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How To Become A Bikernet Sponsor

The Best Advertising Program On Bikernet

By the Bikernet Gang
6/10/2010 9:59:41 PM

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New logo
It’s our 11th year—rock an’ roll.


We run your logo on our home page and create a department to house your editorial links.

Whenever your company is mentioned we run your banner for reader accessibility, whether in the news or in a tech feature.

We work with you, your marketing people or PR rep to publish the latest info on your company or products as often as you have material.

If you don’t have a contact we assign a freelance writer to contact you monthly to make sure your products or services are represented on Bikernet.

Bikernet is the largest internet connection to the World Wide Custom Motorcycle Market.


6-Month Contract: $600 a month

1-Year Contract: $500 a month

2-Year Contract: $400 a month

After spending 30 Years in the Magazine business I was determined to avoid the pitfalls of print advertising and deliver all the benefits of the internet. Our CPM (cost per 1000 readers) is extremely low (4 bucks, against 40 dollars for some mags). That number is based on unique users of 250,000 a month with our one year contract price of $1000 a month (right now it's even less with our current rates). I was told recently that web site CPM numbers are based on the number of impressions, which brings us down to $1 per thousand impressions a month (we receive 1 million impressions a month).

Once you sign on there’s never a new charge for a calendar, a special or an annual.


We cover everything rolling in our industry from bike shows to movies.

Your company has the opportunity to add pages to your presence on Bikernet on a weekly basis, yet still no additional costs. We want to spread the word about your company constantly without charging you more.

Take a look at many of our Sponsorship departments (on the home page). Some of them contain 100 pages or more of editorial about their products. Those pages are also archived in a free department on That’s 200 pages of product material for $500 a month. Can’t beat it.

Currently between 230,000 and 340,000 unique users come to Bikernet monthly, for over 500,000 visits, over one million impressions and over 10 million hits.

We work with sponsors to develop contests and successful promotions.

bike build
We work with sponsors on tech tips to complete bike builds.

Road tests
We road test and feature production bikes.

We realize that it takes far more than flashy ads to sell products. Let us know how we can help grow your business.

We work with young builders and legends in our industry.


It’s easy, give us a call.

Sign a contract, so we can go to work for you.

Send us a 150 by 150 Company Logo for the Home Page

Send us a 300 by 300 Logo for your department page.

Send us banner art that runs 500 wide and between 75 and 175 tall.

You are welcome to send several banner styles and change your banner whenever it suits you or your business needs.

avon venom banner
Example Banner from a client who has been with Bikernet for five years.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us. We will supply Hit reports once a quarter, but you should monitor Bikernet traffic to your web site. Having a top notch, up-to-date, user friendly web site is critical to this partnership. Check the Bikernet Code. It will blow your mind.

Bikernet is not just about nuts and bolts, but also the romance of riding and building bikes.

Keith R. Ball
(310) 830-0630

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