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LA Choppers Big Air Kit From Baron Mfg. Installation

Lets Clear the Air!

Photos and Text by Tail Gunner and his lovely assistant Colleen

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Well, it's time once more to bring you a Bikernet/Tail Gunner product review. This month we take a look at LA Choppers "Big Air" kits from Baron Mfg. The kit is made of chrome plated billet . The machining is some of the best I have seen, and I had no problems what so ever with fitment.

The kit includes all required parts; backing plate, hardware, reusable filter, rain cover and chrome cover plate.
The kit includes all required parts; backing plate, hardware, reusable filter, rain cover and chrome cover plate.

Over the years I have probably installed, modified and played with just about every air cleaner kit available. I have grappled with OEM modifications to the Big Sucker kits, moving butterflies to cone shaped forced air. I can tell you with confidence that some work, some don't, and they all have oil blow-by to some degree.

Tools required for installation: 3/16 Allen, 7/16 wrench, 3/4 socket with 3/8-inch drive ratchet.
Tools required for installation: 3/16 Allen, 7/16 wrench, 3/4 socket with 3/8-inch drive ratchet.

So let's get to it. First I removed the old ham can, which served me well for the past few years, but since I changed out the cams on my TC88B to 510 S&S's it was definitely time for an upgrade and more air flow.

After removing the ham can, I cleaned all mounting surfaces (breathers and throttle body) and applied a little thread sealer to each new breather bolt.

Installation is straight-forward. The backing plate inlet hole is radius, sort of like a mini velocity stack and comes prepared with a throttle body gasket all ready installed , so after applying thread sealer go ahead and mount the back plate.

Start by installing the breather bolts first, leave them a little loose until you get the throttle body bolts started. Then go ahead and tighten everything down, first the breather bolts and then the throttle body screws.

Installation NOTE: Prior to backing plate installation, insert the supplied 7/16-inch bolt for the cover plate through the top hole. This will allow you clearance between the plate and throttle body when installing the chrome cover plate.
I thought I'd do a little math to see just how much difference there is between the K&N replacement filter I had on, and the new filter that came with the kit. I didn't get real technical and tear apart the filters and count every pleat, but I did measure the circumference of each filter.

The K&N replacement is 21 inches around and the new LA Choppers filter is 24.5 inches around, not a big difference but 3.5 inches just the same. Now add the fact that the new filter is open all around, and you get way more air flowing to your EFI or carb, and that equals more HP anyway you look at it.

I have put about 500 miles on the bike since I installed the new kit, and no oil leaks anywhere!! The internal breather set up is sharp and functions well, all excess oil blow by is channeled to the EFI intake and recycled through the engine.

The entire kit is beautiful, and the chrome is blinding! You can choose from a number of designs on the cover plate, anything from just plain smooth, to flames, pinstripe, religious crosses, comet and inferno.

Check them all out at The kit is about $300 , but considering the quality and HP increase it's a worthwhile investment. For quick service and superb technical assistance, contact Chucky @ I personally guarantee you'll love this product as I do. On my scale of 1 to 10 I give this a 10 for quality and an 8 for installation. It's a one hour job tops! Tell Chucky "Tail Gunner sent ya."

Gunner out till next time!
Suppliers:                               $299.95                               $299.95                            $299.95                                        $299.95


We done Tail Gunner, can you tune these?
We done Tail Gunner, can you tune these?

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Reader Comments

I have a 2008 Yamaha Roadstar 1700. I have had back firing issues ever since I put a Cobra pipe and Fuel management system on the bike. By the way, it only did it on the decellaration.

I put a Baron/Air Injection Block Off Kit (p/n # BA-2551-00) on to help with this backfiring issue and it works fine, but my Engine light stays on. I know I followed the instructions to a "T" and double and triple checked my work. Have you run into this problem? If so what was the fix? Do I need to disconnect the Battery then reconnect it to allow the computer to re calibrate?

Let me Know. Thanks Man. Dave (402)570-5633.

Dave Reece
Lincoln, NE
Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Editor Response I will check with Tail Gunner.

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