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Ride Forever -
Wednesday Edition



By J.J. Solari with images from Barry and Sam

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If you've ever looked forward to leaving your car in the
garage and bicycling to your local Amtrak yard to board a
train filled with deranged wandering resurrected-dead from the planet are in luck, moe-foe Lose-a-Relative Joe is gonna make all your dreams of
tuberculosis and probably ebola come true.

You can give C-19 a big hug of welcome compared to what Rolling-Toilet Joe has planned for you. You won't need facemasks on Biden Transport, you will need flamethrowers to kill the microbes, bacteria, viruses, insects, vermin, chiggers,fleas, leeches and subterranean fecal matter from the undead that you are going to be harboring on you and in you for the rest of your life.

You will be calling the Covid-19 lockdowns and beatdowns and staydowns the good ol' days after the Contamination Express drops you off, probably head first, at your destination, courtesy of Joe Squint-Eye Biden.

And God bless that rancid hair-sniffer, he thinks this is a
really good idea. Well, it is if your idea of a good idea is
destroying peoples' lives. And he has already admitted
that when his Cal-Tech plan for solving all America's
problems at his debate with Trump was for YOU to wear a mask. That's right, mi amigo, everything will be fine as long as YOU do what Joe Where's-My-Kids Biden says.
And what he says is for you to wear a mask and ride the
train and the bus.
Eventually he'll be insisting you take more showers. To keep you safe. He might even provide the trains. He actually makes Ocasio Consuelo Allay-oop Cassandra
Cunnilinga Cortez look intelligent. And you gotta be pah-
RIH-ty fucking stupid to make her look smart. You gotta be some whole new kinda shitforbrains.

It's a pretty good bet Joe Then You ain't Black Biden has
never been on a bus or train lately. He'd get a firsthand
look at what the poor and downtrodden that he spends so much of his time praising and subsidizing actually look like. And act like. And smell like. He'd also get to see a lot
of new penises. Whether or not he wanted to. He'd get to
smell the entire aging process of urine; from Pissed Right
Now to Pissed Two Years Ago. He'd see more diseases in one hour than the Front Line hankee dispensers of the pandemic saw in a whole year of saying "get plenty of bed rest and drink lots of fluids" to the annual-cold-and-flu season "victims."

The trains in America weren't always human-dung
transporters. That happened after the efficient and
prosperous and fun-to-ride and privately owned trains of
America were nationalized. "Nationalized" means
"confiscated." The entire public sector exists by
confiscating the wealth and prosperity of the private
sector. Which is fine, it was Constitutional. When things
are Constitutional that means they're ok. And if they're
NOT Constitutional, just wait a few minutes, they will be.
When everything is confiscated then, in the words of Darth Sidious, "We will have peace."

Biden also wants to do away with cars. He is going to
facilitate this by getting rid of roads. But he is not
Communizing America he is saving the planet. He is
saving the planet from humanity. According to Biden, who has the IQ of a salamander, people are a threat to the planet that put them here.

"Human-caused global warming" is a notion believed as
fact by people who have absolutely no comprehension of
what is called "scale." Trust me, the planet does not even
know we are here. We are THAT insignificant to the sun earth dynamic. Which is huge. One volcano puts more "greenhouse gasses" into the atmosphere in one hour
than humans could manage in all of human history.

So he doesn't REALLY care about "saving the planet"
what he cares about is "wrecking humanity." Because he
is in the public sector.

The public sector exists by confiscation and by fiat.
Otherwise, no one would have anything to do with it.
However, the humans in the private sector have a flaw:
They believe that the public sector is necessary.
But let's get back to arm-caresser Joe. Joe wants to
change the road system into something that will be "burrocart friendly."

He wants to help the third world, now walking smartly across the border, move from one prehistoric farming job in Joe's America devoid of machinery to the next. Since they only have burrows and bicycles and stolen shopping carts, you zipping along at
70 miles an hour to get to the beaches and ski slopes and forests are a threat to wooden wagons being pulled by mules and donkeys and children.

Trump wanted human progress but was rude to people so he is hated. Biden wants human regression back to 3 million BC but he says nice things to everyone. He talks
nice and behaves like Lucifer. Trump talked like Lucifer but he acted like someone who knew the private sector is the only thing that actually works and succeeds and prospers.

People prefer Lucifer behavior to Lucifer vocabulary. Just
ask Adam. So, we now have Biden. And if you think he's
bad wait till Harridan Harris and her VP Ocasio take over.
You will pray for Armageddon as a calmative.

See you on the bus!

J.J. Solari
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Reader Comments

I'm waiting for the Biden Misadministration to announce that as part of their transition from gasoline powered vehicles to self-driving, electric transport mod, all motorcycles have to be banned because the self-driving systems can't deal with all the randomness motorcycles present on the highway.

I'm sure if we'd trade our bikes for self-driving, electric transport cycles that would blend in with the school of fish/herd of lemmings robo-cars on the highways while we just sit on them, the powers that be would let us keep riding cycles. And maybe they'd let us put flames decals on them to how what free-spirited rebels we are.

But in world where our bikes will be outlawed, all remaining bikers will be outlaws who snub society to live by their own rules, and...

Wasn't that the plot of some cheesy 1970s grade B science fiction biker movie? Cheesy art becoming cheesy fact as Biden gives life to his favorite movie?

Vern Moore
Kingsley, PA
Friday, April 9, 2021
Editor Response Wow, you need to read my book, Sam "Chopper" Orwell. I wrote it in 1998 and it's all coming to pass.

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