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LOVE JUGS KEEP EXPANDING-- in the U.S.A and Abroad, Adding two More International Distributors

Jeff Vander Zalm-President
Love Jugs, the World's Most Powerful Cooling System for V-Twin motorcycle engines is taking the world market by storm. The buzz about Love Jugs gets louder and more wide-spread by the day as more owners rave about their Love Jugs performance and more of the motorcycle media sing the product's praises.

Everyone with a V-Twin engine experiences overheating on their motorcycles to some extent. Harley-Davidson owners, in particular, are in the forefront of the company's fans because they now have a way to keep their bikes running cool, even under the most extreme conditions.

The new LJ Cool Masters drop engine temperatures 100 degrees in less than 3.5 minutes as independently tested by "Fix My Hog". But Love Jug owners will not have such worries because their engines will never get hot as long as their Love Jugs are running. (see the love-jugs.com web site and watch a bike idle for 9 hours with the engine and the oil staying cool throughout.

Because of their great benefits, Love Jugs are being installed all over the world. To satisfy the demand, new international distributors being added in many countries". Dave Sandel, President of Hammerhead Engineering, Love Jugs parent company, says, "To see my baby born, after over 4 years of exhaustive work in my machine shop, to grow to these international proportions is a great satisfaction to me".

Tom Woo-Managing Director
Love-Jugs Japan

"Two of our first international distributors came to us by word of mouth as all of our U.S.A. dealers do by hearing about us from happy customers," said Steve West, CEO of Hammerhead. "Tom Woo, Managing Director of Love Jugs Japan contacted me after he bought and tried a set of our Love Jugs and he immediately wanted to be the distributor in Japan. Tom has been selling Love Jugs for less than a year and we are pleased to be working together" West concluded.

Mr. Woo happily opines that," Love Jugs sales just keep happening. Here in the Pacific Region it gets quite hot and humid which causes a lot of bikes to break down due to overheating. Not with Love Jugs...the bikes are running much cooler and I've even seen some other types of bikes where they adapted Love Jugs because they work so well", concluded Mr. Woo. Love Jugs Japan can be viewed at www.Love-Jugs.JP

Jeff Vander Zalm, President of Konquer Distributing in Canada has also recently added Love Jugs to his product line and he's swamped with sales from dealers. Jeff stated, "Love Jugs have been selling fantastic all the way through winter. Everyone is making sure their bikes are in fine shape and as soon as the weather permits, it's time to ride!"

Vander Zalm said, "It is no secret Harley-Davidson engines can get hot and stay that way during normal day-to-day operation. The engine heat can soar, especially in stop and go traffic, at rallies and during most summertime riding. And that is a big stress for both rider and machine. My company now sells the solution to that problem...Love Jugs! Only Love Jugs has the solution that dramatically reduces the operating temperature of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin. It is simple to install, really looks great and is at a price that is half of what you would expect to pay,” Vander Zalm summed up. Go to http://www.konquer.ca/ to see Jeff's complete product line.

Say goodbye to the heat and really enjoy your ride - You will LOVE Love Jugs. Buy yours today! All Love Jugs products are available at Love Jugs Authorized Dealers and Distributors, J&P Cycle, Dennis Kirk, and on the company website.

DEALERS: For more information, please contact: Adam at info@love-jugs.com, or visit the website: www.love-jugs.com. Dealers and Distributors are invited to sign up now for a new profitable income stream as well as arguably the most customer-pleasing product you've ever handled.

CUSTOMERS: For more info or to place an order please contact Steve West at steve@love-jugs.com.

Visit Our Website...Click Here! Love Jugs is also a sponsor of Bikernet’s 5-Ball Racing Salt Torpedo.

--Rick Raus

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