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Paul’s 1991 H-D 9-Second FXR

By Paul Morris with photos by Markus Cuff

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Editor’s Note: I was headed to Sturgis for the 2017 rally, so we reached out to Paul, the owner, for his thoughts. He was also recently featured in American Iron Magazine:

Wheelies and stunt riding is cool, but I like old school, line ‘em up and rip ‘em drag racing-On the track, not the street. My first Harley was an ‘86 Heritage, and I always like H-D’s but always thought they were really slow.

Once I started upping the horsepower of stock Harleys, and riding performance oriented Harleys 15 years ago, I was hooked. I have had drag bikes, (which are a totally different animal to a fast street bike) and I had tried my hand at big horsepower Harleys on the street before, with a mixed bag of success. Sometimes the bike turned out amazing and sometimes I pushed it too far, which affected the bikes reliability, starting chores, and overall enjoyment on a daily basis. I was determined not to make that mistake with this FXR.

Over the years, I would take my street bike FXR to the track, joining the S&S 11- Second Club (occasionally riding it 45 miles, dragging it, then riding it home), a couple years later the 10-Second Club and finally a few years after that, the ultra rare S&S 9-Second Club-using different motor and chassis combos, but always keeping my bike a Harley VIN FXR that was my only bike and street ridden regularly.

The S&S 11, 10, and 9-Second Clubs are for daily driven, Harley VIN street bikes that run the number with no wheelie bar, no air shifter, DOT tires, and a few other rules, but basically if it’s your daily driven street bike, and not a ringer, full blown drag bike, or trailer queen. It can qualify, if its fast enough.

Not having a boatload of cash, the bike was built over time, and I would buy some used old race parts, swapped and got deals on other parts from old racer friends and finally the FXR featured here started to take shape. With the addition of the mostly stock 126-inch G2 motor (now Star Power) I put 30 K hard miles on this latest version of my FXR (street and some track) over the next several years, winning many trophies along the way, till it finally needed some attention. It was worn out and needed a rebuild, but no matter how hard I pushed it, it never blew up. It’s an amazing motor.

Higher compression pistons were ordered but weren’t correct when received and heads needed some freshening up as well, so I contacted multi-award and world record holder Steve Allsteadt at SA Racing in North Carolina, as he had built my amazing race bike motor. He addressed the top end (including the dual carb plenum manifold, which flowed some very impressive air for a street bike (or even a race bike for that matter) thru the S&S B2 heads.

The bottom end was fine and we ordered some big S&S EZ start cams, new S&S Premium lifters, and a few other new goodies to put it all back together using the same JBV Racing Guppy pipe (which also got an upgrade with a fresh baffle and meg). The FXR now rides awesome, and even with the much bigger HP over stock (making over 170 ponies now), it’s still easy to deal with on a daily basis and hit the strip, whenever I want to push it.

The big bore, short stroke motor and cam profile hits higher in the rpm power band, so around town it is smooth and very civil, but an animal when you hit it hard upstairs, kinda like having two bikes.

I still wanted this bike very reliable as my daily driver and I had three goals:
1. Pump gas friendly for California 91 Octane-Check.
2. Big horsepower-Check.
3. Easy starting and reliability no matter the conditions-Check.
Fortunately, so far, I have achieved all three of these goals.
BTW, for whoever says you can’t run open velocity stacks on the street, I have been doing it for over 10 years now with zero issues-although I don’t ride in sand storms and rainstorms. I have been caught in the rain a few times but no big deal, and when taken apart for the re-build, the cylinders looked pretty darn good.

Food for thought, and a Myth Buster…
There are a few parts on my FXR that some may think to be a little overkill for a street bike, but they work for me and my goals with this bike, as it is ready to go and have fun at the track at any time or hit the beach, highway, or anywhere. Some of my favorite times on the FXR have been ripping it at the track all day, bringing it home, put on the mirror, adjust rear tire pressure and maybe fuel delivery, and hit the town on the same night. Now that is crazy fun.

I ended up with a legit 9-Second street/strip bike (one of eight S&S 9-Second Club Members Worldwide), that we built for performance first, along with rock solid reliability. It is very lightweight, pretty darn comfortable, and everything on the bike has a purpose, as is in keeping with the goals of the bike. No compromises.

Along the way, I have to thank many people who have helped me make it all happen.
-- Paul Morris-

Special Thanks To:

Crew Chief Mike
Walt-WW Custom Cycles
SA Racing-Steve Allsteadt
Diamond Bar Choppers-Bob
Nitro Bill-Spyke Starters
Brian-JBV Racing
Rick-Rick Neal Racing
Tom Edison
Nick Torrance


Built for EXTREME performance AND reliability.
Owner is a member of the S&S 11, 10, and 9 Second Clubs
(For daily driven, street HD’s with no bar, boost, or spray)
No Race Bikes, Ringers, or Race Gas allowed-

8 X Horsepower Winner
3 X Best of Show
Multi Harley Race Winner

1991 Harley Davidson Titled FXR
Recently finished rebuild in 2014- including complete engine upgrades.
Runs on 91 Octane Pump Gas
Street Legal, licensed, insured, daily driven

Builder-Owner and Crew Chief Mike

Model: 126-inch G2/Star Power/SA Racing
Horsepower-170 Plus
Cases-S&S SA
Heads-S&S B2-SA Racing
CAMS-S&S EZ Start-.675 
Valvetrain-S&S corrected rockers with S&S Premium Lifters/limiters

Intake-S&S SA Racing Dual Plenum
Carbs-Modified S&S Dual G’s with SA Racing/Novi stacks
Exhaust-JBV Racing "Guppy"
Ignition-Daytona Twin Tech with 2-step

Inner Primary-Delkron
Outer Primary-Barnett Billet
Transmission-R&D Motorsports 5-speed with Baker N-1
Clutch-Barnett Scorpion with 6-finger lock up


Model-‘91 Harley-Davidson FXR 
Forks-Buell XB
Front Wheel-Buell XB/World Wide Bearings
Trac Dynamics Swingarm, 6-inch over
Rear Wheel-Buell XB/World Wide Bearings
Hand-made Zodiac Aluminum Gas Tank
Custom Fab-Tech rear fender
Carbon Fiber side panels
Carbon Fiber front fender

Front Tire-Avon
Rear Tire-Shinko 190/17 Shootout-DOT 

Paint-W.W. Custom Cycles
DTT Clutch 2 Step
MSD Shift Light
Pingel Electric Shifter
Seat-Handmade Nachos Upholstery
Tail light-CCI
Controls-Joker/with Pingel 2 step Clutch lever 
Fork stabilizer
Dead man switch-NHRA required for any bike running 9.99 or quicker



S&S Cycle

Pingel Electric

Click for Action.
Click for Action.

Baker Drivetrain

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Reader Comments

looking for novie twinstack velocity stack for my race bike s&s D. Can you help?

memphis , Tn
Friday, December 14, 2018
Editor Response Have you contacted S&S or J&P? Let me know.

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