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Jims USA

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JIMS® Performance Parts & Tools
For Use On Harley-Davidsons®

555 Dawson Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone 805-482-6913 FAX 805-482-7422

Hey, this is the JIMS Performance Parts And Tools Area. JIMS builds an entire line of tools for working on Harley-Davidson drivelines, including tools to work on the new twin cam models. We will be featuring articles on how to use his line of tools on the 88-inch Harleys.

JIMS now goes way beyond his extensive tool line with performance kits for Harleys including lower ends, pistons, rods, etc. His transmission department manufactures everything needed to build a big twin or Shovelhead transmission. Click on any of JIMS banners to check his product line.

JIMS MACHINE TOOL OF THE WEEK-- Swing Arm Bearing Installer
By Bikernet
Swing Arm bearings must be installed and aligned accurately to avoid unsafe handling and ensure control of the motorcycle. With an MSRP of $156,this tool (Part No.5822) installs both drive side and brake side bearings, which are at different depths. JIMS® took it one step ...
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JIMS Engine Stand for Milwaukee-Eight Touring Models
By Bikernet
What was the first thing we did when we took delivery of our new Milwaukee-Eight test bike? We pulled the engine to take a look inside, of course.
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JIMS New 2018 Catalog

JIMS New 2018 Catalog

By Bikernet
JIMS New 2018 Catalog--JIMS is proud to announce that we have a brand new catalog! This new catalog is absolutely filled to the bri...
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The Tileman’s New Dyna Chain Drive

We Installed this Puppy and a Barnett Clutch

By Bandit, James Conway, James Hicks and Jeremiah Soto
Recently another performance upgrade has surfaced for Dynas. Local guys are removing rear drive belts and installing chains. The first benefit of chains is the ability to run wider tires without stress and hassle.
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JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK-- Cylinder Head Holder
By Bikernet
Different spark plug threads in the Milwaukee Eight heads call for a different head holder, and we have it. 

JIMS TOOL OF THE WEEK-- Left Main Seal Installer
Less than perfect installation of the left crankshaft oil seal can result in unwanted oil transfer between the engine and the primary drive. With a retail price of $86.00 the JIMS® left main bearing oil seal installer (Part no. 5810) not only assists with perfect installat...
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JIMS MACHINE Photo Challenge
By Bikernet
Wouldn't you like to have a photo you took featured in a magazine, or the Jims newsletter? Do you have a knack for good photos on Social Media?
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Fuel Tank Wall Mount
By Bandit
When your fuel tank is removed from your bike, it can create storage issues. A tank left on a work bench or otherwise exposed can typically create a disaster by being knocked to the floor or damaged on the bench.
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