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Merry Merry, Goddammit!

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Bob T., Berry Green, Rogue, Sam Burns, the Redhead, Jim Waggaman, Laura, RFR and the rest of the gang.

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Everyone gets the blues during the holidays.
They can’t buy all the wonderful gifts they would like. They can’t visit all the folks they want to see. They wish they could attend all the festive events available, maybe even in faraway places.

On the other hand, every day is a celebration of life, joy, giving, chrome, metalflake, boobs, whiskey and open roads. Sure, you want to buy more shit for your pals, but fuck-it. You need bike parts and something engraved.

We did a piece on the last Evo Sportster to roll off the factory assembly line, Sportster history and what’s coming from Harley and Indian. The next major piece will cover the state of Chopper magazines in the USA. I want your impression of these rags and I will reach out to the leaders to see what their thoughts are on their titles. We will cover Cycle Source, the Hot Bike effort, Choppers Magazine, Easyriders, a magazine called Vahna that was forced to change their name, but kept rolling out of Denver.

We heard a rumor that paper pricing will double next year and we want to find out how that might impact the market. Hang on and send me your thoughts.

Let’s hit the news:

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

As many of you have noticed and have been calling us about, a storm is hitting So Cal this weekend, especially in Ventura, CA, where multiple weather apps forecast an inch or more rain between Sat-Sun.

With this news, we have made the tough decision to reschedule the event, as we did back in 2018. The rescheduled date will be Sunday, February 12th, 2023. All GA tickets, bike show registrations, and vendor spaces will transfer to the new date.

The artists, bike builders, vendors, and sponsors work too hard all year to create great stuff for the show. We can't put on the show in the rain and risk poor attendance for them. We wanted to give you as much notice as possible to adjust your plans. Please help us spread the word so as not to inconvenience anyone. Thank you for understanding, and we hope to see you in February.


MIC GOVERNMENT REPORT-- Supply Chain Does Not Go Off the Rails

Following a letter from some 400 organizations including the MIC, Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. House and Senate took swift action to pass legislation preventing a rail strike that would have further disrupted an already hobbled supply chain.

Biden signed the legislation last week preventing a strike and ensuring that manufacturing and distribution around the country can continue uninterrupted.

The EPA Proposes More PFAS Reporting

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to eliminate an exemption that allows some industries and federal facilities to avoid reporting PFAS chemical use in small concentrations.

"PFAS continue to pose an urgent threat to our country and communities deserve to know if they may be exposed because of the way these chemicals are being managed, recycled, or released," said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. "By removing this reporting loophole, we're advancing the work set out in the Agency's PFAS Strategic Roadmap and ensuring that companies report information for even small concentrations of PFAS."

According to the EPA, the "proposal reflects the Biden-Harris Administration's commitment to address the impacts of these forever chemicals, and advances EPA's PFAS Strategic Roadmap to confront the human health and environmental risks of PFAS."

Notifications of the proposal were sent to the MIC OE Technical Committee and the MIC PFAS Working Group. The MIC Government Relations Office is calling on affected powersports companies to submit their comments as soon as possible to for inclusion in a collection of industry comments.

In powersports, PFAS chemicals can be found in or used to produce products such as riding gear, vehicle components resistant to heat, fuel, and chemicals, as well as semiconductors and chrome plating. Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances are a class of synthetic chemicals used for decades in a wide range of consumer products.


"This is another topic that needs scientific transparency. How many people have died or got cancer behind these products? Questions need to be studied and answered before we put more businesses in jeopardy including the magazine industry.

They need to be studied for two reasons. We need to stop them if they prove seriously harmful and we need to stop restrictions if they are not."


HARLEY-DAVIDSON MUSEUM MERRY MERRY--The Harley-Davidson Museum campus is lit for the holidays!

Get set for 12 Days of Holiday Fun, Mele Kalikimaka at MOTOR Bar & Restaurant and the H-D Museum’s first-ever bilingual exhibit this December!

MILWAUKEE, USA (Dec. 6, 2022) – Your presence is our present at the Harley-Davidson Museum this holiday season! Beginning this week, the H-D Museum campus has been made over into a winter wonderland. From unique photo ops among dazzling lights and sparkling bikes to visits from Saint Nick (be sure to make your reservation for Breakfast with Santa at MOTOR Bar & Restaurant, which has been made over to celebrate Executive Chef Sione Moonia’s Hawaiian heritage).

There are loads of gift ideas at the Harley-Davidson Shop and the Harley-Davidson Factory Shop, you’d be forgiven if you step onto the crossroads of 6th and Canal and think you’re at the North Pole. It’s all a part of the H-D Museum’s 12 Days of Holiday Fun (Dec. 7 – 18).

Plus, on Dec. 17, the H-D Museum, in partnership with author Isabel Quintero and illustrator Zeke Peña, will unveil its first-ever bilingual exhibit, “My Papi Has a Motorcycle” / “Mi Papi Tiene una Moto.” The beloved children’s book jumps off the page and into the Bridge Gallery to share stories of family bonds that grow stronger on the back of a bike.

Please take note of holiday and seasonal hours:
Christmas Eve: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Christmas Day: Closed

Please also note that aside from private events hosted by 1903 Events, the H-D Museum campus will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in January and February of 2023.

No matter which day you visit, it’s going to be lit!

NEW FEULING BA AIR CLEANER-- With years of experience designing improved cylinder heads, combustion chambers and intake manifolds, FEULING brings light to a new bolt-on air cleaner design for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The Feuling BA air cleaner lengthens the intake runners and increases air velocity, delivering added volume for balanced dynamic flow.

Impressive Horsepower and Torque gains on any engine and exceptional gains seen on engines running modified and/or ported cylinder heads along with intakes and larger throttle bodies. Developed and designed on the flow bench, dyno tested and track proven.


ANDREWS PRODUCTS ROCKS—As an industry leader for your motorsports needs since 1972-- Celebrates 50 years

Chicago IL - December 1, 2022- For the last 50 years Andrews Products is known to bring innovative leadership to motorsports with their in-house engineering & manufacturing of parts for racecars and motorcycles worldwide.

In the early ‘70s what started out as a study in his kitchen John Andrews realized the need for transmission gears and went to work at it.

In 1972 John introduced his transmission gears to the motorcycle & racing industry and Andrews Products was born.

It all started with the 2.44 ratio 1st gear for the venerable Harley-Davidson 4-speed transmission. From there the team jumped into developing the close ratio 3-gear set, to make the aging 4-speed transmission a true close ratio smooth shifting box!

While looking at getting more performance out of his 96-cubic-inch Shovelhead John concluded that the current cam offerings were sorely lacking. So as a second act John dug into cam design and manufacturing.

Not only did he decide to make his own cam shafts, but he also developed and wrote his own cam design software. Making Andrews Products the first computerized cams in the market!

We then bought our first cam shaft grinders, which propelled the company to where we are today.
Andrews was the first company in the motorcycle industry to incorporate CNC Cam Grinder technology into our manufacturing process.

We continue the trend with additional leading-edge equipment every year. We continue to push the envelope with our leading-edge design, testing and manufacturing expertise.

We have a great long-term team here at Andrews, many of our team members have been with us for 20, 30 and some over 40 years.

We have complemented that with implementing the latest technology in robotics, so our team members can continue to bring the best quality, most innovative go-fast parts!

Over the last 20 plus years we used our technology and expertise to service the automotive side with our innovative gear technology with NASCAR track proven transmissions and Quick-Change gears.

Many of the Sprint Cars and Circle Track cars you see may have Andrews cams and gears in them. Today Andrew Products is recognized worldwide and throughout the motorsports community as the industry leader. Because of a young man's quest for performance, his passion grew into an industry.

Andrew Products commemorates 50 years by celebrating with YOU.

A prize package will be given away and the winner will be announced on the air Dec 26* on Open Road Radio, see Andrews Products Facebook page for more info Open Road Radio celebrates 50 years of Andrew Products with a six-week documentary style interviews, facts and trivia on the weekly Open Road Radio Show airing LIVE every Monday night at 8 pm ct on these radio & streaming platforms:


BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--LIGHT & EASY BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for December 1, 2022

Did we not in the past call 'climate change' the 4 seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall?

Deland, FL

I’ll let J.J. Solari answer:

HUMAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING.…..A Kabbalah-indoctrination process designed to convince idiots that they are gods.

It has nothing to do with meteorology or atmospheric science or trees or CO2 or cars or boats or batteries or light bulbs or the Amazon or anything else being tossed your way other than Kabbalists who have no actual jobs who are for some reason called "The Government” decreeing that we are mighty beings filled with powerful spiritual potential and weather-controlling superpowers who need to reclaim our rightful claim to godhood. Via obedience to perverse idiots on the public payroll.

--J.J. Solari
Professor Emeritus
Bikernet University
Pillar Peak, South Dakota



Tanya Tucker Stars in Her First Original Movie as the Two-time GRAMMY Winner Makes Her Acting Debut in a Lead Role on Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Paramount Network

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Entertainment icon Tanya Tucker stars in her first original movie, "A Nashville Country Christmas," this holiday season as the two-time GRAMMY® winner makes her acting debut in a lead role on Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Paramount Network, as well as an additional encore presentation on Christmas Day, Sunday, Dec. 25 at 11 a.m. ET/PT on CMT.

The day after the premiere, "A Nashville Country Christmas" will be available on, the Paramount Network App, Paramount Network VOD and additional platforms, including Amazon, Vudu, etc.

Overwhelmed by her high-powered agent, a bombastic Hollywood director, and a totally tricked-out, off-base holiday spectacular, Tanya portrays a country music superstar (Josie Carson) as she bolts from her outrageous lifestyle, seeking a haven at her grandma’s Tennessee farm outside of Nashville. Rather than refuge, she finds romance when she reconnects with her handsome ex (Academy Award® winner Keith Carradine), returns to her musical roots, and an unexpected family when she discovers three clever kids who’ve outsmarted the foster care system are living at the family homestead at Christmas.

“It’s amazing that after 50 years in this business, I get to see my dreams become reality! And being part of 'A Nashville Country Christmas' is definitely one of them. I’ve always wanted to do more acting, and it was a gift from the good Lord when this role came along. I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy the movie this season,” Tanya shared.

Tanya Tucker, Keith Carradine, Ana Ortiz, Olivia Sanabia

Production Companies:
MTV Entertainment Studios, Principle Productions, Off Camera Entertainment, Synthetic Cinema International


In 1969, the AMF corporation (American Machine and Foundry) originally took over production of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Prior to the acquisition of Harley-Davidson, AMF was a manufacturing company of bowling equipment, tennis rackets, and other recreational items. AMF basically tossed the then-financially shaky Harley-Davidson a financial life preserver and maintained ownership of the motorcycle company for a dozen years.


During the ’70s, with the American economy in a recession, Japanese bikes like Yamaha and Honda were proving to be very popular with consumers. This created significant tension within the company, which led to the company coming back to its original owners in the 1980s.

In February 1981, a group of Harley-Davidson senior executives purchased Harley-Davidson from AMF. Driven by passion and a true belief in the brand, the executives were able to rescue the company from debt.

While AMF’s arrival did save Harley-Davidson from impending bankruptcy, the AMF years were arguably the most not-so-fond period in Harley-Davidson’s history. While there were, and still are plenty of fans of the AMF-era Harleys, there were also lots of Harley purists who weren't too thrilled with the whole idea of a sporting goods manufacturer producing the classic American motorcycle.

--the Lowbrow Crew

"There’s a very cool book about this era called, “Well Made in America.” It’s a terrific book about business in general and Harley-Davidson history."

Well Made in America by Peter C Reid


NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL MOTORISTS ASSOCIATION--CBD Products (Cannabidiol) have now become popular for many people, but their use could cause some problems if you drive.

According to the Mayo Clinic, CBD can cause side effects, including drowsiness and fatigue, which could affect your driving. These products might also interact with other medications, such as blood thinners.

Also, possessing a CBD product while driving may not be legal in some states.

To help you understand the laws on CBD products, we first need to discuss what makes CBD legal and illegal. CBD comes from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). At the same time, THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is an unlawful compound derived from the same Cannabis sativa (hemp) plant and is illegal in many states. THC is the substance that primarily affects a person's mental state.

The 2018 Farm Bill removed CBD from the Federal Controlled Substance Act as long as its use in any product does not exceed the 0.3% THC content level. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) no longer has any responsibility for enforcing the use and possession of CBD. That responsibility has now shifted to individual states, and those laws vary.

The Food and Drug Administration does not currently certify the levels of THC in CBC products, so there is no real oversight to ensure labels are accurate. The labeling of CBD products may even be misleading because the product might contain higher levels of THC than labeled. A University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy study released in March 2022 concluded that just 15 percent of CBD-infused oil, beverages, and other products were labeled correctly.

Before you buy any CBD product, check the label to see if it meets your state and/or the federal 0.3% THC limit. Here is a guide from Forbes Health highlighting the law in your state. Always be cautious about the company you buy your CBD product from since it appears it's still the Wild West regarding how these products are regulated and labeled.

Thirty-seven states, the District of Columbia, and four of the five US territories allow the use of medical marijuana. Twenty-one states, the District of Columbia and Guam, have legalized marijuana for recreational use. But CBD products are a different category and, as mentioned above, not yet regulated. The amount of THC allowed in products in states that allow legal marijuana may be higher than the federal 0.3% THC limit.

This discrepancy creates the most confusion that people and states try to understand. Many motorists may think the CBD product they bought in their home state will be legal in every state. That is not likely the case.

It's best not to carry any CBD product out of your home jurisdiction to another state. But bad things could happen even where you live since many police officers and departments may not understand current laws, or many motorists might not either.

What Could Happen during a Traffic Stop

I watched a reality cop show recently, and the police here in Texas stopped a 17-year-old girl for a traffic offense. While looking in her car's open console (plain view doctrine), the officer saw a bottle of CBD oil. He looked at the label and found it contained over the legal limit of THC.

The officer arrested the teenager for possession of a controlled substance. The girl said her mother had purchased it for her. The officer told her it was illegal as it contained over 0.3% of THC allowed in Texas and at the federal level.

Unfortunately, the show did not highlight the outcome of the girl's arrest.

Do not let this happen to you.

Final Thoughts

It is a crime to have any prescription medication (not just controlled substances) on your person, in your pocket, purse, or vehicle that is not in a properly labeled prescription bottle. Suppose you need to take prescription medications during the day when out and about or at work; use the original or an older prescription bottle to carry them. Police are not pharmacists, so you might get arrested and taken to the police station, where they can try to identify those loose pills in your pocket or purse.

Before using any CBD product, discuss with your doctor and pharmacist if there are potential drug interactions.

Also, if you use marijuana legally in your home state, remember it's not legal in all states, even with a state-issued use card.

--By NMA Texas Member Ted Levitt

Click to join.
Click to join.


Enfield Electric with a girder front end...
Enfield Electric with a girder front end...

Is Royal Enfield going Electric?

When you think of the name “Royal Enfield,” the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t electric bikes. Yet, since it’s nearly 2023, of course Enfield has a plan for electrification that it’s currently in the midst of undertaking.

For those already familiar with Royal Enfield’s design choices in the 2020s, though, the idea of “neo vintage/classic” styling may be the least surprising combination of words that you would probably expect to see.

They know what their fans like, they know who they are, and they’re not afraid to integrate those styling cues and choices into future designs—no matter how they’re powered.

Editor's Note: Yes, Virginia, there used to be even a Diesel engine production model motorcycle by Royal Enfield; still seen on some roads in India.

BSA Scrambler At 2022 Motorcycle Live Show

While the team didn’t offer a whole lot in the way of details, since it is only a concept, it’s meant to “offer a snapshot of what the future could look like,” as well as “showcase the customization capability of BSA’s Gold Star platform.”

This revived BSA brand's new concept motorcycle reveal took place at the Motorcycle Live show, which is the U.K.’s biggest annual motorcycle event.

Last year at the same event they had unveiled the 2022 BSA Gold Star.

What a perfect place to present it !!! Once upon a time famously advertised as "World's Largest Motor Cycle Manufacturer"

Editor's Note: Why the colonial supremacy reigns supreme in the hearts and minds of India's motorcyclists is a study in anthropology, psychology, history, marketing, and maybe the circle of life....

Bikernet Blog & Facebook Page

WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA CELEBRATE--Senate Unanimously Passes Collins, King Resolution Recognizing December 17, 2022, as “Wreaths Across America Day”

The movement to remember fallen U.S. troops originated in the State of Maine

Washington, D.C. - December 8 – The Senate unanimously passed a resolution introduced by U.S. Senators Susan Collins and Angus King designating Saturday, December 17, 2022, as “Wreaths Across America Day.” A convoy of volunteers will travel from Maine to Arlington National Cemetery to lay Maine-made balsam wreaths at the headstones of fallen American soldiers.

Over the past 31 years, Wreaths Across America has sent more than 14.4 million wreaths to various locations, including national cemeteries and veterans’ memorials in all 50 states and overseas.

“From Arlington National Cemetery that overlooks our nation’s capital, to Normandy American Cemetery above the beaches that Allied troops stormed on D-Day, the wreath laying ceremonies on December 17th are a powerful demonstration of respect and appreciation for our veterans,” said Senators Collins and King. “For more than thirty years, the fields of Maine-made wreaths have served as a solemn reminder of the sacrifices of America’s veterans.

The longevity of this event is a testament to the spirit of Maine people, our overwhelming gratitude to our nation’s servicemembers, and the extraordinary dedication of all those who have made the tribute possible. This resolution remembers and honors America’s veterans this holiday season, while also teaching younger generations of the sacrifices that have been made to secure our freedoms and to defend our liberty.”

The general public can register to participate in Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery.

Thousands of volunteers are expected to lay the wreaths at the graves of each American veteran. In addition to Arlington National Cemetery, volunteers will place wreaths at 3,100 locations nationwide.

The Manhattan Contrarian Energy Storage Paper Has Arrived!

Today my long-awaited energy storage paper was officially published on the website of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. The paper is 22 pages long in the form in which they have published it plus another few pages for an Executive Summary and table of contents. They have given it the title “The Energy Storage Conundrum.”

Most of the points made in the paper have been made previously in one form or another. However, there is a good amount of additional detail in the paper that has never appeared here. I’ll provide one example of that today, and more of same in coming days.

The main point of the paper is that an electrical grid powered mostly by intermittent generators like wind and sun requires full backup from some source; and if that source is to be stored energy, the amounts of storage required are truly staggering. When you do the simple arithmetic to calculate the storage requirements and the likely costs, it becomes obvious that the entire project is completely impractical and unaffordable. The activists and politicians pushing us toward this new energy system of wind/solar/storage are either being intentionally deceptive or totally incompetent.

--Francis Menton

Read the whole tamale at:

NEWS FROM THE HOMELAND--The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has extended the enforcement deadline for REAL ID Act of 2005. Again.

On Monday, the DHS announced it would not begin enforcing REAL ID requirements until May 2025. After fifteen years of delays due to opposition in the states, the rules requiring a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license to board airlines and access federal facilities were supposed to go into effect in May 2023.

“DHS continues to work closely with U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories to meet REAL ID requirements,” Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas said in a press release. “This extension will give states needed time to ensure their residents can obtain a REAL ID-compliant license or identification card. DHS will also use this time to implement innovations to make the process more efficient and accessible. We will continue to ensure that the American public can travel safely.”

Practically speaking, it means that people with non-compliant driver’s licenses or ID cards will still be able to use them at airport TSA checkpoints for another two years. At least.

DHS said that the extension was necessary “to address the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ability to obtain a REAL ID driver’s license or identification card.”

We’ve heard this song before – many times.
The DHS has delayed the full implementation of REAL ID multiple times since Congress passed the act in 2005 with an original implementation date of 2008.
The federal government has used the threat of turning states into virtual no-fly zones to compel the adoption of REAL ID. But even with badgering and threats, the feds have found it difficult to coerce states into compliance.

The act signed into law by President George W. Bush essentially mandates a national ID system and puts the onus of implementation on each state.

Things didn’t go smoothly after the passage of REAL ID. States rebelled for several reasons, including privacy concerns, along with the fact that Congress didn’t provide any funding for the mandates it expects states to implement. Many states simply chose not to act. New Hampshire, Missouri, Maine and others took things a step further, passing laws expressly prohibiting compliance with the national ID standards.

By any conceivable measure, the implementation of REAL ID has been an abject failure because of this widespread state resistance.

Click for action.
Click for action.

AVON TYRE ALERT—Avon is shutting down their UK operation, which is now owned by Cooper or Goodyear Tires. In the future, they will be manufactured in France, but there are some transitional issues and tires may not be shipped until the after March of 2023. Better order quick, if you will need Avon Tyres.

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Reader Comments

Nice Article on Andrew Products. The personnel from John, Mike to Carolyn and everyone there are the smartest people in their corner of the industry. Products are always first rate and obviously that's why they've been in business for 50 yrs.

They've been behind the scenes assisting many OE manufacturers with their design problems as well. I've used their products for Shovelheads, Evos and Twin Cams and the quality is nothing short of perfection.

Dangerous Dan
San Jose, CA
Thursday, December 15, 2022
Editor Response I have also used many of their products on my bikes.
This page came up when I clicked on the Nash link.
This domain is for sale: $2,095

Saturday, December 10, 2022
Editor Response Thanks for this. I will pass it along.
Jodi sends out a thank you to you and your editor for the advertising of the events going on at California Harley. The events were more successful due to your print in Bikernet. More business means the longer the dealership stays open .Merry Christmas

Torrance, Californoa
Saturday, December 10, 2022
Editor Response Thanks much.

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