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On a Run to a Surf Competition in Santa Cruz, California

By Frankie Jr, the Tattoo Master

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Son Frank, Frankie on his Dyna and the old guy.
Son Frank, Frankie on his Dyna and the old guy.

My Grandson made a recent run north:
Darren and I decided to take a last-minute ride up to Santa Cruz to check out a surf competition. We split from LA on a Friday from Venice. We knew it would be hairy because of rush hour but it was now or never. 
So, we jumped on our Dyna’s and hit the road. After a couple stops in Santa Barbra then San Luis Obispo and then Soledad, we got into Salinas and cut up the through then canyon and arrived on PCH. We rode it into Santa Cruz and arrived around 11:00 p.m. It was about 350 miles. 
We hung out at the beach for a couple hours jumped on the bikes and hauled-ass back down south to beat the rain. We both had places to be Monday and the roads we packed because of Memorial Day. 
We took the coast back though Big Sur and checked out the redwoods and the winding two-laner along sheer cliffs to the ocean.  
We were hauling ass, and in one of the last turns, I caught some gravel and bike started to lose control. I laid it down as smoothly as I could to avoid flying off the cliff. Luckily, I had my Linby, thick-walled tubing, crash bar installed during our rebuild (from my last accident), which dug into the gravel and swung my bike left and not into the Pacific Ocean. 
After I got up, after sliding for a bit, I checked out the Dyna. To my surprise, it wasn’t fucked up much at all. Paint was still flawless (fairing included) and no visible leaks. My derby cover and bottom of primary case got scratched, but nothing major considering the circumstances.
 The bracket that holds the foot pedal and rear brake lever got bent, so I had to remove foot peg and jam the rear brake lever into a position, so it wouldn’t move while I rode home. Again, I was lucky to have the Lindby crash bar to use as a highway peg the whole rest of the ride into Southern California.
 I had about 350 miles to go before getting back to Venice. Long story short, I made it home safe, bike ran solid and no breakdowns. Linby crash bar played a huge role in that. Thanks for this product-- it sure saved my ass on this trip.
--Frank Ball Jr.

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