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Ride Forever -
Monday Edition

Horny Air Horn by Air Stream Studios

With the help of Wimmer Machine

Photos and text from El Waggs, and girls from Barry Green

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I thought you might be interested in seeing my 'Horny Air Cleaner' featuring part of an original '34/'35 bugle Ford horn. I couldn’t make this puppy live without a kustom backing/mounting plate, made by my good friend Lee Wimmer of Wimmer Machine.

That's NOT the bike it will be going on. I just HAD to see how it was going to look on a bike. Eventually it's going on a Shovelhead chopper I'm working on right now.

OEM '35 Ford horn. 

Bugle portion of my original horn with horn unit detached.

New 'backing adapter' designed and made by Lee Wimmer. And one of Lee's chrome mounting units for his 'Super Sucker' Air Cleaners. 

Adapter and Wimmer Machine mounting unit attached .

Backside of 'adapter' plate with Wimmer mounting unit attached.


 Dry fit before assembling on the carburetor.

This unit was built specifically for an S&S shorty carb.

Custom aluminum Adapter mounted to the Wimmer unit.

Horny Air Cleaner mounted/attached to the S&S Super 'E' Carb.

Click for Waggaman's Kustomz/Air Stream Studios
Click for Waggaman's Kustomz/Air Stream Studios

For Wimmer Machine action, click here.
For Wimmer Machine action, click here.


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Reader Comments

Waggaman, Wimmer, and Women. Nice article. My memory shot back to Lee Wimmer's Kobalt Kruiser. All the K's tell us right away that Brian Klock was instrumental. I read about Mr. Wimmer's bike in "How to Hop-Up and Customize Your Harley-Davidson Bagger" by Timothy Remus. This was 2004 and the builds in this book from Wolfgang Publications still personifies what a bagger can be.

Monday, December 7, 2020
Editor Response Thanks for all the leads. I'll see if Tim still has a copy.

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