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One Year Anniversary and on the Run Again!

Text and photos by RFR

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So, I made my first Bike Night in 15 years? Yeah, I’ve covered some events since then, but the bike nights went by wayside, when I moved back to Houston to work at the St James. Figured it was okay to trade motorcycles for scantly glad ladies!

No wonder he can't hang onto the Redhead...
No wonder he can't hang onto the Redhead...

The evening festivities were to celebrate the one-year gathering of the HTX Dyna Crews Bike Night beginnings. It is sponsored in part by Liberty Station Bar on Washington Avenue & Mancuso North/American Speed.

The North location was Johnny’s original location, I remember back in the early 1982 parked under the fuel island canopy that was still there, as it was originally a gas station, pouring down rain, asking him to buy an S&S Stroker kit I had for my Shovelhead.

He said he really didn’t need it and inquired why I was selling it? Told him I received four tickets at one time on the Shovel by Houston’s finest, and if I didn’t have the money the next day I was going to have to pay off the fines the other way so he hooked me up! Thanks Johnny!

I met Jason Lalanne outside snapping pictures of the bikes as they arrived at Mancuso/American Speed. He is the Event’s Coordinator for the North store, nice guy, lovely wife and wicked Dyna! His is the all black (rattle can) 124-inch bike!

I have trouble making it back and forth to work on 4.8 gallons of gas in my 96-incher, but I’m willing to suffer the burden of an extra fuel stop! And Hell, the Redhead said, “You got to go!” Maybe I’ll be closer by the time you read this? I think she’s gonna kick me out.

Anyone want to help me move heavy shit? Everyone at the North store are friendly bikers. I’m told you must have a Motorcycle endorsement to considered for a job.

Even the Receptionist & Motorclothes ladies ride!

The north store is for sure not the place to be if you have Big Engine Envy. Out of the nine monster-performance Dynas I rode over to Liberty Station from Mancuso/American Speed with, my 96-incher was the toddler of the bunch!

With power plants ranging from 110, 117, 124 and even a 131-inch, if you are looking for big speed and killer paint the spot at the North store is the place to go! It seems the north store would be the place you go if you’re real?

Makes sense, not taking anything away from the Crossroads employee’s, cliental may be a little different? Since I gave up the Jack Daniels and high performance motorcycling adventures after my 75G learning experience, I didn’t make it inside Liberty Station.

But judging by the turn-out, you had the HTX Dyna & FXR folks, random riders, patch holders and even a blinged-out Vespa sporting the Jolly Roger, I’d say it’s an extremely Two-wheeled friendly place!

Folks scrambled for raffle tickets. The drawing sported several cool items, including premium Dyna/FXR shift linage, to a set of Shinko tires and mounting donated by Mancuso. Or you could win your choice of a Sportshield or a Road Warrior Fairing donated by Memphis Shades. Which of course would have accented my MS hand guards quite nicely! Still using cardboard.

Met some really great folks, didn’t try catching images of the lovely ladies like the Austin days, as it was my first visit. Maybe next time, it shouldn’t take another 15 years even after a worldwide pandemic…I hope!

Till Next Time
Officially on-the-run Reporter™

@shinkotires @memphisshades

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Reader Comments

The North Store has always been my place to go, especially for performance mods. I've bought 4 of my bikes from them and always love their events.

Humble, TX
Friday, June 12, 2020
Editor Response Thanks.
Great article! Good to see events like these still go.. Here in Charlotte absolutely nothing goes on as far as bikes are concerned. Very sad, it used to be a motorcycle city. I may move in about 18 months? Later!

charlotte, NC
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Editor Response Deadwood awaits.

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