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Love Ride Reports, Bad Government Alerts, Freedom Fights, Hot Products, and Bad Jokes

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Art Hall, Billy Tinney, Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo, Uncle Monkey and the rest of the Bikernet Crew

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This news is packed
with interesting shit. You can’t say we don’t give you controversial elements to ponder between working on bikes, chasing broads, and whiskey. Just don’t over do it.

Recent news flash. Paisano Publications boss, Joe Teresi, recently sold the Easyriders buildings. The two 10,000 square foot buildings were once packed with Easyriders peeps, crew, staff, and editors (over 100 strong). Business is constantly fluctuating. Never know what might happen next.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by Cycle Source, Iron Trader, and ChopperTown.

Let’s hit it.

California this week became the second state in the nation to automatically register citizens to vote when they obtain or renew their driver’s license. The New Motor Voter Act, signed into law by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, will automatically register up to 6.6 million eligible Californians who have failed to sign up to vote—including 52 percent of residents ages 18-24. Hang on.

--The Week Magazine

THE BIKERNET SEARCH FOR AMERICAN TRADITIONAL BANDANA MANUFACTURING— We thought we finally found one, Carolina Manufacturing, but their minimum was 5000 at a buck apiece. Interesting. I can have quality t-shirts printed with multiple colors for five bucks a shirt. I’m not so disturbed by the price, but the quantity is kicking my ass.

Andrew gave us a hand with another source. “I spoke to my printer yesterday. He told me it is cheaper just to go to or similar websites to get them done.”

It’s an interesting challenge, since many bandana manufactures screen print bandanas, which isn’t the traditional method of basically a die process in the bandana, not on it.

The hunt continues.



Just wanted to send you my latest and favorite painting so far. This is a 14x14-inch commission watercolor from forbidden motorcycles and fun little fact there is not a drop of black or grey paint in this one!

--Stephanie Russell

Open Road INCREDIBLE EDIBLES set to introduce best tasting Superfood Bars worldwide with new Kickstarter Campaign-- Feel The Horsepower Chocolate Superfood Bars, a subsidiary of Open Road Incredible Edibles, is launching a new Kickstarter campaign today to raise funding to introduce America’s best tasting performance enhancing bars world-wide after a successful local introduction in Chicago this past Spring.

Feel the Horsepower is a startup company specializing in artesian handcrafted specialty confectionery bars created for great taste and power-packed vitamin infusion.
The company has successfully tested the product in the Chicago market with a combination of limited retail availability, special event samplings and focus groups.

"Feel the Horsepower Bars are an on-the-go delight that not only satisfies your sweet tooth, but delivers the jolt you need to handle the rigors of the road or a too-busy day. I’m a true believer," said Marilyn Stemp, Iron Trader News.
“Our product is unique. We have a proprietary ‘gel’ surrounded by dark chocolate infused with all natural organic ingredients that provides energy, power and performance replacement. Most importantly, it tastes like a treat, not a treatment,” said company founder, Gina Woods.

The company’s goal is to eliminate the stigma that if it is good for you it tastes bad, with a product made through nearby sourced and sustainable ingredients from local farms who hire employees within the community to drive economic growth. The company’s Kickstarter campaign is designed to raise money to take production and distribution of Feel The Horsepower worldwide.

The campaign kicks off today with rewards for donations that include Feel The Horsepower stickers, hats, t-shirts, leather jackets, gas tanks, business radio commercials, a NASCAR Experience and Valerie Thompson Racing autographed swag!

For additional information, visit or

GRIMES DOMINATES JIM MCCLURE ALL-HARLEY RACE-- Beats Turner in Top Fuel Final; Vickers Sets Record En Route to Pro Fuel Win

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – NHRA champion Tommy Grimes maintained his dominance at Rockingham Dragway Sunday by beating fellow Carolinian and newly-crowned IHRA champion Jay Turner in the final round of the 24th annual AMRA Jim McClure All Harley Nitro Nationals.

Grimes qualified No. 1 at The Rock for the fifth consecutive year with an all-time best AMRA time of 6.157 seconds. He also raised the Ray Price Harley own AMRA speed record to 231.60 miles per hour before beating Turner to the finish in the final round by a narrow .028 of a second.

Fittingly, Donnie Huffman of Lakeland, Fla., clinched three AMRA national championships Sunday, boosting his career total to 19 and breaking the record formerly held by the event’s namesake. McClure won 18 national titles in his career.

Huffman was the event’s only double winner. After beating James Garey of Hernando, Miss., to win in Street Eliminator, he stopped Nate Carnahan of Powhaton, Va., to prevail in Super Pro.

Grimes and Huffman weren’t alone as record setters Sunday. They were joined by Johnny Vickers of Millers Creek, N.C., who dropped his own Pro Fuel record from 7.210 to 7.185 seconds on the way to the Rockingham winners’ circle.

Other winners were Bill “Billy Jack” Jackson of Honeybrook, Pa., in Nitro Funny Bike and Gary Douglass of Staunton, Va., in Pro Mod.

The Rock returns to four-wheel racing this week when Tony Saraceni and Yuengling, America’s oldest brewery, present Powerfest 3 featuring a $10,000-to-win Saturday show and a host of special awards.

* * * *

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – Elimination results from Sunday’s 24th annual AMRA/Jim McClure All-Harley Nitro Nationals at Rockingham Dragway:

Qualifying – 1. Tommy Grimes, Winston-Salem, N.C., 6.157, 231.60 mph; 2. Randall Andras, Amelia, La., 6.330, 217.67 mph; 3. Jay Turner, Julian, N.C., 6.364, 220.12 mph; 4. Ricky “Sharkey” House, Humble, Texas, 6.389, 206.16 mplh; 5. Tii Tharpe, East Bend, N.C., 6.421, 186.07 mph; 6. Jim Fagon, Valley City, Ohio, 6.466, 206.57 mph; 7. Jake Stordeur, Goshen, Ohio, 6.707, 160.96 mph; 8. Frank Capone, Walmfield, Mass., 6.727, 171.95 mph.

Round 1 – Ricky “Sharkey” House, Humble, Texas, 8.518, 124.83 mph, def. Tii Tharpe, East Bend, N.C., 10.552, 93.71 mph; Jay Turner, Julian, N.C., 6.487, 211.93 mph, def. Jim Fagon, Valley City, Ohio, 6.522, 201.34 mph; Jake Stordeur, Goshen, Ohio, 6.501, 212.39 mph, def. Randall Andras, 6.511, 216.90 mph; Tommy Grimes, Winston-Salem, N.C., 6.351, 222.77 mph, def. Frank Capone, Walmfield, Mass., 9.747, 98.14 mph.

Semifinals – Turner, 6.643, 163.67 mph, def. Stordeur, 6.828, 184.32 mph; Grimes, 6.263, 230.45 mph, def. House, 6.408, 212.36 mph.

FINAL – Tommy Grimes, Winston-Salem, N.C., 6.271, 229.70 mph, def. Jay Turner, Julian, N.C., 6.311, 222.18 mph.

Qualifying – 1. Kirby Apathy, Deland, Fla.. 7.128, 174.57 mph; 2. Johnny Vickers, Millers Creek, N.C., 7.263, 169.83 mph; 3. Janette Thoenley, Statesville, N.C., 7.299, 170.19 mph; 4. Kevin Garrow, Philadelphia, Pa., 7.370, 167.18 mph.
Round 1 - Kirby Apathy, Deland, Fla., 8.821, 117.67 mph, def. John McConnell, Darlington, Md., 9.001, 139.30 mph; Tyler Wilson, Walnut Cove, N.C., 7.699, 148.38 mph, def. Keith Kelley, Dickson, Tenn., 15.869, 53.30 mph; Johnny Vickers, Millers Creek, N.C., 7.253, 168.16 mph, def. Mani George, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 15.225, 51.60 mph; Janette Thoenley, Statesville, N.C., 7.340, 166.58 mph, def. Jay Beasley, Winston-Salem, N.C., no time; Rich Vreeland, Bloomsburg, Pa., l13.276, 68.09 mph, def. Dennis Fisher, Dayton, Ohio, no time; Rocky Jackson, Youngsville, La., 7.793, 158.33 mph, def. Kevin Garrow, Philadelphia, Pa., 7.651, 162.08 mph.

Round 2 – Thoenley, 7.295, 166.48 mph, def. Jackson, 7.644, 166.17 mph; Vickers, 7.181, 168.11 mph, def. Wilson, 7.690, 147.62 mph; Apathy, 7.237, 158.15 mph, def. Vreeland, 9.084, 99.44 mph.

Semifinals – Apathy, 7.325, 169.27 mph, bye; Vickers, 7.185, 164.83 mph, def. Thoenley, 7.266, 174.71 mph.

FINAL – Johnny Vickers, Millers Creek, N.C., 7.253, 165.29 mph, def. Kirby Apathy, Deland, Fla., no time.

Qualifying – 1. Rich Vreeland, Bloomsburg, Pa., 6.798, 198.09 mph; 2. Billy Jack Jackson, Honeybrook, Pa., 6.812, 202.00 mph; 3. Jay Beasley, Winston-Salem, N.C., 7.026, 188.78 mph; 4. Keith Browne, Semora, :N.C., 7.119, 177.81 mph.

Round 1 – Rich Vreeland, Bloomsburg, Pa., 6.794, 200.38 mph, bye; Keith Browne, Semora, N.C., 7.018, 183.24 mph, def. Rocky Jackson, Youngsville, La., no time; Jay Beasley, Winston-Salem, N.C., .7.387, 192.28 mph, def. Sam White, Columbia, S.C., no time; Billy Jack Jackson, Honeybrook, Pa., 6.876, 192.14 mph, def. Jake Stordeur, Goshen, Ohio, 8.391, 122.43 mph.

Semifinals – Vreeland, 7.064, 189.15 mph, def. Browne, no time; Jackson, 6.780, 198.50 mph, def. Beasley, 9.274, 95.19 mph.

FINAL – Billy Jack Jackson, Honeybrook, Pa., 6.876, 199.52 mph, def. Rich Vreeland, Bloomsburg, Pa., 9.683, 99.52 mph.

Round 1 – Jason Adams, Gainesville, Ga., 8.401, 155.90 mph, def. Morry Straubel, Wyoming, Mich., no time; Gary Douglass, Staunton, Va., 8.567, 148.97 mph, def. Hank Stanton, East Rochester, N.Y., 8.698, 144.83 mph; Ryan Oehler, Bloomington, Tenn., 8.360, 155.13 mph, def. Jerry Lee Colyd, Kokomo, Ind., 13.116, 101.90 mph; John Price, Emmitsburg, Md., 8.659, 146.15 mplh, def. Loreto “Larry” Pesce, Newark, Del., 25.815, 42.06 mph.

Semifinals – Douglass, 9.019, 128.96 mph, def. Adams, foul; Price, 8.547, 149.76 mph, def. Oehler, 19.388, 36.56 mph.

FINAL – Gary Douglass, Staunton, Va., 8.511, 143.06 mph, def. John Price, Emmitsburg, Md., 8.531, 149.98 mph.


PRO GAS – Mike Pearce, NA, 7.923, 161.11 mph, def. Billy Doherty, Lake Charles, La., 8.215, 153.58 mph.
MODIFIED – Don Leslie Jr., Pinson, Tenn., 9.388, 135.41 mph, def. Gary Douglass, Staunton, Va., 9.721, 133.91 mph.

OUTLAW STREET – Gregg Dahl, Uniontown, Pa., 8.323, 156.94 mph, def. Stephanie Crete, Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada, 8.561, 159.17 mph.

HOT STREET – Troy Young, Wirtz, Va., 9.717, 136.33 mph, def. Charley Douglass, Staunton, Va., 10.130, 135.00 mph;

DRESSER – David Dennick, Eighty Four, Pa., 10.199, 129.80 mph, def. Paul Vicory, New Carlisle, Ohio, 10.284, 134.60 mph.

STREET ELIMINATOR – Donnie Huffman, Lakeland, Fla., 11.438, 106.04 mph, def. James Garey, Hernando, Miss., 11.422, 110.03 mph.

TOP SPORTSMAN – Troy Young, Wirtz, Va., 9.671, 136.58 mph, def. Charlie Douglass, Staunton, Va., 10.092, 134.35 mph.

OPEN STREET – Christopher Wyckoff, NA, 13.244 on a 12.60 target, 103.06 mph, def. Danny Register, NA, 13.308 on a 12.340 target, 97.01 mph.

ELIMINATOR – Bill Rowe Jr., Hellertown, Pa., 10.025 on a 10.200, 131.81 mph, def. Chris Wood, Goldsboro, N.C., 9.820 breakout on a 10.000, 131.27 mph.

PRO ELIMINATOR – David Higgs, Ormond, Fla., 10.864, 101.07 mph, def. Greg Gross, Proctorville, Ohio, 10.815 breakout, 99.99 mph.

SUPER PRO – Donnie Huffman, Lakeland, Fla., 10.324, 114.20 mph, def. Nate Carnahan, Powhaton, Va., 10.429, 106.84 mph.

TOP ELIMINATOR – Dennis Waldron, Owings, Md., 9.390, 130.81 mph, def. Bob Drapp, Winter Haven, Fla., 9.439, 139.13 mph.

SUPER COMP – Freddy Frazier, Sanford, N.C., 8.890, 134.23 mph, def. Billy Doherty, Lake Charles, La., 8.858 breakout, 144.77 mph.

SUPER GAS – Joe Peterson, NA, 9.910, 129.90 mph, def. Andy Horn, St. Louis, Mo., 9.859 breakout, 116.14 mph.

LAST LOVE RIDE REPORT-- After 32 years it's over. Very good day. Excellent crowd. Over $1 million raised for Wounded Warriors program. Rode my 2007 Street Glide in the rain for the first time since it was new.

--Art Hall
Supreme Bikernet International Editor

WACO SHOOTING REPORT-- Gear Whine, by Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo

Turf War, Incompetent Police Response or Federal Conspiracy?

Waco tragedy remains a mystery

On May 17, 2015, hundreds of bikers converged on the town of Waco, Texas, for a bimonthly Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting. These meetings take place in towns and cities across the country and deal with matters of legislation affecting motorcyclists, or local issues as diverse as the next planned fundraiser for a local charity.

What happened in Waco has captured the attention and the imagination of bikers and non-bikers alike who have been bombarded with continued media coverage in the weeks following May 17. What started out as just another gathering of bikers to talk about issues important to them ended with nine dead, 20 wounded and 177 jailed for being part of a criminal enterprise. The country was shocked, but the question on everyone’s mind was what really happened at Waco? As usual, there are always at least two sides to a story, but this story may be more complicated and possibly more sinister than first imagined.

What really happened in Waco on May 17, 2015?

Read the full report on Bikernet in Special Reports.--Bandit

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
Sturgis 2008 Splitting Lanes With Billy Lane

I own this bike now it is my daily rider, still runs perfect. I understand why it was Billy's favorite bike. There’s nothing like it

--Michael Corney
Shamong, Nj

QUICK, OPEN THE BIKERNET BAD JOKE LIBRARY-- We all love to spend money buying new clothes but we never realize that the best moments in life are enjoyed without clothes.

Finnegin: My wife has a terrible habit of staying up 'til two o'clock in the morning. I can't break her of it.

Keenan: What on earth is she doin' at that time?

Finnegin: Waitin' for me to come home .

--from Jerry and Rogue

JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK-- No. 2244 Fork Nut Socket

JIMS No. 2244 Fork Nut Socket is a 35mm socket designed especially for fork tube plugs on Big Twin and Sportster models.

It is low profile to clear the handlebars and has a rubber protector inside so it will not scratch the chrome finish of the fork cap. The socket features a 3/8-inch square drive for a ratchet or it can be used with a 1-inch open end wrench.

For Big Twin and Sportster models with 35mm hex fork plug caps. JIMS No. 2234 is made in the USA, features JIMS lifetime warranty, and has a MSRP of $52.45.

For more info contact, visit, or call (805) 482-6913.



LOWER PRICE HILL, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- In September 2015 Local 12 News reported about a new biker clubhouse established by the Iron Horsemen in Lower Price Hill.

That clubhouse on West Eighth Street looked different in October than it did in September. Cincinnati has long been the territory of the Iron Horsemen. Call them a club, call them a gang, call them whatever you want; they've been a long-time problem for law enforcement.

The clubhouse in Lower Price Hill represented a bold effort by the Horsemen to extend their reach and stake a claim on the community, right up until when a swat team raided it. The Iron Horsemen's new clubhouse underwent a rather sudden transformation. Gone is the big black Iron Horseman logo from the fence. Gone is the Vic's Brew and Cue sign from a famous Mount Carmel biker shootout. Gone is the bike off the roof and much more.

The redecorating was the result of a raid by Cincinnati police, the SWAT team and ATF and FBI agents, serving a search warrant on the property.

Capt. Paul Nuedegate with Cincinnati police told Local 12 News, “They are not just a weekend motorcycle club that does Toys for Tots at the end of the year; that they are an organized criminal outfit that engages in drug trafficking, meth amphetamine trafficking."

At the biker clubhouse, police took William Francis Meeker into custody. They described him as a “wannabe” Horseman. He already had convictions for assault and robbery. Police said he had a .38 special with him when they arrested him.

When Local 12 News was at the clubhouse Sept. 10, we talked with neighbor Michelle Hodgetts and asked what it was like living next to the Iron Horseman.

She said, “Loud, there's probably some illegal stuff going on over there, that's what I heard. But it's mostly the motorcycles revving at 3 o'clock in the morning."

Police also agreed illegal stuff was going on inside the club. So after the raid Wednesday, Oct. 14, agents paid a visit to the main Iron Horsemen Clubhouse in California on the city's east side. They told the 20 or so assembled members and Horsemen leaders why they raided the Lower Price Hill location and explained the federal law known as "Violent Crime in Aid of Racketeering."

The raid no doubt brought a sigh of relief to neighbors like Michelle, “Nobody around here's happy that they're here,” she said, “because of who they are."

For the last few years, as Local 12 News has reported, the Horsemen were involved in a turf war with what authorities called a rival club, the Detroit Highwaymen. While the Highwaymen, following a similar raid, disbanded, according to Local 12 sources they may be in the process of making a Cincinnati comeback. Local 12 News will keep you posted.

--from Rogue

NEWS FROM CHOPPERTOWN-- With our Facebook hitting 1,000,000 last week we decided to have little photo contest of supporters' rides. The winner will get an awesome hand-engraved timing cover from Scorpion Engraving. Please click the link below to help us choose the winner!

If anybody wants a cover done for their bike (any make)

--Zack and Scott

Donna Labate shared Charlie Brechtel's video. Charlie Brechtel and his band have been long time supporters. He never gives up supporting the museum.

This year Charlie’s group will be raising money for the Sturgis museum through the Legendary Buffalo Chip with Dan Lawson and the Charlie Brechtel band. For more info reach out to or call 209 785-9422. Other supports include Cris Sommer/Simmons,  Keith Ball and Rogue of and Dan Lawson. or call 209 785-9422

TOM FOSTER’S CLASSIC BUILD-- Did you ever publish this Tom Foster bike? I know we just used this location, but the bike is hot, so is the girl. Perhaps just for your Cantina?

-- Peter Linney
Certified Bikernet Feature Photographer and drone operator

Yep, we featured it a few years ago, but it’s archived forever on Bikernet.--Bandit

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Reader Comments

Loved the article, although sad to see the end of the Love Ride in my lifetime. Great information.

Curt Kimball
Memphis, TN
Sunday, October 25, 2015
Editor Response Thanks. Hang on for New York Myke's report and plea for more Love Rides.
Great page !!

Friday, October 23, 2015
Editor Response Thanks much. Lots of hard work goes into it each week and all week long collecting news. Credit goes to our many contributors including Rogue, La La, Bob Clark, Uncle Monkey, Tony Sanfelipo, and many others.

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