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Friday Edition

Look What Magazines and Independent Testers are Still Saying about Love Jugs

By Doc Robinson

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Look What Magazines and Independent Testers are Still Saying about Love Jugs--“My Love Jugs fans withstood the harshest conditions I endured. Love Jugs are 100% waterproof outdoor rated fan motors, and my trip confirmed that! If it was not raining, it was as hot as Hades. They will actually run while submerged underwater as can be seen on their website: http://love-jugs.com/videos/ 
Believe it or not, some competing systems use indoor rated fans, which will short out when exposed to water – even during a washing.
--Jimmy and Pat Kay
Producers of Two Wheel Thunder TV-Contributing Editors for Various National Magazines 
I have no relationship of any kind with the makers of Love Jugs. A short time ago I did an independent Dyno test, basically, a product test, on the Love Jugs engine cooling system. We put the Love Jugs on a 2013 FLHX Street Glide, fully broken in, with about 1,700 miles on it. What we did on the test was to bring the bike up to a high operating temperature, of almost 400 degrees, that a rider would encounter in a traffic situation. We maxed out the cylinder temperature, maxed out the oil temperature, and got the bike totally heat soaked. Then, with the fans off in the Dyno room, I let the bike idle with the Love Jugs cooling system installed and on. 
Amazingly enough, within one minute the cylinder temperature dropped 30 – 40 degrees. The oil temperature dropped as well. As we left the bike sitting in idle with the Love Jugs on, the bike actually kept cooling off. Ultimately the temp went down almost 100 degrees before we turned the unit off. Love Jugs is well built, looks cool and it really works. I would recommend Love Jugs.
--Mike Beland
A1 Cycles - 5 Time Rat Hole Winner – Daytona Beach, FL
If you live in an area of the country where it’s hot right now, then go for it, get some Love Jugs sent to you and begin enjoying the benefits right away. 
--“Doc” Robinson 
Associate & Technical Editor 

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