two-wheeler market will be electric by 2030, with increasing spill overs on the whole motorcycle range towards 2050. Needless to say, whilst established manufacturers are also entering the electric motorcycle segment, for most pure electrification is focusing mainly on smaller, short range vehicles, aimed mainly at the urban environment, where the perspective of higher volumes is in line with their industrial dimension.” Click here to read the full ACEM statement.

Written by Wim Taal

Could You Handle the Meanest Viper on two wheels?--
The Dodge Viper holds a special place for many auto enthusiasts due to its raw performance, stunning looks, and the fact that it remained an uncompromised driver’s car for all of its existence. Of course, the heart of the Viper is its unique powerplant, an all-aluminum V-10 developed to be the meanest naturally aspirated track terror that Ma Mopar ever cooked up. Over the years the V-10 grew from an already massive 8.0 liters and 400 horsepower to 8.3 liters and 500 hp … and finally 8.4 liters and 640 hp. The mighty, tire-shredding V-10 made the Viper one of the most capable—and also the most feared—track cars available, so naturally someone would drop the torquey powerplant into a motorcycle. Because that makes sense.

This Viper-powered creation, a two-wheeler built by Allen Millyard and referred to appropriately as the Millyard Viper V10, is an actual motorcycle and does actual motorcycle things. Since building the hot-rodded cycle in 2009, Millyard has racked up more than 9000 miles and ridden it in excess of 200 mph. In this video from last year, Millyard goes over some of the more interesting parts of the bike’s fabrication, from building a suspension out of two Yamaha coilovers and a pair of car springs to engineering an ingenious ratcheting center stand. The swingarm, brake system, single-speed gearbox, and hand- and foot-operated clutch are also works of art and serve as fantastic examples of problem-solving.

You may be thinking that Dodge built a Viper-powered motorcycle back in the day. Well, sort of. Dodge built several copies of the Tomahawk concept, a four-wheeled, Viper-powered creation that was more sculpture than vehicle. It could lean, and test rides (drives?) proved it was functional, if not without its quirks. Millyard’s creation is a triumph and shows what can be done with some machine tools and a lot of brilliant thinking. Perhaps most remarkable is that the nearly 1400-pound creation looks like a proper motorcycle. Just watch the video and be amazed at Millyard’s fabulous creation.

--by Brandan Gillogly, Hagerty Media

With Hagerty Insurance
With Hagerty Insurance

RIDING IN THE RAIN TIPS FROM THE LEADERS--Seven Tips for Safer Riding in the Rain
Tip #1: Be Bright

You don't have to look like a construction worker, but a reflective vest will go a long way toward you being more visible to cage drivers.

Tip #2: Consider Extra Lights

"Fog lights" or auxiliary driving lights come in two general varieties: a short-but-wide light pattern, or a longer-and-narrower light pattern. Either will make you more visible to traffic.

Tip #3: Tires

We just replaced the tires on Tim's Honda Interstate because, frankly, why take a chance? In addition to good treads, keep an eye on the pressure (under-inflated tires are more prone to hydroplaning).

Tip #4: Speed/Distance

It’s simple math (or maybe not so simple depending how you feel about math!). If you’re traveling at 60 mph, you need 5.4 seconds to come to a stop on a good day. In the rain, it will take longer. (Math nerd? Get details by clicking the button below!)

Tip #4: Braking

Never apply the front brakes alone (it can cause your front wheel to slip, which is worse than it happening to the rear). A 60 rear / 40 front ratio is ideal (click the button below for tips on how to do that.)

Tip #6: Read the Road

Leaves, crosswalk lines (or other painted surfaces), tracks, or spills all have the potential to mess up a rider more when it’s wet/rainy. Be aware to be safe!

Tip #7: Last but not least: Reduce your Speed.

(Are we noticing a theme here? Slower is better in the rain!)

There’s more at the Leader Web site.

Leader Motorcycle Assessories
959 236th Avenue NW, Saint Francis
MN 55070 United States
facebook youtube pinterest

WaPo Worried About ‘Climate Despair’ That It’s Been Peddling For Years – Promotes ’10-step program inspired by’ Alcoholics Anonymous to cope
WaPo: “Yes, the planet will get hotter. Sea levels will rise further. Extreme weather will worsen, and more people will suffer,” writes WaPo. “[M]ore people than ever could experience serious challenges to their mental health as a result.”

“A nonprofit organization called the Good Grief Network, [created] a 10-step program inspired by the structure of Alcoholics Anonymous whose meetings provide ‘social and emotional support to people who feel overwhelmed about the state of the world,’ says it has reached over a thousand people in four years. Steps in the program range from accepting ‘the severity of the predicament’ to reinvesting ‘into meaningful efforts.’”

--Climate Depot

Too bad it’s all bullshit. We need more CO2 and greenhouse gasses are good. Here’s a quote from Bill Pekny’s book, Tale of Two Climates: Even if C02 increased twofold from 410 ppm to 820 ppm, or tenfold to 4,100 ppm in the future, the story would still be the same. Natural water vapor rules the radiative, heat-retaining capability of the atmosphere. Said simply: Water vapor always dominates the greenhouse effect, never C02 nor any other gas in the air, whether natural or human-caused. WTF --Bandit

Jake's Custom Cycles Inc.
655 Long Lane
Upper Darby PA19082
Jake's Custom Cycles is located at 655 Long Ln in Upper Darby and has been in the business of Retail - Motorcycles since 2000.

610 259 4600 shop 610 721 2323 cell

Click for action.
Click for action.

LATEST FOR SALE AT SIERRA MADRE MOTORCYCLE COMPANY-- Can’t go on vacation without finding more old junk!

1913 Fielbach Limited.

Otto Fielbach started building moto-cycles in 1904. In 1913 he introduced this beautiful V-Twin design with 1,130 cc displacement. It was only built two years, 1913 & 1914. His machines were too high of quality and price as compared to more mass-produced Indians and Harleys. Plus, Harley Davidson was involved in blocking Fielbach from receiving additional finances to grow his company. Thus, Fielbach Motors closed its doors in 1914.

This machine is 1 of only 6 remaining in the world and only 1 of 3 I have ever seen. I hope you enjoy seeing this wonderful piece of early two wheeled transportation.

--Steve Klein
“An Honest Alternative”

Click for more info.
Click for more info.

Click to grab a copy.
Click to grab a copy.

COVERING THE ACTION-- Queensland Government wraps up connected vehicle road safety pilot
The expensive trial of connected vehicle Government program and the other pilot program of sensors at various points on the road - to warn and predict road hazards - using artificial intelligence on data collected from connected vehicles and road-side sensors - it seems like your Chopper Orwell book and Minority Report SciFi book of Philip K. Dick from 1956 - and the Cantina Episode 94 of Zero-emission.

Maybe Melody can go in search of a new city with Zero-Accidents in the next Cantina Episode.


Special ceremony took place Friday, September 10 in Nashville, hosted by Bass Pro Shops Founder Johnny Morris
NASHVILLE, Tennessee - Helping a Hero and Bass Pro Shops held a ceremony Friday, September 10th in Nashville, Tennessee to award accessible homes to LCpl Eric Frazier (USMC, Ret.) who lost his legs in Iraq, and SGT Antonio Mullen, USA (Ret.) and their families.

Country music icon Lee Greenwood, the National Ambassador of Helping a Hero, Grand Ole Opry member John Conlee, award-winning singer Tony Orlando, along with Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris, Kelley Paul, wife of Senator Rand Paul and General Rob Givens, USAF (Ret.), Corp. Sue Downes and Shilo Harris celebrated with the deserving veterans and their families.

In addition to the awarded homes, Greenwood presented Kelley Paul, wife of Senator Rand Paul, the Lee Greenwood Patriot Award for her continued selfless efforts to help our wounded veterans.

Friday's ceremony featured patriotic musical performances from Greenwood, Conlee, Orlando, and SPC JP Lane, USA (Ret.), including a color guard presentation from the Hendersonville Fire Department with hundreds of people to cheer and support these heroes as the community celebrated their journeys to new homes.

The ceremony also commemorated the 20th anniversary of 9/11 with a symbolic bell ringing, National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, wreath laying, 21-gun salute, playing of "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes, and a Tennessee National Guard flyover of two Army Black Hawk helicopters while the 13 names of those service members lost in the attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 26th were read.

NASCAR’s Richard Childress hosted Helping a Hero’s Lee Greenwood Patriot Awards event at Childress Vineyards last May where Johnny Morris, Founder of Bass Pro Shops, announced he would fund ten Helping a Hero homes. In addition, Morris has pledged 25% of the funding needed for the next 100 Helping a Hero homes. Helping a Hero and Johnny Morris have launched the 100 Homes Challenge and invite Americans and companies to join the challenge to fully fund these 100 homes.

These wheelchair-accessible homes make daily living easier, featuring wider doors, a roll-in shower, a roll-under sink, and other important safety features.

QUICK, New Bikernet Reader Comment!

The Art of Buck Lovell


-- President Obama
The Moon, Pussy, Thailand

Sand Sports Super Show this Weekend at OC Fair & Events Center in Costa Mesa

Sand Sports Super Show presented by Nitto Tire is this weekend at the OC Fair & Events Center in Costa Mesa, Calif., Friday, September 17 through Sunday, September 19.

The Sand Sports Super Show presented by Nitto Tire brings hundreds of exhibitors to Southern California for the biggest and most exciting dune and sand sports expo in the world. Attendees can get up close to the latest UTVs/ATVs, Side x Sides, Sand Rails, Toy Haulers, accessories, apparel and a whole lot more, during a full weekend of festivities.

Within the sand sports community, the Sand Sports Super Show plays a pivotal role in uniting and mobilizing enthusiasts, cultivating growth, and fostering safety awareness.

The American Sand Association, in partnership with Polaris will raffle off a Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo 2, customized by SDS Motorsports. The winning tickets will be drawn Saturday, September 18 at the Main Stage. Tickets can be purchased at the ASA Booth. The winner does not have to be present to win.

The Sand Sports Super Show will take place on Friday, September 17, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday, September 18 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday, September 19 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Discount tickets are available in advance online at

At the gate, single-day tickets are $20 (Adult- ages 13-over), with kids (ages 6-12) $7 and kids five and under, free.

Follow on Facebook and Instagram @SandSportsSuperShow.

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Congrats on the remarry. WE just had our 47th, does this mean my Harley kept us together?

deland, FL
Friday, September 17, 2021
Editor Response I hope so... And Congratulations!
So once and for all did you get married again? If so is it 6 Ball now?

charlotte, NC
Friday, September 17, 2021
Editor Response No, and yes I got married, but I'm sticking with five wives. I married number four twice. 5-Ball Forever, Forever 5-Ball!
So I walk into the living room one fine day, to find the ole lady flexing her arms above her head - grunting, groaning, stretching, and moaning.
Of course - I had to ask - What are you doing?
She said, I'm doing this for you stupid, these are breast enhancing routines. I'm making my breasts bigger!
I said that's a great idea, but have you tried rubbing a little toilet paper on them?
Toilet Paper, she said. Are you goofy? How would toilet paper make my breasts any bigger?

I said - I'm not sure, but look what it did for your ass.....

And that's how the fight started.....

Buchanan, MI
Friday, September 17, 2021
Editor Response Perfect.
I like that western look you and the wife modeled. Yall look like characters from an old John Wayne movie. I guess we all can change but keep fighting the suppression of the government. Ride till you can't anymore.

Torrance, CA
Friday, September 17, 2021
Editor Response Thanks brother.

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