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Indian Motorcycle Big Chief Custom

Built around the Indian Chief Classic, the “Big Chief Custom” showcases Indian Motorcycle accessories.

By Indian Motorcycle

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Indian Motorcycle just revealed a fully customized, Indian Chief Classic during a Press Presentation at the Indian Motorcycle exhibit of the International Motorcycle Show in New York City. Conceptualized and designed by Indian Motorcycle’s Industrial Design team, the “Big Chief Custom” is the first custom Indian Chief created around the 2014 models introduced with great fanfare at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this past August.

Spearheaded by the head of Polaris Industries’ Industrial Design team, Greg Brew, a small and dedicated team undertook the task of customizing a stock 2014 Indian Chief Classic. It features an array of Genuine Indian Motorcycle aftermarket accessories along with a custom paint scheme and billet girder front fork. This Big Chief Custom was designed to showcase the possibilities to customize, enhance and personalize the 2014 Indian Chiefs.

One special highlight of the custom build is the billet aluminum girder front end that recalls the early Indian models. Designed, machined and built in-house, the girder fork features machined uprights and cross members with a custom 23-inch front wheel. The custom front valance fender maintains the classic look of the Indian Chief. A custom shock and headlight complete the package. Custom paint was applied in-house by team member Steve Leszinski with a multicolored theme from prior generations of Indian Motorcycles.

Another nod to the long history of Indian Motorcycle is the springer style seat. Combined with the modern day single rear shock, the Big Chief Custom promises to be a smooth ride.


The “Pinnacle Series” of Indian Motorcycle accessories on the Big Chief includes the Cam Cover, Primary Cover, Chrome Grips and Beach Bars. The Stage 1 exhaust sports Fish Tail Tips. Other custom accessories include War Bonnet Floorboard Pads, a Heel Shifter and chrome Rear Fender Bumper.

The “Big Chief Custom” will be on display in the Indian Motorcycle exhibit as part of the 2014 International Motorcycle Shows tour. Remaining tour stops include Novi, Michigan; Washington, DC; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; and Seattle, Washington. The Display features the 2014 line of Indian Chief motorcycles including the Chief Classic, Chief Vintage and the Chieftain — Indians’ first-ever bagger. The display also includes the Spirit of Munro, a custom tribute to the legendary Burt Munro, and a display of vintage Indian motorcycles dubbed “Springfield Row” that will change from show to show. Additional features include an accessory and apparel display, a cut-away Thunder Stroke 111 engine and a rolling chassis that showcases the advanced technology underpinning all Indian Motorcycle models.  

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Reader Comments

Just got an Indian Vintage and the power and style is there. It's like giving you the past and the future.

This is my first American bike and I love it.

kaphar naphiysh
charlotte, NC
Thursday, May 26, 2016
Editor Response Hey, I believe I have the same model. I've ridden many American bikes, Japanese, and even British bikes. I was astounded by the new Indian and will ride it to Sturgis again this year.

A Great looking bike, Indian will be my first Cruiser that I'll buy over H-D. All was was set on Harley to be the bike to have. I even went to MMI and took H-D LATE MODEL AND EARLY MODEL along with Suzuki & Kawasaki BC of I'm a crouch rock guy.

I first saw the new line on American Pickers and I was hooked. I'm the type that goes the opposite from the norm and blazes an new trail, and the Indian has the right look for Me. I love the Springer look and was very pleased with the look of your up dated version.

Thanks for giving guys like me an opportunity to ride a Great looking motorcycle.

Lance Bender
Lake Havasu city , AZ
Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Editor Response I'm also looking at buying one.
Nice!!! I'd sell my Big Dog for one of these.

Windsor, CT
Sunday, December 15, 2013
Polaris is kicking ass. First they come out with the beautiful new machines but then they up the ante by building a very nice custom job.

I'm looking at my Road King Custom and saying hmmmmmmm .

Kudos to Polaris.

Daytona Beach, FL
Friday, December 13, 2013

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