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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition

Jesse Meets Huey and Cleveland Motorcycle

He Builds a MacGyver Bike

Photos and text by Balls

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Meet, if you will, Cleveland’s “Jesse The Kid”.  I was first introduced to him during his day of revolting from his Ma.  This was a big mistake, as Ma was good friends with Huey.  She brought Jesse to Huey and proclaimed, “straighten his ass out Huey."  I suppose this was in the early '90s as Jesse was a very rebellious lad. It was time for Jesse’s dues paying years and to adhere to Huey’s rules, which included cleaning parts, sweeping floors, catering, and doing every grease ball job Huey could throw at him.



As the bond grew between Huey, Jeffery, and Jesse and the outstanding skills at Performance Engineering/Cleveland Motorcycle Company started paying off for Jesse.  The more interest he showed the more they taught him.  Huey’s brilliance with motors was passed along. The knowledge gained through trial and error related to welding, grinding, assembly, making parts started to evolve in this bright young man, who became fulltime instead of working just after school.



Jesse’s life around the machine shop/custom motorcycle shop indeed matured him from a kid in and out of the trouble bag into one extremely talented young man.




He is just that.  Kudos to Huey, Jeffery and the crew, who I have close ties with since 1980, for not only passing your wisdom onto Jesse, but also allowing him to discover and develop the gift he has.




Study what he has accomplished here.  Huey and Jeffery allowed him to go into their respective junk piles from 40 years of building motorcycles and cars. Neither have ever thrown away any item in their lives.  So, from two longtime parts collectors the young guy assembled what you see, and yes, it is as good a one-off-a-kind piece as we’ve seen in awhile….in addition, she starts first kick and runs like a raped ape.




The rear wheel weld rim with a Mickey Thompson front tire off an abandon car project from the '80s .

The carb is a 1970s Mikuni Solex that was used on a Road Rally Datsun.  There are no rebuilt parts so new assembly was handled very carefully and required some hand made parts.




Terry Huntington designed the rocker boxes in the late '70s…Jesse had to do some talking to get our junk guys to come off of these.   The Springer front end sat in the corner of the shop for 6 years,

so…well, why not.  Huey didn’t realize it was missing ‘til the bike went to paint. 




The front wheel is an early twin cam hub laced to a Sportster rim. The brakes are Performance Machine project brakes Jesse stole from another machine in the shop.  The tranny is a Harley-Davidson Roto-lid, kick only with a 6T BMX pedal pulled from Greg’s basement.  The shifter is an original Hurst 4-speed shifter donated from the Corvette shop around the corner.




The tank started life as a Super Glide chopped and channeled.  Other interesting one-off stuff included the ignition and cam cover.  Jesse incorporated them together to create the “Mock-neto” a 4-cylinder farm tractor magneto all engineered to work by Jesse.




More one off machined parts of billet by Jesse is the forward controls.  The belt drive is a mechanical oddity that started out as a worn out Karata set up.  Jesse re-machined the clutch hub in order to use Twin Cam plates with a diaphragm clutch spring.  Another good move related to putting the stop on your pants catching in the belt was the machining of the front pulley cover.  This began life as a 30 lb block of billet aluminum. With a spare piece of 30 lb billet laying on the floor and no waste attitude the taillight became a whip up of sorts and is available on the shop web site




Jesse told me “This motorcycle could not have been made possible without the insight of all those ol’ Timers at Cleveland Motorcycle/Performance Engineering”.   I had to laugh out loud at that comment, "Oh really, Jesse."




The shit they will give this young man when this comes out will rival proverbial Bikers farting around the campfire night.  It will be good-natured in our Biker way, but basically he robbed them of 40 years of junk and 80 years of dues.  However, what he did with that junk resulted in the ol’ timers singing him praise, mostly so he can’t hear them.  They genuinely believe in this young man and maybe won’t admit it, but there is one big bunch of pride passed along here.




By the way, the power plant is an outstanding 80-cubic inch Shovelhead with a 10:5:1 Wiseco pistons, S & S lowers dual plugged, ported heads with a Sifton cam.




This almost rivals the stuff Huey Schwebs used to build through the '80s.  I photographed motorcycles Huey’s created with motors in them no one else on the planet could build.  Huey had motors with Panhead, Flathead, Knucklehead and Shovelhead parts mixed and twisted that would out run new stuff on the street.  Great to see this wonderful ingenuity is back.




Why not take a machine like this one and place the “Angel of the Dawn” (her nickname) Amanda, on and around it.  Fun, gorgeous,  great tits

just begins to describe Amanda.  Born and reared in Kentucky, Debby found her on a ride we were doing through the Appalachian Hills on the

scooters.  Deb has an eye for Biker Babes as I’m sure you will agree.  It never seems to bother any of  us that Amanda also has great carburetors, fabrication of the hips, lips and ass that rival any hard belly on the planet.  She does not chew tobacco, has all her teeth and hair and scored a “10” on every damn scale throughout the biker world.



Ride hard, damn it!



This feature was originally published in Biker Magazine


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Reader Comments

Yep, the old man is a rare talent and Jesse was lucky to learn everything he knows from Huey. Without Huey's faith and wisdom Jesse would still be a punk on the corner hanging out with losers.

Huey apprenticed him and gave him unlimited opportunity. Huey is the real deal; a real biker legend.

Cheryl Schwebs
Olmsted Falls, OH
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Sanitary scooter just brimming with class. Jesse is a real talent, and I would love to see Amanda in the Cantina.

San Marcos, TX
Thursday, August 12, 2010
Editor Response Hey, I had a couple of nude shots of her from Balls. She was in the Sunday Post recently. Hang on for the new Girl of Bikernet, coming soon.
Hi , guys


Vitoria, Brazil
Thursday, August 12, 2010
I've spent my whole life in the Cleveland area from Northfield in northern Summit county, which back in my day considered it's self a part of the Cleveland area, to Garfield hts. and southeast Cleveland.

Huey is a legend in this area and I'm glad to see that one he's getting recognition on your site and that he's pasting on the lifestyle, wisdom,passion to a new generation, because you can truly see passion in Jeff's scoot.

Also, it shows that Cleveland and Ohio is second to none in the Bikernation.

Andy Plavny
Garfield hts. , OH
Thursday, August 12, 2010
Editor Response Thanks for the comment. I've known Huey for, well a long goddamn time.

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