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Love Jugs

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It all started a few years ago, when I bought a shiny new Ultra Classic. This bike was fabulous, complete with all the bells and whistles. I really loved it! However, I soon discovered that there was a severe heat issue that made riding down right uncomfortable. This new Ultra, ran much hotter than any of the other Harleys’ that I’ve owned in the past. The heat from the furnace that I was sitting on, started to dictate when I could ride my beloved, but Stifling Hot Ultra. AKA… My Adventure machine. I just didn’t want to deal with all that annoying and uncomfortable heat. I love to ride way too much to have restrictions placed on me about what days I could ride in total comfort.
I found myself becoming obsessed with this unbearable heat problem. It soon became clear to me that if I wanted “A powerful, Dual Fan Cooled Harley Engine” I would have to Design, engineer and manufacture the device myself. Based on my many years of experience in Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing, I knew that the process to invent and manufacture a totally new Harley Engine Cooling System, would take a long time and cost a ton of money. All who know me know that when I become obsessed with something, I become relentless. This situation was no different. I was on a mission. I simply had to invent a very powerful Cooling System for my treasured Harley! I need to be able to ride with maximum comfort, whenever I want, even on hot days!
Our lead engineer who has a PHD in mechanical engineering, headed up the project. My “mission” took over three years to complete. Far longer, and way over the budget that I had estimated. Sure we made progress along the way but, it wasn’t as simple a task as I first believed it would be. There was just so much heat to deal with, and not a lot of room to mount a powerful cooling system. And just as important, the cooling system had to be very attractive and look like it was an original part of the bike. Sixteen prototypes later, we were confident that “Hammerhead Engineering” had finally solved the Harley overheating problem.

Frankie's Dyna Report
By Bandit
Frankie's Dyna Report
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By Bikernet
Special 60 day introductory prices of $299 for the flat black version, and $349 for the chrome model.
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Iron Butt Road Stories, Product Testimoinal, and World Records

By Gabe Jose Carrera
As the current World Record holder who established the longest motorcycle run from south to north on an American made iron horse, I have the right to brag on the effectiveness of my Love-Jugs.
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By Bandit
The president of Love Jugs received a call from a boss in the New York City Police Department. They wanted to run a test on the Love Jugs cooling system on one of their Harleys in every borough in the city and if they worked out, they would install them on every new Harley bought for the department.
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By Bikernet
Love Jugs, the World's Most Powerful Cooling System for V-Twin motorcycle engines is taking the world market by storm. The buzz about Love Jugs gets louder and more wide-spread by the day as more owners rave about their Love Jugs performance and more of the motorcycle media sing the product's praises.
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‘Tis the Season to Give LOVE JUGS

The Best and Most Effective V-Twin Engine Cooling System in the World!

by the Bikernet Staff
Dealers everywhere can now Increase their Bottom Line Profits with Love Jugs! Motorcycle riders all over the world are thrilled with the results and the performance of Love Jugs.
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Look What Magazines and Independent Testers are Still Saying about Love Jugs
By Doc Robinson
Look What Magazines and Independent Testers are Still Saying about Love Jugs--“My Love Jugs fans withstood the harshest conditions I endured. Love Jugs are 100% waterproof outdoor rated fan motors, and my trip confirmed that! If it was not raining, it was as hot as Hades.
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Love Jugs Cool-Master Sets Record for Cooling Harley-Davidson Engines!

The World's Greatest Harley-Davidson Engine Cooling System

By Love Jugs
Love Jugs, the World's Greatest Harley-Davidson Engine Cooling System, set the new record for reducing engine temperature when Fix My Hog* was filming a new product video featuring the newest generation Love Jugs...the Cool-Master.
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