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Tuesday Edition

Letter From Spectro Oil Boss


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In our September edition we included an article suggesting that enduro riders should remove the balls on the end of their levers so that they don't catch on trees and bushes. Almost immediately, Chuck Weir, Off-Road Racing Manager of the American Motorcyclist Association and our contact for the 6-Day ISDE, emailed to point out that the 2011 AMA Rulebook, Section 2.2; C; 7b; page 42, requires control lever ball ends to avoid impaling riders. Ooops. We thank you, Chuck, for being a friend and looking after us, and apologize to all our readers, hoping that not a one of you chopped anything off as a result of our suggestion.

More Good News.
Our Z-Clean Chain Cleaner continues to get rave reviews. Here's the latest, from Dick Weirbach, team owner from Ottumwa, Iowa: "Z-clean goes on easy, its white color makes it easy to see where you have lube or need lube, it reduces chain and sprocket wear -- simply put, it is the best lube we have ever used!!!!!!" Weirbach Racing runs four Honda CRF 450s and one Suzuki 650 on the AMA Pro Flat Track circuit. Thanks for your comments, Dick.

Spectro - where we are committed to bringing you the best in lubricants for your machine!

--David Miller
Spectro Oils of America

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