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by Professor J.J. Solaria, Bikernet University, with images from Sam Burns

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138: SUSTAINABLE (BUREAUCRAT/JOURNALISM DEFINITION) What all things except humans must become. (ACTUAL DEFINITION)……There actually isn’t one. Nothing is actually “sustainable” unless you don’t use it.

Since sustainability is a completely made-up insistence with no relation in any way to reality, there is only the puzzle of what, as Ayn Rand would say, this folly actually accomplishes. Well that would be it accomplishes agrarian reform and industrial extinction, in accordance with Marxist ideology, which is what all government crap devolves to: Marxist ideology.

Or pre Cambrian existence, in other words. Sustainable is an arbitrary redefinition of reality, the implied but not vocalized alternative to NOT sustaining things being….the end of the earth and all life on it if things (to be decreed, and as needed) are not “sustained.”

The idea that things must not be “used up” is a Marxist notion, as are most political notions circa 2022, the purpose being to groom people into not doing things, like the lockdown did, since Marxism is materially and spiritually impotent. It is a de-industrializing training regimen designed to restrict progress since progress is a threat to government and nations. See empowered, journey, diversity, inclusivity.

175: SUSTAINABILITY (cont)…… A word used by everyone for the sake of using it since no one actually knows how you sustain something you are using.

You can REPLACE things. But if you are sustaining it….then you’re not using it. It’s just in existence. Probably put there by Nature.

While sustainability has no meaning it does have a function, naturally political: to imply that the user of the word is bathed in priestlike holiness. Most product-sellers now use this word to suggest that they are holy so you should buy their iffy-level-of-merit product out of appreciation of the seller rather than out of satisfaction with the product.

Bureaucrats also use this word to suggest that they care about the “earth.” Which compared to the degree that they care about you, is likely greater, so they’re actually telling the truth for once. For only the earth matters now. Not you. Atomic energy, while not sustainable is in fact, close to inexhaustible. In America this makes it forbidden since a close-to-actually sustainable power source goes against the “agenda of sustainability” now embraced by bureaucrats and their frightened-of-losing-their-permission-to-exist corporate sycophants. Which would be all businesses not actually family or individually owned. Corporations are government-created entities and have nothing to do with the definition of capitalism.

176: SUSTAINABLE, SUSTAINABILITY (cont) (bureaucrat/journalist definition)……Unknown. (ACTUAL DEFINITION)……Unknown. Sustainable is a word with no actual meaning or definition in a political context, which is the only context it is ever used in. Perhaps it can be used in another context. Beats me. Maybe you can think of one. In the political realm while it has no actual meaning or definition, there is a prescribed response: obedience. If you are using something unsustainable, you should not be using it.

Why? Because you will use it all up. Then it will be gone. And no one will have any. Which is immoral. You are keeping other people from having any. And we all must have everything or nothing. All things must be sustainable otherwise you cannot use it.

Since nothing is actually sustainable, as far as anyone knows, even though no one actually knows, since no one knows what sustainable actually means or is or does or says or bleats or shits or gets off the pot…

Or maybe everything is sustainable if orders and procedures are followed as pronounced by people who can’t actually sustain an intelligence, we just don’t know, and if someone does actually know that person has not yet come forward to tell us what sustainable is or means or does so therefore to be safe lest we run out - your use of whatever we are talking about at the moment is to be curtailed under penalty of license-loss, since your license and your liberty are apparently not sustainable. They can actually disappear.

That much we know.

184: GREENHOUSE GAS (JOURNALIST/BUREAUCRAT DEFINITION) The destructive vapors of oil, coal and methane used in machines and in your lungs.(ACTUAL DEFINITION…….Two words assembled together in such a way as to put it into your head via relentless repetition by infinite human parrots including suddenly-genius first-graders, that earth is a man-made greenhouse, not a 4 billion year old mammoth amalgam of the entire periodic table.

The earth is not a green house. Nor is it a Popsicle. The expression “greenhouse gas” has one function: to put the idea of rising earth temperature into your head and associate it with you using an air conditioner or hair spray because your personal conveniences are killing others less fortunate. That’s right, it’s just more fucking Marxism.

The expression “greenhouse gasses” has been selected solely for the bizarre imagery that the phrase conjures: that the earth is not a successfully-self-operating monster of life-out-of dirt, winding and wending its way through a galaxy of a billion stars and a trillion planets, no, it’s fucking a greenhouse: a big glass building with its already hot, wet, humid essence being further compromised by your car which is turning the earth into more of a place for lizards and spiders and plants that eat animals than it already is, and you are at fault because of your selfish need for “modern conveniences” while others die.

The “greenhouse gas” is proclaimed to be CO2. Even though CO2 is not a “greenhouse gas.” There is actually no such thing as a greehouse gas. There is just CO2. CO2 is not a greenhouse gas. It’s just CO2. It’s never been…a greenhouse gas. It’s a CO2 gas.

The expression “greenhouse gas” has also been selected via some random bureaucratic catastrophe-generator to be compiled into the New Weather Terminology of Death along with the sudden newly-appearing mysterious version of meteorology called “climate science.” Meaning “the science you created and made necessary for us to investigate so that you don’t kill everybody.”

Climate science. Greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gasses. Global warming. Attribution science. Gray swan climate event, Hotter. And hotter. Wetter. Droughtier. It’s a fucking mess. Do you care??? No.

You have electricity. So YOU don’t care. (You’ll notice there is a worldwide sudden electricity problem in all the white countries.) You won’t stop stop using your air conditioner? We’ll shut off the power. You won’t stop driving your gas and diesel vehicles? We’ll outlaw oil.

You’ll use our mandatory electricity vehicles. Which don’t work. We don’t care. We need you dead before you realize you don’t actually need us. Eventually there will be something called “terrain science” that will explain why walking on the ground rather than just lying six feet beneath it is causing warts on the moon. Just like all the other things declared out of nowhere, claimed as fact and always suspiciously designed to handcuff human life, human happiness, human progress and discourage more cool stuff and to keep people glued to one spot.

Ya know, like Covid-19 successfully did.

--jj solari, bureaucrat/journalist dictionary

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