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Klock Werks 11.5 Windshield Installed On 2022 Ultra Limited
Klock Werks 11.5 Windshield Installed On 2022 Ultra Limited

I was recently bought a new 2022 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited.

Stock Harley Windshield
Stock Harley Windshield

So far, I like the motorcycle, but... I rode so long using a Klock Flare Windshield on my previous motorcycle, I missed it.  I needed to quickly install one on my new Ultra.

I went to the Klock Werks website to order a new windshield. Good thing I took the time to watch the video about how to decide the correct height windshield for me. I strongly suggest you watch the video as well.

Non Vented Fairing
Non Vented Fairing

Vented Fairing
Vented Fairing


I never thought about the height differences in the fairings with and without vents.

I also took the time to read their comments.

Klock Werks Flare™ is the ORIGINAL windshield of its kind. It surprised riders everywhere with not only how great it looks, but also with how well it performs. The innovative, patented, design features “hips” at the outer edge of the shield that re-route the air to add downforce to the front of the bike, improving stability vs. riding with a stock shield. The “flip” at the top of the Flare™ is designed to kick the air up and back, to form clean less turbulent air for the rider and passenger. Made from hard-coated polycarbonate material for added durability.

  • In most cases, Klock Werks recommends you choose a Flare™ size that you can look over comfortably.
  • Black color versions are opaque and cannot be seen through. These may not be suitable for shorter riders.
  • Windshield bags WILL work with our Flare™. Harley-Davidson sells a three-pouch windshield bag designed for vents that will work with the 6.5", 8.5", 10.5" and 11.5" Flare™ Windshields.


I ended up getting a clear 11.5-inch windshield and trim.

Installing it is very simple.

Klock Windshield Trim
Klock Windshield Trim

Because I was also installing the trim, I needed to remove the 3 bolts holding the windshield in place.


 This is Not Necessary If Just Replacing the Windshield. In that case you would just loosen the bolts enough to remove the old one and slide the new one into place.

The only tool used was a ¼ drive ratchet a T-27 Torex.

CAUTION The Torque On The Windshield Bolts Is 3-5 INCH POUNDS

That means pretty much just run them down until they touch and tweak if you do not have a torque wrench.

I have been riding the motorcycle while I work on this article and YES, I DO NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE. Give It A try.


Quick, join up. Just click and go.
Quick, join up. Just click and go.


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Reader Comments

Great information, I'll have to get one. My stock windshield needs to be replaced.

Buzz Brezina
Palm Bay, FL
Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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