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Klock Werks Parts Fit All 2017 Models

By Bikernet

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In today’s world, industry moves faster than ever, and Klock Werks is always on top of what is happening with new model motorcycles. This time around, with the 2017 models, the Krew can relax a bit. Although the gear heads in the shop geek out over re-tooling products to match the market, none of the enhancements to the new Harley, Indian, Victory, and Honda models affected Klock Werks' current product fitments.


Klock Werks' Flare Windshields, stamped-steel fenders, and handlebars will fit the new models! Klock Werks has been busy exploring the new model bikes and emerging markets, and we are excited to launch some great new parts soon. You’ll have plenty of time to build and customize your ride if you’re located in an area that prompts bike storage for the winter, so stock up and get building!

“Our 2017 customers are sure in for a treat as they are able to trick out their new Milwaukee 8 models NOW and not have to wait,” said Makel Juarez, Klock Werks International Sales Manager.

Our products not only work on the 2017 bikes, but Klock Werks has and always will ensure accurate fitment and bolt-on ease. We make it our job to make kustomizing your ride seamless and enjoyable; after all, it’s your hobby. It should be fun, and you should have a bike that suits your style!


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