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And it's a good one...

By Bandit, Laura, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, Barry Green, Bob T., El Waggs, Alex Epstein, Rogue, the Redhead, Hardtail and the rest of the gang

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I have a dream when it comes to our country and our future.
This is one of those thoughts that runs rampant when you focus on it. First, I’ll just jot it down and then we can analyze it from there. My dream is that kids can grow up enjoying life, having a blast, falling in love, building and racing motorcycles and thinking of family, instead of political attacks against everything. Okay, there I said it.

Mentally, when I break it down my mind hauls ass in a myriad of directions, but it’s a dream and dreams are ultimately good.

Let’s hit the news and see if there’s hope for love in the future.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

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Click for all the info...

EPA finalizes heavy duty vehicle emissions limits

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government said on Friday it was finalizing tighter tailpipe emissions standards for heavy duty vehicles like semi-trucks and buses, but the new rules would not be as strict as initially proposed in 2023.

The Environmental Protection Agency said the new rules setting standards for the 2027 through 2032 model years will avoid 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions through 2055 and provide $13 billion in annualized net benefits to society.

In contrast, the EPA had said its tougher proposed rules last year would have prevented 1.8 billion tons of emissions.

The new standards apply to delivery trucks, garbage trucks, public utility trucks, transit, shuttle, and school buses and tractor-trailer trucks.

The final standards tighten requirements at a slower pace and delay the start of new rules for day cab tractors and some heavy-duty vocational vehicles, the EPA said.

Heavy duty vehicles account for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, which accounts for 29% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

The EPA said the standards “are technology-neutral and performance based, allowing each manufacturer to choose what set of emissions control technologies is best suited for them and the needs of their customers.”

The final rule includes lower electric vehicle projected sales rates for model years 2027-2029 than the original proposed rule would have required.

The Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association, which represents Daimler Truck; Volvo Trucks, Cummins and others, said it was concerned “the final rule will end up being the most challenging, costly and potentially disruptive heavy-duty emissions rule in history.”

The association added the new rules set a percentage of zero-emissions vehicles such as fuel cell-powered or electric vehicles that a company must sell, “which is beyond their own ability to control.”

Some Democrats and environmental groups had urged the EPA to adopt even tougher rules.

Abigail Dillen, president of the Earthjustice environmental group, said Friday “the EPA did not go far enough to protect communities from dangerous health impacts linked to heavy-duty truck pollution” and added “truck manufacturers have pushed EPA to slowwalk this change.”

The American Trucking Associations said targets beyond 2030 “remain entirely unachievable given the current state of zero-emission technology, the lack of charging infrastructure and restrictions on the power grid.”

Current tailpipe emissions limits for heavy duty trucks and engines were set in 2016 covering the 2021 through 2027 model years.

The Sierra Club’s Katherine García praised the new EPA rules adding “it’s crucial that truck manufacturers get into the fast lane with zero-emission trucks to deliver the climate, health, and economic benefits we deserve.”

Last week, the EPA finalized emissions rules for light and medium duty vehicles through 2032, cutting its target for U.S. electric vehicle adoption from 67% by 2032 to as little as 35%

--David Shepardson

--from Rogue
Senior Editor™

2024 STURGIS MUSIC ON MAIN STREET—Kicks off May 29th

Join the bros and broettes as Music on Main heats up in May with an aclectic lineup with music and tasty vendors.

The sounds with me accompanied by vendors such as Pooter Q BBQ, Eddie’s Tacos, Kona Ice, Chill your Roll, Good Stuffed, Mimi’s Prairie Lunchbox, creative Bean, The Pizza Trailer, Ugli Graffiti.

Bands will include:
Brett Hendrix Trio May 29th
David Graham & the Eskimo Brothers June 5
Talbot Brothers June 12
Camp Comfort June 19th
Jessie G. June 26th
Jonny Hastings and the Stillhouse July 3
Stereo Trip July 10
Jessica Loobey Band July 17th

If you hit one of these events, don’t miss a chance to visit the Historic Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, originally built as a Post Office in 1937.

--photos from the Sheriff

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click for info


Three MRF Roadshow Stops To End March
Oklahoma | Louisiana | Minnesota

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) proudly attended ABATE of Oklahoma's S.M.I.L.E Conference in mid-March. MRF Board member Deb Craig, MRF Oklahoma State Rep Art Ryan and MRF President Kirk "Hardtail" Willard represented the MRF at the event. The MRF team appreciated the invitation to participate in their Board Meeting as well.

During their Legislative updates, the MRF heard progress reports on their Handlebar Height Bill, the Oklahoma Anti-Profiling and Enhanced Penalties for distracted driving efforts. It is worth noting their activity following Right of Way crashes in the court system has proven very effective and something we all should be paying attention to.

ABATE of Illinois State Coordinator Bob "Mouse" Ellinger conducted an excellent workshop on the roles and responsibilities of Chapter Leadership.

Kirk "Hardtail" Willard had the privilege to be the keynote speaker, making certain to thank ABATE of Oklahoma for having one of the highest percentages in the country of ABATE members also being members of the MRF during his "The Future of Motorcycling" speech.

Louisiana CoC&I President, Swamp, welcomed ABATE of Louisiana President and MRF SSMRO Representative, Brick Lindsey, ABATE of Louisiana Treasurer, Jacque Lindsey and MRF Director of Conferences & Events, Fred Harrell to their March Meeting. A presentation was made by Fred Harrell on recent MRF accomplishments and the Legislative Agenda for 2024. The MRF is proud to participate in gathering concerned motorcyclists from all organizations together to share information and our common goals.

On a Wednesday in mid-March, MRF Director of the State Reps Program, Gary Goracke, attended Bikerday at the Capitol in St. Paul Minnesota. In attendance were members from ABATE of MN, Young Riders, MRF, COC, MMCC, AIR, SCVR and many more independents.

Speakers that morning were from ABATE of MN, MRF, plus State Legislators and State Senators that support motorcycle rights. The talking points for the day presented to the elected officials were, Curtailing Profiling of Motorcyclists in Minnesota, Reducing the Sales Tax Imposed on Older Motorcycles, No Change to the Motorcycle Helmet Law, Protecting Internal Combustion Engines, Ground effect Lighting and Autonomous Vehicles.




New Time Covers are in the works featuring the Von Dutch flying eyeball.

He’s also working on a couple of custom seats, one for Johnny Mac’s Choppers.
Chopper Show Facebook page is going to carry his stuff.


Click for custom leather seats and leather products.
Click for custom leather seats and leather products.



(Quote from the news) NEVER GIVE UP—I shoot the shit with friends who don’t want to have anything to do with politics, but it’s our country. I know guys who are afraid to get involved. It’s concerning. People are being arrested for stepping up and voicing their opinions, but we can’t give in, ever. I know motorcycle rights groups who don’t want to upset folks who are deliberately trying to destroy the country. Tough call.

But hang on. I have pals who don’t vote. What the fuck? No wonder the government is crumbling.

I’m riding free forever or die trying, goddammit.


Well I don’t have to tell you about politics and getting involved. I hear all the time from people who say they want to Ride Free and I then ask them if they are voting and or in a Motorcycle Rights Organization. If they say No, I tell them they are an asshole and to stop sniveling. Yeah, a lot of the time these are friends or people I know.

I have been arrested more times than I can count over the years and do not regret it. I for one, I will continue to do what I have to in my own way to promote the Motorcycle Lifestyle I choose to live.

I will continue to support legislators and others who want the same things I do no matter what their other affiliations are. If that upsets others they can bring it on any way they want to.

Start off by Voting – Pick who you want and for what reason you want. Stop Sniveling If The Wrong Person Wins.

If you like what your Motorcycle Rights Group is doing, support them. If you don’t contact your elected official and let them know how you feel.

Over the years a lot of people put a lot on the line for motorcycle rights and have passed the torch on to others to keep doing that.

Sometimes the old timers even continue to help, even realizing that times have changed they seem to be getting things done.

If you are one of the people that do not belong to a rights organization, Get Involved How Ever You Want.

I am Happy to say My Congressman Bill Posey has supported every bill that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has sent to me and I forwarded to him.

OH Yea He Is Strong On Helping Veterans Too!


Touch her for action...
Touch her for action...

Click for the answers.
Click for the answers.


From the queen of Save the Salt, Louise. She has been an avid supporter of Bonneville Racing for the last couple of decades.

I recently asked her how the fight for saving the salt was going. Here’s her response:

God only knows…

We racers and Save The Salt are mired down in federal BS from the BLM.

The only avenue left is to sue the federal government for mismanagement of federal lands and funds.



A REPORT DIRECTLY FROM THE S&S FACTORY--New Stuff Alert! Tuned Induction Intake for the Honda Grom!

The Honda Grom holds a special place for us at S&S. So we couldn't let them go without a few Proven Performance Upgrades

Tuned Induction Intake Kit for '22-'24 Honda Grom Models

It’s hard for us at S&S not to love the Honda Grom, as they are a fan favorite of both new and seasoned riders, and naturally, we couldn’t help but mod a few of them. We started with our flat track race-inspired Grand National slip-on and have now added a tuned induction intake kit to our lineup for the Grom.

Click for action.
Click for action.



Harley-Davidson stock (NYSE:HOG) soared over 12% in Monday’s premarket as the company said it will merge LiveWire, its electric motorcycle-making unit, with AEA-Bridges Impact Corp (NYSE:IMPX), a special purpose acquisition company.

The deal gives LiveWire an enterprise value of $1.77 billion. The move comes at a time when world over startups are taking market share away from established players dependent on vehicles running on fossil fuels.

Harley expects the deal’s $545 million proceeds to accelerate the rollout of LiveWire's products and enhance its global manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

The transaction will be financed by ABIC's $400 million cash held in trust, a $100 million investment from Harley-Davidson, and a $100 million investment from KYMCO, through a PIPE.

Harley will retain a stake of around 74% in the merged entity, ABIC's shareholders will own nearly 17%, and ABIC's founders and KYMCO will have an around 4% share each.

The transaction is expected to close by end of June.

-- By Dhirendra Tripathi

As I stood in line with the other condemned souls at this Hell on Earth they Call the Motor Vehicle Administration, a hand lightly tapped me on the shoulder.

“I noticed your ABATE patch on your jacket” said the dainty soccer mom. “ Are they still around? My husband and I used to be members in the ‘90s.”

The question was one that I’ve heard numerous times in the any years I have been active in our state MRO, and my response was automatic. “Yes, we have been around since 1973 and the fight for our rights never stopped. Come on by the chapter meeting and rejoin us.”

We had just gotten the last kid out the door to college and we’re thinking about riding again. We always had a good time with you people. I’ll let my husband know you ‘all are still here.”
Maybe another lost soul will rejoin the ranks on the freedom fighter.

--Steven Sanner

Click for Action!
Click for Action!

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--The Short Happy Life of Easyriders Magazine

Hey Bandit,

Good to see things are still in motion in the publication world of cycling. I'd just like to thank you for allowing my cousin (Big Daddy Drew) to introduce me to you back in ‘94 at your office. It was one of my highlights of my visit to California. And I really liked your desk it inspired my imagination but I never imitated it, kind of a guys thing of honor. I did put together a lamp due to that visit and inspiration.

Live long and ride hard.

--Keith Nation
Hodgenville, KY


"And support for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation."



What is life in America without Honesty and Integrity? What will we tell our kids?

You are the last bastion of Honesty and Integrity in this country. I hope you're up to the task and save the country.

Happy Easter goddammit!



More than 10,000 bikers gathered at Federal buildings across the nation June 25, to protest mandatory helmet laws.

Despite media-suggested fears of trouble, none of the rallies reported even the slightest amount of trouble.

A lot of organizations stood together and set the rallies up. They ranged from super-straight-arrow groups like the Texas Road Riders Association, the closet-weirdos at Road Rider Magazine, elements of the American Motorcycle Association, through groups like the Modified Motorcycle Association and the assorted ABATEs, to full-scale outlaw clubs like the Angels and the Connecticut-based Huns.

An enormous amount of work was handled by Bob Bitchin' and Biker News. Somehow, they even allowed the odd sorts at this magazine to get involved - even though someone commented that this was, indeed, a couple of feet below the bottom of the barrel.

Choppers Magazine


Still have to go to New Weverly out by the redheads, to get one with No Parking Jesus too. I also use to get one in front of the Hot Rod sign in Magnolia. I even have the Little Red Rigid in front of it, but he moved.

Can you guess what the Easter Bunny brought the RP? So I don’t suppose to have 2 of these light sockets just laying around or know someone?


"Did that make any sense? Hey RFR, check Amazon. They have everything."

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Reader Comments

Good articles as always brother. You think this eclipse is a big deal for Sturgis?

I know it is hell and gone from there. Can't wait for the Friday news.

Torrance, CA
Monday, April 8, 2024
Editor Response Thanks,

It's snowing all day here. We wouldn't know anything about an eclipse. It'll come and be gone in a flash.

Your friend Ross did place 2nd in his class, but his entry is a Chevrolet as pictured, but not a Cadillac Seville written in the description.

Monday, April 8, 2024
Editor Response I fixed it. Thanks!
Good Post. Keep Up The Fight. Continue to educate those younger and to help them take over what was started so long ago. The struggle must never end to keep riding free alive.

Palm Bay, FL
Friday, April 5, 2024
Editor Response Absolutely, thanks!
Hey Bandit, Another great post!

Wanted to thank you for your expert write up on springer vs hydraulic front ends. Just what i needed to know without all the endless ego and hype. Keep up the great work!

Just wanted to ask if you were aware of Lil Red Rider up in Canada? Great gal with a great head on her shoulders. Rides a springer Shovel and wrenches on her own ride. She's an ex-HD tech i believe? She deserves a look anyway.

If you can hook her up with subscribers or use her tech YouTube etc. it would be great. We need more like her. Her dad is great wrench as well. Showed us how to fix a hole in a primary case and more. Check it out when you have a chance! You're Buddy

Kolohe West
Citrus Heights, CA
Friday, April 5, 2024
Editor Response Hey,

Thanks for this and the link to Red Rider. At a glance, she looks like Janis Joplin. Can't wait to watch.

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