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Ride Forever -
Friday Edition

Long Fork Run at Sweden

100+ bikes, choppers and pre 84 were welcomed for the ride

by Sheriff Media Group

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Second summer with Corona, Southside MC Est 88 Sweden had to be flexible once more with their gathering of long forks.

Instead of a hotspot for the show, they made it mobile. Saturday 21st of Aug 100+ bikes choppers and pre 84 were welcomed for the ride. However anyone was invited at the clubhouse noon to 3PM, for burgers and a beer.

Three PM it kicks of with a burnout from Bärsa (beer) 61 years young, then the only invited leave for a two hour ride through late summer Sweden.

After some cool winding roads, one of Swedens 1000 lakes greet us with 25 plus weather.
Old Swedish law make it possible to camp nearly everywhere for 24 hours. No permits just make sure to leave it clean.

Ages of riders were mostly from 25 to 40, Bikernet's Mr Sheriff 66 a good source for old time stories!
Everyone brought their own food and beer. No sponsor just good times!

The difference 2021 was that a couple girls showed up with Japanese choppers, originally build in the 70s, still cheap and fast! Rest of the women came in trucks and vans, no place to sit on boyfriends overloaded choppers…

Big thank you SOUTHSIDE MC Est 88 see you in 2022 when the big show is back?!

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